Vikings are suddenly in play for a quarterback in the draft

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Technically, the Vikings already have selected a quarterback in the 2017 draft. They did it by sending their first-round pick (and more) to Philadelphia last year for Sam Bradford, whose contract expires after the coming season.

With the news that 2014 first-round selection Teddy Bridgewater likely won’t have his fifth-year option exercised, the Vikings will now be in play to use another 2017 pick on another quarterback.

The Vikings currently have eight selections in the 2017 draft, including three in the top 90. Their first selection comes at No. 48 in round two.

In 2014, the Vikings vaulted back into the bottom of round one to get Bridgewater. Six years ago, they used the 12th overall pick on Christian Ponder.

The fact that the Bridgewater decision, which doesn’t have to be made until May 3, already has been leaked (with the qualifier of “likely”) invites speculation as to whether the Vikings are trying to create the impression that they may go for a quarterback in one of the early rounds, in order to maximize the overall unpredictability and confusion regarding their plans.

Ultimately, that’s the smartest move for any team — conceal your actual plans for as long as possible, and embrace anything that will naturally make those plans seem even less certain. This Bridgewater news adds a position to the various ones the Vikings could target, and it definitely makes the drafting of a quarterback more likely if a quarterback is deemed to be their best player available when they pick at No. 48.

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  1. So let me get this straight – the Vikings – without a first round pick … are going to chime in right now to confuse everyone else?

    I don’t think so .. the “unpredictability and confusion regarding their plans” rests solely in their own draft room.

    On the bright side .. since they have no first round pick this year, Viking fans won’t have to worry about them passing in the first round … again.

  2. Look at the entire history of Spielman’s pro football career and ask yourself, Who is the last person I want selecting a QB in the draft?

    If Spielman’s awful draft history at the position doesn’t make the Viking faithful throw up a bit in their mouth, they aren’t paying attention.

  3. The dumpster fire of all dumpster fires.

    But hey, you have the 56 seasons of participation ribbons hanging from the rafters of your 1.2 billion dollar monument to your stupidity to point at.


  4. The Ponder selection is a great example of drafting to fill a need. He was not the best player available but they needed a QB and reached for him. Hopefully this lesson stays with them. Reach in the later rounds. I hate to think that Bridgewater is done, but he might be.

  5. Considering you have Bradford leading the charge this season, why not wait until next year to pick a QB when they will undoubtedly have a much higher draft position.

  6. Sam Bradford, anyone? I agree regarding selecting a QB in this draft, but this is nothing like the Vikings needing a QB before reaching for Ponder.

  7. Bradford is good enough. They should draft a QB for sure, but no more “heir apparent” type picks. Causes the team to reach and the expectations on the player are unfair. Take a day 3 guy and let him sit until he is ready or not capable.

  8. I think this is more to give Bradford more reason to extend his current deal. Once they’ve locked him up then he has trade value should Bridgewater fully recover. Not picking up the 5th year option protects the team as it is fully guaranteed for injury, though this obviously doesn’t mean that they can’t negotiate an extension with Bridgewater later in the year.

    Also as you’ve mentioned, it doesn’t hurt giving other teams that they might be looking at early round QBs in the draft. Potentially adds value to the Vikings draft picks should someone offer a trade, or coerce a team or two to select a QB thus dropping a player at another position down.

  9. The vikings love Teddy probably to a fault. Zimmer gets choked up every time he talks about the kid. Zimmer will fight tooth and nail to keep this kid going. The real story is who are they going to pay next year if they think Teddy can still play. You ain’t paying both so you still need another body.

    I would say Rick is going to draft a qb this year but it wont be early. It will be a player his scouts feel great about. He won’t pan out is what history shows will happen.

  10. Two titles in the last 49 seasons isn’t much better Packers trolls!
    Don’t break your arm patting your OVERRATED franchise on the back!

    Just continue to watch your beloved Pack choke after choke in the playoffs!
    10+ point 4th quarter lead blown at Seattle
    10+ point 4th quarter lead blown at AZ
    Ass handed to you in ATL!

    The meat Packers continue to waste the prime years of Rodgers career!

  11. Bridgewater was actually trending in the right direction when he had his injury. He was a good pick. If he recovers, he may still be.

  12. The odds that Bridgewater will ever take another snap in the NFL seem to be dropping by the day. Ragnatthegreat nails it – reaching to fill a need, as the Vikes did with Ponder, is a recipe for disaster.

    Dallas and Seattle have shown the different model – let other teams wildly overpay for the Jared Goff types, and instead fill your other draft needs early. After that, find an intriguing prospect QB in the mid-rounds…

  13. A quaterback to develop; yes. Teddy was that QB.
    However, it takes a good to great defense as well. Seahawks, Ravens, & Buc’s are recent examples.
    Furthermore, for instance, gb cannot win another due to its inept defense.

  14. Suddenly in play for a QB?

    They haven’t had a REAL PRO in Minnesota in years – and that washed up Fav-ray doesn’t count either.

  15. Tiny has been toast since that ghost linebacker took him down in practice, yeah, practice. Time to back up the truck and haul all the existing garbage away.

