Deshaun Watson is getting a late boost up the board


Many have pegged quarterback Deshaun Watson as the second quarterback off the board on Thursday night, behind Mitchell Trubisky and likely just beyond the top 10. (This year’s PFT Worst Mock Draft Ever has Watson going to the Cardinals at No. 13.) But something is happening as the draft approaches. Unless it isn’t.

Chatter has emerged in recent days that could push Watson as high as No. 3 to the Bears. More recently, talk has emerged that the Jaguars could take Watson at No. 4.

While it’s possible that some are speculating accurately, it’s difficult to envision either team leaking their true intentions. The Bears have become notoriously secretive in recent years, and the Jaguars managed without Tom Coughlin running the show to keep quiet their interest three years ago in Blake Bortles.

Could Watson go that high? Sure. Some would say he should, given his dominance of the Alabama defense in back-to-back national championship games.

For the bad teams at the top of the draft, there’s a greater chance than ever that one or more of the good teams toward the bottom of the draft will squat on quarterbacks who otherwise would squirt through to round two, Derek Carr style. So if a team without a franchise quarterback hopes to find one in the draft, they’ll either have to jump at the top of round one or swoop back in at the bottom.

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  1. As I have said before, Watson should not only be the first QB taken he should go #1 overall and Cleveland should sit at #12 and take Mike Williams. You clowns are going to boo hoo this but then take Joe Mixon #33 (like it or not dude is getting drafted). Surround Watson with offensive talent and build the O-line and other needs with later picks. I know I am a Football genius but it’s really not that hard. Too much talk from the end of the collegiate season to now. This isn’t complicated. The tape doesn’t lie. Watson is the real deal. The Browns must not eff this up.


  2. Not sure why the Bears would be there at 3 with all of their other needs and just having paid Glennon 45 million.

    Now, the Jags at 4? I could see that. Coughlin has nothing to lose and hasn’t spoke confidently about Bortles being in the mix next year.

  3. Why???? Dude is RGIII all over again. Seen that run first mentality before and it does not work in the NFL. Russel Wilson is the only one who gets away with it, as long as his Defense is holding up. Without a great D, not working at the NFL level. In college it works great though since you can run basic high school offenses.

  4. Watson seems like the kind of QB that can excel at the college level, but will struggle to transfer those skills to the NFL. The interceptions, lack of velocity and downfield accuracy are going to hurt him in an NFL that values traditional pocket passers over the electrifyingly athletic QBs that often burst onto the scene as rookies only to fade rapidly down the stretch. I might be wrong, or he could shatter the mold, but any team taking him at the top of the first round would seem to be taking an awfully large gamble, and one that hasn’t paid out for any other teams in quite a while.

  5. mahomes is best QB in draft. plain and simple

    his trajectory will be analogous to derek carr. passed over for “better” guys in 1st rd. a steal for whoever grabs him in 2nd. but if you want him, better position yourself for a pic before #40. 45 may be a bit too late.

  6. Everyone wants him to be great because he beat Alabama.

    Well – Matt Flynn also won a National Championship too. Being the QB at the top of the heap after the BCS series doesn’t guarantee success at the next level.

    And generally – QB’s don’t just stop throwing INTs all of the sudden. Particularly as the defenses they see get more complex. Not over the long haul….

  7. TheCommish says:
    Apr 27, 2017 11:13 AM

    I like the kid a lot, but I feel like he’s the second coming of Tyrod Taylor. With all that this implies …


    Sheesh…Taylor was a 6th rounder who was a decent scrambling QB coming out of VA Tech, obviously a project.

    Deshaun Watson is *clearly* a better prospect than Taylor was.

  8. It will be Browns level stupidity if the Jags take Watson at 4. They cannot give up on Bortles this early for such an uncertain prospect.

  9. I have no friggin idea just like all the people paid good money to blather about it for months. Whatever Belichick does, I say “yea that sounds good, that’s what I’d do”.

  10. Top 5 is too high for any quarterback in this draft. ESPECIALLY if a team trades up. There is just too much talent later to trade up for one of these duds.

  11. Amazing that, in the modern NFL with rules calibrated to make it easier for QBs in a lot of ways, there are still so few that can put a team on their shoulders.

    If I were at the wheel, I would draft a QB every 2nd or 3rd year. I would want as many chances as possible to get one of those rare few that can keep you in the playoff hunt for a decade or more.

  12. everyone apparently taking a qb now…and in the same breath, fielding calls to trade. Watch the opposite happen. One QB taken, the rest will drop way down.

  13. His release is too slow, he doesn’t”look off ” robbers or safeties, he doesn’t throw with anticipation and he’s inaccurate. He has a lot of work to become a successful NFL quarterback. You can say what you want about the Alabama defense, but historically their DB’s haven’t been great at the next level despite their high draft status

  14. I think if he gets past the Jets at six, barring a trade, he goes 13 to Arizona. It’d be a good fit, I think. Sit a year behind Palmer, then take over the next year.

  15. If the Bears draft Watson I’m really going to feel bad for Glennon after what he’s gone through here. Never being given the chance to prove if he can play or not.

  16. nhpats says:
    Apr 27, 2017 11:35 AM

    Jimmy Garappolo is looking really good right about now….

    Not for a first rd pick he’s not.

