Cowboys make sense for Gareon Conley, for one specific reason

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The sudden cloud that emerged over cornerback Gareon Conley’s draft stock earlier this week seemed to instantly knock him out of round one. As the hours have passed, however, teams have had time to learn more about the situation. Most have the resources to talk to the witnesses and/or to have off-the-record conversations with law enforcement in Cleveland to find out what’s really going on.

Still, the risk for any team that considers Conley in round one, where he definitely would have been drafted but for this incident, flows from the possibility that he’ll eventually be charged with rape. If that happens, the G.M. that made the recommendation to ownership would instantly have a major, major problem.

Except in Dallas, where the G.M. and the owner are the same person.

It should surprise no one if the Cowboys put Conley’s name on a draft card tonight. Jerry Jones is riding a wave of acclimations and influence, a Hall of Famer and a relocation dealmaker who has been dubbed the “shadow commissioner” by ESPN The Magazine. The dice have been fairly hot for him lately, starting with the chance he took two years ago on La’el Collins as an undrafted free agent.

OK, it hasn’t been an unblemished run. Greg Hardy was a mistake, as was Randy Gregory. But Jones has the urgency to get back to the Super Bowl and win it with a team he can claim credit for building (even if others in the building and/or family deserve a lot of the credit, too), and if Jones can get a guy who would have been gone by the middle of the round at No. 28, that’s a major bonus.

Given that the team had two key cornerbacks leave during free agency (along with other defensive defections), the need is there. And the fear of repercussions won’t be, because Jones the owner ain’t firing Jones the G.M., no matter what.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Conley and Sydney Jones get drafted in round one. Jones was ranked by some as the #1 corner in this entire class. If the reports are true, that he could be ready to play by September. He is worth the risk if you are a team at the bottom of round one. Like the Saints at 32.

  2. Wouldn’t the Bengals also make sense then? Mike Brown is owner and GM and if Conley falls it fits the Bengals’ MO of picking players with issues who end providing them with a good value for where they’re picked or paid.

  3. While I don’t disagree with the main thrust of your post (Dallas as a viable destination for Conley), the fact has clearly been established through the last several drafts, that Stephen Jones, and NOT Jerry makes the organizational decisions in Dallas these days.

    Jerry may want Conley just as badly as he wanted J. Manziel or P. Lynch, but the call is essentially going to be Stephen Jones’ decision.

  4. cowpiesnotcowboys says:

    The one specific reason is that 31 other teams have higher standards.

    And only one team has more Lombardi’s. And nobody else has at least five with no asterisks.

  5. In the 2nd maybe. In the first, no.

    If they have knocked Conley way down their board you’ll know it by pick 28. If they draft another CB, he’s way down. If an Edge at 28, then they may look for value at 60 or later.

  6. Was hardly a ‘chance’ or implied risk to take La’El Collins as an UDFA considering he was cleared by the police before signing.

    He got a 1st/2nd round talent for peanuts!

  7. The story is definitely sketchy. The girl is seen chasing after him when he was leaving the bar. I hate to say it if she’s telling the truth, but this looks like a girl wanting some attention and a payday.

  8. Typical bile spilled by idiots. Unfortunately, it is enough to be accussed of a crime to have your life ruined. Facts don’t matter in this day and age anymore. The law says innocent until proven guilty but it’s all about public opinion nowadays. Rush to judgement.

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