Will Trubisky be the No. 1 overall pick?


The Browns claim that they have known who they’ll be taking with the first overall pick for two weeks. But it may not be the guy most think it will be.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is pushing the prospect of the Browns shaking up the top of the draft by tapping a quarterback with the first overall pick.

“I continue to hear that Mitchell Trubisky is square in consideration and may turn out to be the No. 1 pick,” Schefter said, via Rotoworld.com. “Now I know everyone thinks Myles Garrett’s going to be the pick, and I will not be surprised if that’s the case. . . . But I have got very smart, very well-connected people telling me over the last 24 hours that they think Trubisky’s going to be the No. 1 pick.”

That’s some next-level hedging, and it cuts against the idea that the Browns know what they’ll be doing — unless the Browns simply aren’t saying what they’re doing in the event they find a way to trade down with someone who wants Garrett, which allows them to take Trubisky in a lower spot and to claim Trubisky is the guy they wanted all along.

Several days ago, Schefter authored a curious article that showcased strong opinions from Warren Sapp against Garrett being the top pick. It felt like a favor to someone with the Browns. And maybe the goal wasn’t to break the tie within the organization but to lay the foundation for emerging from the first round without the supposed consensus No. 1 pick.

Maybe the Browns will emerge from round one with Trubisky. The former North Carolina quarterback joins Thursday’s PFT Live. For those of you who are up late and checking out the latest pre-draft news and information at PFT, you get to see it now.

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  1. The Browns have to come out of this draft with their future QB whether they draft one or trade for one. It is simply unacceptable to be a GM and have failed to identify your future QB after two offseasons.

  2. Sashi, Paul, Andrew, and Hue:

    Do it your way. Pick your guy. Your job is on the line, not any of these reporters, scouts, or mock drafters.

    If you aren’t willing to get fired for him, stay away at #1 and at #12.

    If you are willing to get fired for him…go get him.

  3. Trubiski is the classic example of teams talking themselves into drafting a QB because they need one. There is not a franchise or even a top 10 QB in this draft.

  4. Just imagine if the Browns had kept their first rounder last season and drafted Carson Wentz instead of my Eagles. Then they’d have a building block on both offense and defense (with Garrett). But I will be forever grateful that the Browns front office didn’t believe Wentz would be anything more than a mediocre QB. Granted, it’s still early, but I’m not seeing how Trubisky is a better prospect… let alone has the ceiling of Wentz.

  5. Ugh Browns can mess up anything. Just take Garrett and the best player available at every other pick. Sign Cutler to get sacked a bunch while the rest of the team gets good. Address QB in a draft down the road, when the right guy is there, and the team around him ready to protect him and allow him to be successful.

  6. Dear Jimmy Haslam and Sashi Brown: I have been a brown’s fan since the 70’s. My dad since its inception. All my friends are lifelong Brown’s fans. If you over draft Trubisky at #1 and pass on Garret every one of us will curse your name and be even more embarrassed than we were by that debacle of a team you forced on us last year. Stop thinking you are smarter than everyone..you are not. You can’t get Garret at 12, you could get Trubisky at 12. Stay at 1 and 12, draft Garret at 1 and best available at 12. You are ruining our team and will further lose the most loyal (but fed up) fan base in the nfl. Don’t be desperate. Be smart, best available PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  7. So, will the browns draft a better qb prospect next year at 1 also? This is so dumb. This guy couldn’t beat out marquise Williams and now she’s the number 1 pick in the draft? The browns are the worst organization in sports, we all know that. They’re run by a bunch of guys who have as much business running a football team as I do. However, they can’t possibly be this stupid. Sometimes, I’d like to see them do what the rest of the world is screaming at them to do instead of choose their own adventure, which ALWAYS ends in disaster. I’ll refer you to last years draft if you need evidence.

  8. It’s getting a little smoky in here. A dude I know who is friends with a janitor for the Packers says he heard that they are trading Aaron Rodgers for the #2 pick.

  9. .
    It’s unlikely that the Browns could withstand the PR nightmare that would ensue if they passed on the consensus top player in the draft and Trubiski didn’t pan out. If they move the pick, they could only be assured of getting their QB if they swung a deal with the 49ers. San Francisco would take Garrett and the Browns would follow with Trubiski.

  10. “Adam Schefter of ESPN is pushing the prospect of the Browns shaking up the top of the draft by tapping a quarterback with the first overall pick.”

    Seems like the Browns shake the top of the draft by tapping a quarterback every other year.

  11. No it will be Myles Garrett, I told the owner we needed another Aggie… Homeless Guy that wanted Johnny Manziel

  12. If the Browns pick Trubishy over Garrett.. they deserve to be the worst team in the NFL for the Next five years..

    It would be the worst decision I have seen since following the draft over the last 40 years..

    Fire, GM, Coach and Owner….

  13. For all we know trubisky could be the best player/QB in the draft and Garrett could be a Vernon gholston clone.. or he could be like Jason Taylor or Bruce smith we don’t know…. so let’s wait atleast a year to call anyone a horrible pick. (Remember Last year everyone bagging the titans for trading up for a tackle to pick Conklin and not tunsil but worked out fine)

  14. Oh, patjvike, if I could only fire this owner.

    Jury’s not out on the front office til tomorrow night. And I really like the coach.