  17. There’s a huge difference between NFL Scouts and Front Office people and folks who do Mock Drafts. I don’t think too many front offices or scouts have Trubisky ahead of Waqtson, and I’m damn sure that nobody is taking Mahomes in the first round. That guy has a great arm, but he is otherwise a trainwreck as an NFL QB.

  18. Also, I love that the only QB’s that Watson gets compared to are Tyrod Taylor, RG3, and Geno Smith. Hmmm…couldn’t imagine why that would be.

    Watson’s resume:
    Holds all of Georgia’s HS QB records
    2 time Heisman Finalist
    2 time BCS Championship participant
    NCAA Champion
    Nailed the combine
    Nailed his pro day.

    Is described by coaches as a “Winner”, “Devoted”, “Driven” and a “Leader”

    Yet, he’s not as good as Trubisky, who looks like the second coming of Jake Locker, but with less experience, or Pat Mahomes, who’s tape looks like a sandlot football game and played in what NFL scouts call a “junk” offense.

  19. electricfootballlivesmfcaforum says:
    Apr 27, 2017 12:16 PM
    You know me…..typical
    Watson has always been the #1 QB.
    But all media headlines gotta tout Trubisky to keep him relevant.
    Picking up steam……what a joke.
    Teams have had their boards set for atleast week now.


    As someone else stated…..Watson is just the next incarnation of Tyrod Taylor…..

  20. therealtrenches says:

    Sheesh…Taylor was a 6th rounder who was a decent scrambling QB coming out of VA Tech, obviously a project.

    Deshaun Watson is *clearly* a better prospect than Taylor was.


    Really? Check out Watson’s INT stats from college and let me know what you think. Throwing that many INTs against college coverage is not a good sign. In the pros, an open receiver would look completely blanketed by college standards. Just ask Tim Tebow.

  21. “And generally – QB’s don’t just stop throwing INTs all of the sudden. Particularly as the defenses they see get more complex. Not over the long haul….”

    Active QB’s who threw the most INT’s in college:

    Carson Palmer
    Drew Brees
    Eli Manning (2 SB MVP’s)
    Ben Roethlisberger (2 Sb’s)
    Phillip Rivers
    Russell Wilson

    And if you break it down into INT rate, Tom Brady would be 2nd next to Palmer with a rate of 1.76

  22. This appears to be a very weak qb class. But you never know, there might be aN unexpected solid hit (see Dak Prescott, last year). Cross your fingers, grab your ankles and pray. It’s all about perception and supply and demand. The current college spread/read offenses are not conducive for a quick transistion to the NFL.

  23. this is when GM’s and “NFL Types” try to think there way into getting the best player.. any team that takes Mitch over Watson is going to suffer for it. I don’t think Watson should go #1 but he should be the first QB taken. Trying to outsmart the obvious is the reason why teams continue to draft near the top of the NFL draft year after year.

  24. If the Browns go defense with pick one, I would think the Niners take Trublinski or someone high as a QB, they have no QB. Unless they draft all defense and opt for a Cutler or someone to come in for one year and help?

    That is kind of the irony for them, they need so much, they can hardly go wrong.

    I like Watson the best of all the QB’s because he is mobile. A pass and run threat is harder to defend period.

  25. Any team that is looking for a QB and passes on Watson will get what they deserve.

    The kid is a good passer. Better than anyone else in this draft.

  26. How can a player get better or worse 3-4 months after they played their last game? I doubt if teams are changing their grades on players. They might be trying to throw curveballs the day of the draft. I know Watson isn’t moving up anybody’s draft board if they’re basing their evaluation on how well he played football. The tape doesn’t lie. I won’t be shocked if Watson is out of the league in five years. I will be shocked if he plays at a high level.

  27. There is very little correlation any more to college QB production and pro ability. Air Raid offenses do not even remotely require the skills an NFL QB needs. It’s a totally different game.

    Watson is way too risky to go in top 10. This is a total smoke show designed to throw people off track.

  28. Most of you are only looking at one stat, INTs. Clemson faced the toughest schedule of S&P rated pass defenses in 2016. And Bama’s defenses aren’t no joke either. Watson dropped 941 yards and 8 TD’s on #1 and #4 S&P rated defenses… of all time. That’s the closest you can get to a pro level defense.

    Should have won the Heisman twice. But he did win the Davey O’Brien award. Twice.

    Someone said earlier something to the effect that “QB’s don’t stop throwing INTs.” Well this kid has been a winner everywhere he has gone. Why would you doubt that now?

    Bottom line, Watson will be a good NFL quarterback if he can learn how to play quarterback at an NFL level. Given his work ethic, I don’t think this will be an issue.

  29. The ONE quality in a QB that is the most important is the ability to lift the team on his shoulders and win the game because they believe in him.

    Watson did that any number of times last season, but most impressively with all the marbles on the line and less than 2 minutes to play in the ultimate game, the national championship game.

  30. Watson should go #1. Those whom pass on him will regret it. He wa a QB on the next to biggest stage and competed with all heart. His coach Dabo and his fellow players were ALL IN with this guy. When the smoke clears in a few yeas your going to find out this guy is still on top. Word is teams are afraid to NOT draft him.
    TOP 5 at least.
    Worship my wisdom tomorrow.

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