Brian Hoyer won’t worry about 49ers drafting a quarterback

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The 49ers have the second pick in the draft and the team has done its best to convince the football world that they could use that pick on a quarterback.

That may turn out to be a smokescreen when they are on the clock Thursday night, but no one would be too surprised if the 49ers add a quarterback even though they signed Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley as free agents. Hoyer was the first of those players to sign and said Wednesday that he views himself as the starter without worries about who else might be joining the team.

“Yeah for sure. I think that’s what I was brought in to do at this point,” Hoyer said on KNBR 680, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “And the thing that I’ve learned in this profession, and really in life, is not worry about things you can’t control. I can’t control who they draft with the second pick tomorrow and I’m not gonna live my life worrying about it.”

Hoyer has been around the league for almost a decade and he’s been in enough different situations to know that situations can change in a heartbeat in the NFL. That might not do much for job security, but it does teach you that there’s little reason to focus on things beyond your own play because those outside concerns aren’t going to do much to keep you in the lineup.

16 responses to “Brian Hoyer won’t worry about 49ers drafting a quarterback

  1. Hoyer is a realist. He has $10 mil in guarantees and no matter how well they may do in the future none of the kids coming out is NFL ready now.

  2. Brian Hoyer???

    It just goes to show how short supply great QB’s are.

    Why a team is not unloading every draft pick for Jimmy Garappolo is beyond me.

    The chance at a true franchise QB does not come by that often.

    One of the things which have made New England Great is that there QB has not changed in 16 years.

    In that same time period Cleveland has had 26 Starting QB’s.


  3. “My God, talk about a QB who has been given every opportunity to be #1 and blown it…..”

    He played fairly well in Cleveland before being injured there, on a generally bad team that gave him poor protection.

    And why should he worry? He continues to make millions every year whether its on the field or holding a clipboard.

  4. 9’ers need to use their ’17 picks to re-stock the team, they have another year at the bottom regardless of a rookie QB or not. Offer GB their 2nd rounder in ’18 for Brett Hundley next offseason and have a ready-to-start QB.

  5. he will be a great mentor for a young qb, how not to throw ints. always throw to your running back as it is harder to throw picks when you only throw it 5 yards at a time. captain check down will not be missed by the bears!

  6. Hoyer is a solid backup that can start 8 games a year. His job is to keep whichever qb they draft on the bench for 2/3rds of 2017.

    Brad Kaaya would be a good fit.

  7. Hoyer doesn’t have anything to worry about. Even if a next great QB is drafted to replace him, his trio around the league will continue as it always has.

  8. As a Clevelander i can say Brian Hoyer if given the protection and a receiver that can run routs NOT JOSH GORDON and catch the ball and a running back that can catch the ball he’ll win more than he looses

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