Vince Young back on the field for CFL team minicamp in Florida

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Former No. 3 overall pick and Texas hero Vince Young was back on a football field yesterday. In Florida. For a Canadian team.

According to the Canadian Press (via the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix and we say that just because it sounds so awesome), Young took part in his first workout with the Saskatchewan Roughriders Tuesday, as he attempts some degree of a comeback.

“I’m just happy to be here, hanging out and laughing with the guys,” Young said after the workout in Vero Beach, Fla. “A lot of guys gave me a lot of respect and the [defensive backs] were talking noise: ‘We’re going to pick you off, V.Y.’

“We’re having a good time. I love that and I did miss that.”

Roughriders coach Chris Jones said it was a positive day for the 33-year-old who hasn’t played in a regular season game since 2011 or been employed by a a professional football team (unless you count the University of Texas) since the Browns cut him in 2014.

“I thought he did a real nice job,” Jones said. “For the first time being on a CFL field, and we threw a lot at him . . . I thought Vince had a good day.”

There are technical changes to playing on the longer, wider field with fewer downs and more players on the field, but Young said he was just trying to learn and work his way through as he tries to make the roster.

“Oh yeah, I’ve got to work,” Young said. “And me, I don’t mind doing that. My energy was good. The things I was doing at home, training and taking notes from coach, things he wanted me to work on actually paid off. Thank God I did them and paid attention.”

Regardless the level of competition, Young could still be a long shot to make a roster, but give him credit for pursuing his dream, even if this is far from the dream team he declared himself a part of long ago.

10 responses to “Vince Young back on the field for CFL team minicamp in Florida

  1. Both the NFL and CFL are great leagues!!!
    Although not as good as the NFL in talent level, the CFL is much closer than most people give it credit for.

  2. Good on u VY. I was pissed for signing with my beloved eagles then saying that dream team crap. However i also wanted u to play for the hometown texans but they drafted “super” mario instead. Well u melted down but u still wanna play so youre “humbling” yourself to do just that. I still believe if that qb from UTs in state rival that also had a meltdown really wants to play again he needs to follow suit. So good on you for doing whatever it takes……as for that other qb….just dont see it happening.

  3. His shot is not as long as you would think since the roster spot is wide open. There is no incumbent starter in Saskatchewan to compete against beyond another signing who has been serviceable in his time in the CFL but who has bounced around to several teams.

  4. Sometimes dreams don’t get caught and you have to be able to realize this and lead a functional life away from sport. Far too many athletes leave school without any transferable skills or plan B to sustain any consistency outside the lines.

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