Trent Dilfer, Danny Kanell among ESPN layoffs

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As the bloodbath continues at ESPN, two former NFL quarterbacks have lost their jobs. Trent Dilfer and Danny Kanell both revealed that they were let go in today’s massive ESPN layoffs.

“Laid off by ESPN today. Although sad cause I loved my job, mostly filled with gratitude and appreciation for the nine years,” Dilfer wrote on Twitter.

Kanell also confirmed that he’s been let go.

“Poured my heart and soul into ESPN for last 8 years. Moved my wife and 3 kids to CT to go “all in” 5 years ago. Bummed it ended in 3 minutes,” Kanell wrote on Twitter. “But totally get it. All part of a business that is rapidly changing. Thankful for the opportunity I was given and people I got to work with!”

After spending 14 seasons as an NFL quarterback, Dilfer covered the NFL for ESPN for nine seasons. Kanell, who spent seven seasons in the NFL, has co-hosted a radio show with Ryen Russillo for the last two years. Russillo is reportedly not being laid off but is having his role at ESPN reduced.

34 responses to “Trent Dilfer, Danny Kanell among ESPN layoffs

  1. And yet ESPN continues to torture everyone by refusing to cut that awful Chris Berman and his painful to listen to shtick that has driven countless football fans from ESPN to other places like the NFL channel and FOX over the years. They don’t get it and that’s why they’re taking this beating. I would rather belly-slide down a mountain of salt after being repeatedly sliced by razor blades than listen to even a second of that Shecky Greene-like act that clown puts on. I even turn off MNF when it goes to halftime because I just can’t listen to him and his irrelevant 70’s rock references. He made the MLB homerun hitting contest completely unwatchable. I have never met anyone that likes watching him.

  2. “Moved my wife and 3 kids to CT to go “all in” 5 years ago. Bummed it ended in 3 minutes,”

    ended in 3 minutes? moving your family to where you work is going all in? This guys is making it hard for me to feel bad for someone who just got laid off.

  3. I don’t cheer anyone losing their jobs. That said, I care more about the reporters and writers than I do about talking heads who yuk it up and talk over each other on screen. I would prefer more sports information and a lot less sports entertainment, yuk yuk, bravado, chest thumping which seems to be all there is on any type of sports show these days.

  4. Dilfer was a blow hard who talked about himself like an all time great… his career line of 113 TD’s to 129 Int’s would beg to dilfer.

  5. They should just shutter that whole Bristol office sheep show…

    Side Note: I wonder what the cumulative effect of every man, woman, and child in New England cutting the cord at the exact same time 2 yrs ago was???

    Hmm… short term ratings for long term loses… sounds like good business strategy to me….

  6. Dilfer just signed a new contract last year. I wonder if he’ll get paid the remainder of the contract?

  7. When Mike & Mike first came on I would watch because it was on early and there wasn’t another sports program on that time of day on TV. But as the years went by Golic became so damn smug and PC he became unwatchable.

    I couldn’t stand Bayless either but he’s become a little more tolerable now that he’s being tempered by Sharpe who IMHO is an analyst who’s as politically neutral as anyone in sports media.

  8. Trent Dilfer bored me by emphatically stating the obvious. I never thought his analysis was anything special as I found it without value. Irrespective of that, I’m sorry to see anyone lose their job.

  9. Dilfer was a blow hard who talked about himself like an all time great… his career line of 113 TD’s to 129 Int’s wou…..WAIT….WHAT??????

    And be was employed for 14 yrs as an NFL QB with these numbers????
    These teams couldn’t find any other college prospect to replace him?????
    I guess they chose not to check ALL the schools.

  10. Well, not that I like seeing anyone being fired, but this is somewhat amusing. And how Blake Bortles was the NFL’s ‘worst QB,’ and that Jacksonville was a ‘terrible city’ for NFL

    But umm Mr. Dilfer how did you fair during your early career?

    Bortles through 45 career games: 68 TDs, 51 INTs, 10,940 pass yards.

    Dilfer through 45 career games: 29 TDs, 49 INTs, 7,500 yards.

    Oh. Okay.

  11. Meanwhile some worthless “bean counter” has 100% job security because he’s a friend or relative of someone in upper management. Both Dilfer and Kanell were knowledgeable and entertaining. How many women were fired by the way?

  12. Trent ‘Creepy Eyes’ Dilfer. lol

    Both are annoying but ESPN is garbage.. Who cares?

  13. ESPN had Kanell in the “designated hater” role. Not good for job security, as anybody who has read PFT comments knows haters are easy to come by and work for cheap.

  14. ESPN really screwed up MNF by marginalizing Ron Jaworski who was awesome. Much rather listen to Jaworski than Gruden. The fact that he messed up and said sh*t you gotta hit that just made him even more hysterical and entertaining. His best thing was he would always say the #1 most underrated aspect of quarterbacking is arm strength, then he would also say the #1 underrated aspect is accuracy. both #1 ! the guy was awesome and not bad on the field either unlike Dilfer

  15. wib22 says:
    Apr 26, 2017 3:10 PM
    Dilfer was right about the Patriots.

    Yeah, when he apologized for saying they were done after that Chiefs game in ’14 and defended their legacy after they won the Super Bowl were a couple of his finest moments

  16. Berman needs to go.
    Last time he was good, was with TJ on NFL Primetime. Now that was good show.

    I really think there is too many people on the set at once. seems like im watching a morning talk show

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