Browns select Michigan safety Jabrill Peppers

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The Cleveland Browns could have had Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson with the 12th overall pick if they wanted him to fill a pressing need at the quarterback position.

Instead, the Browns traded back and ended up with Michigan safety Jabrill Peppers.

Peppers could play several different positions in the NFL, but was primarily a linebacker/safety at Michigan.

Peppers finished third in both tackles (72) and all-purpose yardage (an average of 62.6 yards per game) for the Wolverines in 2016, while leading the team with 16 tackles for loss and four sacks.

He’s also a capable special teams performer as well.

9 responses to “Browns select Michigan safety Jabrill Peppers

  1. I’m not a big fan of Peppers so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is yet another first round disaster by the Browns.

  2. Got the best player In the draft, a legit safety with attitude, and a 1st Rd pick next year.

    I say that’s a win in the 1st rd of the draft.

    Good job browns.

  3. I wanted hooker at 12 so bad for my browns but I’m actually somehow okay with peppers better tackler let em loose gregg williams! great draft browns let the bears juggle around a few qbs we will take our playmakers !

  4. Peppers was a huge mistake. He never impressed me in college and he will be a special teams player at best. Another Browns draft year

  5. As a Browns fan, I am OK with the first pick, not quite sold, but OK. Need Garrett to shut up and show his “dominance” on the field. LOVE the Njoku pick. A big, fast TE can do wonders for a team without solid QB play and a minimal running game. Peppers is the ONE guy among all others likely to go in the first that I had hoped they would stay away from. Never impressed me in college and I think he will wind up being relegated to a few downs at safety and special teams until contract time and then he’ll be gone. Best guess: 5 years in the NFL. Hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see this as a smart pick.

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