Giants take Evan Engram with the 23rd pick


The Giants found the tight end they needed, adding a pass-catching threat.

With the 23rd pick, they took Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram.

Engram had 65 catches for 926 yards and eight touchdowns last year, and is practically a slot receiver.

His 4.42-second 40-yard dash at the combine was the fastest at his position, and he gives fellow Ole Miss man Eli Manning another attractive option downfield.

12 responses to “Giants take Evan Engram with the 23rd pick

  1. Meh…. TE wasn’t a bad choice. The remaining left tackles have too many question marks and may slide into the 2nd.

    But I’m not sure an undersized guy who seemed to have a bunch of drops and probably needs time to develop – and might himself have slid to Day Two – is really the answer

    I mean if you don’t have a decent left tackle at least get a TE who might be able to help block

    Not sure a 6′ 3′ 235 lb guy is going to be helpful blocking much bigger DEs and DLs

  2. Mara needs to end the Reese era. Firstly, njoku was available when you picked engram. I’ll admit I’m excited about the pick up, but to get the ball to him you have to have Eli upright. You draft cam Robinson you solve potentially 2 problems by putting him at LT and maybe moving flowers over to RT. I hope what I heard about flowers working to get better is true and bears fruit because unless something miraculous happens it looks like those weapons better get open quick. Cmon Reese atleast draft some guard depth. C’Mon Man! Does anybody else out there feel my pain or am I just overreacting about not drafting someone to protect the most important person on our?

  3. I don’t understand the frustration with this pick. While I would have preferred Howard, this guy was the next best choice at TE. Eli will now have three or four weapons out there at all times.

    Also, let’s not forget that there are still a number of rounds to go. No one said Giants aren’t going to draft an OL in the next day or two. We should be fine.

  4. With what the experts say is a lack of depth at OL, I’m frustrated they probably still think that flowers is salvageable at LT, look we’re not going to have Eli forever, I would like to not see him getting hit or getting happy feet cuz he can’t trust protection on his blindside. I get it, we need more explosive weapons on offense, but people are missing that the offensive line was largely to blame for the running game not being as good and for pressures on Eli. Then for Reese to call out Eli about needing to play better. “Hey Reese, get your quarterback some line help so he’s not stumbling for his life! I think he always waits til it’s too late. I’m just saying, “You want Eli to play better, take some pressure off him by getting OL help. We’ve seen what he can do with a decent oline.

  5. I guess if no OL today we need to pray flowers finds his mojo and fluker proves he’s actually worth that 2013 San Diego first round pick. I just don’t like the odds of that happening, but as a giants fan I have been pleasantly surprised before, so I guess we’ll see.

  6. Agreed. It’s tough – we know we need some new talent on the OL, but according to the stats last night when the Giants drafted Engram, we had the lowest average yards per catch for TEs in the entire league. Throw in the fact that he’s basically a slot receiver and very quick, and this should hopefully alleviate some of the pressure on Eli in the event that he needs to get it out of his hands quickly. Plus we picked up the TE from the Vikings who is a good blocker. I think we’ll be fine.

    Regarding Flowers though, he’s a bum. I’ve never liked him and all he does is bring the team down. I’d put money on Preston Parker catching a ball from a five year old over Flowers turning his career around and not getting costly holding penalties.

  7. Still waiting for that OL help……..Guess we better start praying. ……. look even if flowers comes back marginally better he will just now be as good as John Jerry was at his position earlier in Jerry’s career. Look I know the NFL is rough, but this will be another pick Reese reached on that didn’t pan out. I will admit I do like his picking up the Alabama DT and eli’s potential successor. Can I get atleast some depth on the OL. I’m not asking for potential starters here.

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