    Just take Garrett and then do…whatever. Just take the best player available. For ONCE. Even if he busts, taking him is still what we have to do. No fault in that.

  15. As a patriots fan i have NOTHING To complain about. I just hope Hue Jackson and the GM realize they are a TEAM away from competing. JC is a nice piece defensively, but you take Garrett, and use the 2nd round chip you bought from Houston to move up before the Jets if you want Trubisky. It would be a jets move to take another QB with the 4 they already have

  16. When you reported earlier that they’ve know for a couple weeks, my first reaction was “Just a couple weeks?…Garrett has been the consensus #1 for months.” San Francisco could get reallllll lucky.

  17. The homeless are very unpredictable. They play it close to the cuff so we will have to wait and see.

  18. Everyone is hoping so, outside of Cleveland.

    You really have to work to do as much damage as these guys have done with a decade of high draft picks.

    Whoever is pulling the trigger needs to stop over thinking this. Just take the low hanging fruit (no Michal Sam jokes).

  19. But I have got very smart, very well-connected people telling me over the last 24 hours that they “THINK” Trubisky’s going to be the No. 1 pick.”

    Several days ago, Schefter authored a curious article that showcased strong opinions from Warren Sapp against Garrett being the top pick. It felt like a favor to someone with the Browns. All i needed to read to call B.S. on this article; let me think; they went to Harvard but decided to use Warren Sapp of all people as a Pawn. lol…lol…

    I wonder if those same smart, well-connected people told him about the pink slips getting handed out by ESPN today.

  20. Jared Goff 2.0! I’m sick of these media type trying to make this dude more than he is! He started 13 games and didn’t dominate one of them.

    Deshaun Watson destroyed Nick Saban’s Alabama defense~twice! And he had a phenomenal career, yet these loser pundits are treating him like he’s a future journeyman.

    Like last year when they all disrespected Dak Prescott, I believe Watson is going to be just as good while whoever drafts Trubisky will be searching for a QB in a couple more years. The Rams already need one. Goff is pathetic!

  21. If Browns were actually considering Trubisky at number 1 they they would trade up to 49ers 2nd pick and get both him and Garrett.

    But they are not so there…

  22. I’m prepared to BURN all my Browns shirts, etc. if they pick a QB at No. 1. Since I live in Louisiana it would be quite easy to follow the Saints and abandon the team I grew up with.

  23. I had to laugh when I heard a guy on the radio say “Mitchell Trubisky sounds like a made up name of a QB the Browns would take 1st overall in the draft that ended up not panning out.”

    I have to agree that it does sound exactly like that. Made up and didn’t pan out.

    Good luck to the real life person that is Mitch Trubisky.

  24. Beatwriters in Nashville report the Titans are one of the teams the Browns are talking to about moving up. The Titans don’t currently have a pick in the second round. I’m sure our GM wants the Browns’ 12th overall and their second round pick to move up to No. 5 overall (right in front of the Jets).

  25. Trubisky over Watson, Kizer and Mahomes?

    It all could have EASILY gone like this….

    Mel Kiper-espn
    Sean Watsonkirk is a proven winner outta Clemson who has gone up against Alabama and the great Nick Saban in back to back championship games and played well in both, winning the last on a clutch walk off TD pass. He is what a team needs as a leader. #1 overall pick goes to Cleveland and changes that franchise around.

    Mike Mayock-nfl network
    “Sean Kizerheimer is a big strong talented qb outta ND that has potential through the roof ala last year’s number one over pick Jared Goff.”

    Todd McShay- nfl network-
    “Mitchell Truberry is a talented athlete out of NC that has potential but doesn’t have enough game experience to be considered a top qb in this draft. With only 13 starts he would be a good developmental qb you grab in the 3rd round and be happy with.”

    “This is one of the strongest quarter back drafts we have seen in a while.”


  26. Trading up and taking Trubisky is a big smoke screen. The Browns will trade up and take either Adams or Hooker

  27. When Garrett flames out of the NFL – the same usual suspects will claim it was a mistake to take him #1 and the Browns should have selected QB at #1 because they impact the team more etc.

    Look – I don’t like Sapp either but every objection to what he said was about WHO Sapp is, not what he said. I tend to agree with him on the performance of Garrett. Not a #1 over all talent.

  28. I’m not buying it. Schefter heard about the PFT post that the Browns have known who they’re picking for 2 weeks, which contradicts what Schefter & Mary Kay Cabot have been reporting. Schefter, being the tiny, insecure little boy that he is, is just stomping his foot and hollering, “Pay attention to me! I’m important! You can’t have NFL reporting without me! I know more than everyone else! Pay attention to me or I’ll tell your mommy!”

    Schefter – sit down and shut up.

  29. If anyone can mess this pick up, leave it to the Browns. Garrett is an elite talent, Trubisky is a question mark. They definitely aren’t smart enough to trick another team into changing their strategy by throwing a smokescreen. The Jets won’t take Trubisky. I don’t think Buffalo will either. Trubisky will still be there at 12. Garrett won’t. Even if somebody does take Trubisky before 12, the Browns will be much better taking Garrett and filling another hole with the 12th pick. They can use their 2 picks in the second round to move up and get whatever QB is left. This is not the year to go all-in on a QB.

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