Both Cleveland and Washington deny Kirk Cousins trade talks

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One of the cannonballs into the pool on a busy news night for the NFL was a report from its own network that the Browns were trying to trade for Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins.

By the end of the night, one-sixteenth of the network’s ownership had denied it, with both teams poo-poohing it.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Browns executive Sashi Brown dismissed it, calling it “bad reporting.”

Meanwhile in Washington, via John Keim of, coach Jay Gruden said they didn’t “receive one call” about Cousins.

The Browns used three picks Thursday night, none on quarterbacks, which means their depth chart still consists of Cody Kessler and Brock Osweiler.

And until Cousins has a long-term deal somewhere, the speculation about him will continue, in Cleveland and elsewhere. But the time being, both teams are shooting this one down.

19 responses to “Both Cleveland and Washington deny Kirk Cousins trade talks

  1. Everyone will talk about how great the Browns did in the draft since they didn’t squander a pick on a QB. Problem is, they need a QB.

    Maybe they’re hoping for a Tom Brady like choice somewhere in the 5th…….

  2. Cleveland just needs to continue building the rest of the team and find a QB later. They’re doing things the right way, and as a Bengals fan, that makes me uncomfortable. Kessler showed promise and Osweiler was good enough to get big offers from 2 teams last year. Roll with them for now and next year is a great QB class.

  3. Browns had a great night and are well positioned to go for a QB in next year’s better draft class. Get a corner a corner and another safety in this draft, and roll with Kessler for now. Will be a developmental year, albeit a watchable one. Maybe the geeks know what they’re doing after all.

  4. Everyone is concentrating on Cleveland making this trade for Cousins because they don’t have a real QB on the roster, but everyone seems to neglect the Redskins situation. What do they do if/when they tease Cousins? They don’t have another QB either. A deal like this has to make sense to both sides. You can’t just trade away the one starting QB on your team just because. It makes sense to trade “extra” players, but you have to have someone to replace the guy if you trade him.

  5. I think the Browns are smart to build the rest of their team with an idea to address the qb later. And hey if Kessler or Osweiler surprised everyone in the meantime so much the better. But really, building a good core first is a good approach.

  6. stupid is as stupid does;

    getting nice flashy role players and tweeters and developmental projects whose individual talent may contribute the kind of sporadic flash plays that thrill the fans out of heir seats is one thing;

    however, in a league that is simply predicated on franchise quarterbacks, not drafting for one is a cardinal sin that virtually ensures wasting another generation of good players one or two of which may develop into superstardom (Njoku);

    it also doesn’t go without notice that cleveland again refuses to draft a non-white QB as a future possible franchise signal-caller;

    perhaps Akili Smith would’ve been a mistake, but not Wilson (three times), RGB in his prime when he had two good knees, Prescott (also three times), Bridgewater (for Brandon We Done, for some mystifying reason), and “Superman” down in Carolina;

    even the kid at Buffalo is far superior to anyone the browns have currently;

    oh, did i forget to mention Carr and Marriota the browns’ “Oh Brother, Wher Art Thou”-level brain trust in the front office passed over as unworthy of franchise QB consideration?

    why ANYONE would pay $16 millions for NOTHING is another mystery–a second round pick means NOTHING tangible on the field right now, and putting it in the hands of Bozos so easily buffaloed into drafting the top tweener on the board with a who hasn’t enough sense to avoid a potential drug controversy before draft day hardly inspires confidence in the player or the imbeciles who drafted him using the $16M pick wisely;

    not with Garrett looking for all the world like Barkevious Mingo-Dion Jourdan II (yes, i’ll trust Sapp’s call on this one);

    way to go, cleveland, you’ve just guaranteed winning 6-9 games each of the next five years;

    and don’t offer up the pitiful excuse of Kirk Cousins or the latest backup wonder of the Patriots, because clearly no one in the league are rushing to acquire either one, and for good reason;

    even the Bears got it right gambling on Trubisky like Philadelphia did on Wentz–yet another potential franchise QB cleveland have passed on;

    after making suckers out of the brownies in the off-season, Houston laughed all the way to the podium selecting the Heisman-winner QB;

    well, there are two or three possible franchise QBs left to pick from (not Kizer, he clearly isn’t ready)–Webb, a couple other lesser known lights still better than anything cleveland have on the roster;

    but then, you don’t remain perennial losers and laughinstocks by drafting a possible franchise quarterback, do you?

    no, you do it by passing them over each draft, sometimes two and three times, then by paying $16M for the pleasure of picking up somebody else’s trash;

  7. The Browns are a joke. Amassing a huge # of picks is nice, but not drafting one of the top qbs will keep them as perennial losers.

  8. Cousins is a solid QB, however, he’s not going anywhere until the Redskins have a replacement or at least a plan for a replacement. I am glad that Cleveland didn’t reach for one of the QBs in the first round. KC played it right. They have a team in place and a starting QB under which the rookie can learn for a few years.

  9. Browns said they might have wanted Jimmy Garrapollo and the entire NFL media heard “The Browns want every free agent QB in the NFL and will trade for anyone and will take all the QB’s in the draft with their picks.

    NONE of that happened.

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