  16. Terrible QB situation yes, bont they shouldnt reach for a QB. Start over in 2018 at QB. Bradford is not a keeper and Teddy B very unfortunate but you cant count on him coming back.

  17. The last I heard on Teddy was that they were trying to get his knee back to “functional.” That was a quote from the organization itself a few months ago. I don’t think he is coming back and just hope he can someday walk ok at this point.

  18. Vikings have always been in need of a QB. They have never in the history of he franchise had a guy who was capable of winning the Super Bowl.

    Tarkenton couldn’t do it.
    Kramer couldn’t do it.
    Gannon couldn’t do it.
    Moon, Johnson, Cunningham couldn’t either.
    Dainty Fumblepepper couldn’t.
    Frerotte couldn’t.
    Favre certainly couldn’t. He proved it in GB and he proved it for the Jets and he proved it again for MN blowing it just like he did for the Packers.
    Ponder, Cassell, Bridgewater and Bradford? Please, you’re wasting everyone’s time.

    Of course they are in play for a Qb. They don’t and never have had a guy who could do it.

  19. I love how you mud ducks “arbitrarily” select 49 years as your sample. Knowing full well that the that in the 7 years directly before your sample that GB was champions 5 times. This fact would better reflect a true comparison that would correlate to the beginning of the Queens existence. Even though, in your sample 2 is still 200% better than 0. Maybe you can talk Brent Favre out of retirement. The only thing that Minnesota is better at is losing Super Bowls. Embrace the suck.

  20. Extend Bradford for 2 more years and draft a QB in 2018. Until they improve their O-line, it doesn’t matter who’s back there.

  21. There are several more immediate needs than QB. The second through fourth round picks will address those (S, DT, OG, RB, OLB). Would not be shocked if they take Josh Dobbs, QB, Tenn, in the 5th round. They like him.

  22. atthemurph says:
    Apr 26, 2017 12:14 PM
    Vikings have always been in need of a QB. They have never in the history of he franchise had a guy who was capable of winning the Super Bowl.
    ummmmm, both Johnson and Favre won a Super Bowl.

  23. 1st round picks are for the clevelands and jacksonvilles of the world. There are still plenty of great players out there to get.

    Packers got no defense, Vikings got no offense, together they would be a complete team!

  24. That is only true if the Vikings are prepared to give up on Bridgewater, and to let Bradford walk away after 2017, which based on last season’s performance, would be inexplicably stupid.

    Assuming they’ll pick a QB on day two of this year’s draft is not a bet I would take.

  25. Assuming they’ll pick a QB on day two of this year’s draft is not a bet I would take.


    Don’t see them trading back into the first to get a QB – that’s the only way they pick day 1 anyway.

  26. If the Vikings “reach” for a QB this year, I may have to find another team to root for.

    Bradford had a really good year last year for coming into a new system week 2 (or whatever it was). Also he was behind one of the leagues worst O-lines..still, look what he accomplished.

    In 15 games…
    150 yards short of 4000 yards.
    99.5% passer rating. (good enough for 6th in the leauge)
    5 interceptions
    20 TDs.

    I don’t understand the hate on Bradford.

  27. Two titles in the last 49 seasons isn’t much better Packers trolls!
    Or you could say 4 titles in 51 years. Or 7 titles since 1961- the year the Vikings began play. Is 7 much better than 0?

  28. If Nate Peterman is there in Rd 3 or 4 I think he would be a good fit for the Vikings. I don’t think there is any chance the team will draft a QB before then, and they will likely wait til Rd 4-5 if they can.

  29. BTW – A lot of football insiders believe it’s not a bad idea to draft a QB every year. While I think that’s unrealistic, given the likely team needs, I do believe in drafting a QB regularly (like every other year or close to that), in hope of uncovering a gem. In light of th fact that it takes the average QB three years to get up t speed in the NFL, it will be perfectly sensible for the Vikings, in this case, to make a solid selection of a player they like at that key position. I expect them to be read to pounce if one of the QBs they really like slips unexpectedly. They will probably trade back and then trade up again, if the right name slips.

  30. Most of these packer trolls only know the Favre\Rodgers era. There was a time when Green Bays QBs in the mid 70s -early 80 were atrocious. With that being said we as Vikings fans all need to chill and see what happens. Long way to go here. The Vikings haven’t had the luxury of having two franchise QBs back to back – one is in the HOF the other certainly will be there. Teddy B will be fine, the problem is what if Bradford plays as well as he did last year AND this year the O line will be much improved could be too many roosters in the hen house.

    Considering the circumstances Sammy B was thrown into, it still was a successful year and in what coudl have been a disaterous year. Packers fans your time will come to in your QB search, you will start losing again and your fan base will crumble. I know more Packers fan here in the heart of bear country who have no ties to Wisconsin at all but yet they have been huge Packers fans since there were kids…..ya I remember 7th grade you wearing that Packers stocking cap…..humpf.

  31. Packer trolls commenting how horrible RS is at drafting players. Since he took over in 2012. Fox Sports stated the Vikings have been the best in the NFL drafting players. Every GM misses. Look at the starters he brought to the team. Thompson should concentrate on football players this year not basketball players.

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