At 24, Raiders take a chance on Gareon Conley

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In perhaps the biggest surprise of the first round of the NFL draft, the Raiders have selected Gareon Conley, the Ohio State cornerback who came under intense scrutiny this week when he was named as a suspect in a sexual assault investigation.

Until his name surfaced in the police investigation, Conley was expected to be a high first-round pick. As it turned out, Conley wasn’t a high first-round pick, but he was a first-round pick, with the Raiders taking him at No. 24.

Obviously, the Raiders have to be confident that Conley will be cleared. Conley has professed his innocence and insisted that he has multiple witnesses who can testify that he was never alone with his accuser on the night in question.

Conley is an undeniably talented football player. The Raiders also believe they can trust him to be clean off the field.

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  1. He had better be innocent and there must be a ton of stuff on Foster for him to keep falling like this. I was hoping for Foster but there must be something that we are not privy to for the Raiders and others to have passed on him. We shall see.

  2. I feel a lot better about this pick than I would’ve if he was just coming off of heart surgery.

  3. That’s a wasted pick. Reggie has lost his mind. He would be available in the 3rd round. Davis better wake up.


    Agreed! Fire the man that turned your crappy team around and had them coming back from a 12-4 record with the best salary cap situation they have had since it’s inception! Reggie really does suck. All these young talented guys on the roster…

  4. Solid pick. McKenzie seemed more than satisfied of Conley’s innocence at the Raiders press conference. Peppers would’ve been great too.

  5. Have to trust that Reggie knows what he is doing…surprised though he could not trade down with Atlanta, etc and gather extra picks and most likely still get Conley.

  6. 1. He’s a stand-up young man. He quickly professed his innocence. He passed a lie detector. Quickly submitted a DNA sample and provided a list of witnesses who all say he was never alone with the girl.
    2. Reggie would never risk a first round pick on a guy who might be guilty. Obviously Reggie knows something we don’t.
    3. There were a couple other teams who were going to take him in the first round if the Raiders didn’t. It seems to me someone in the Cleveland PD let some NFL teams know that he’s innocent.

    Sounds like some girl heard he was about to become a millionaire and tried to get paid. Maybe all the news about Bill O’Reilly paying off accusers left and right gave her an idea.

    The Raiders just got a top 10 -15 pick and solid shutdown corner at #24.

  7. I’ll admit, I was really disappointed they didn’t take Foster, but there had to be something more to Foster’s story that we average Joe’s don’t know for him to drop that far. Whether it was a medical issue (shoulder), character or drugs, their almost has to be something we don’t know. He was the most logical pick in my mind.

    With Conley, I’m obviously concerned with the accusations against him, and the bad PR that comes with it. The Raiders don’t need that bad press, and despite their “Bad” reputation, they actually have the longest streak of players staying out of trouble in the league. (Over 3 years now, seriously, look it up!) It’s sounding more and more like many teams don’t believe those accusations to be true. I’m hopeful that is the case.

    Conley is easily one of the best corners in the draft, so they got great value at the 24th pick. (Assuming he’s innocent) I think ultimately he’ll work out pretty good for the Raiders. I’ll have to trust in Reggie and the staff that they made the right call, until proven otherwise. That being said, I felt an immediate impact ILB’er was a must. CB was certainly a need, but I think they could have gotten a quality CB in the 2nd round, perhaps later. I’m a bit disappointed, but hopeful it all works out, and improves the 26th ranked passing defense.

  8. jbaxt says:
    Apr 27, 2017 11:36 PM
    Raiders are still the raiders. Home of convicts and losers!

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    You should get some actual facts, Since 2000, Raiders are one of the teams that has had the fewest arrests, you really look dumb with your inane drivel

  9. Dallas was all over this guy.. i bet Jones is the one that paid for the lie detector test & would’ve taken him of McKenzie didn’t

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