Lions take Jarrad Davis at No. 21


The Lions needed a linebacker. They got on in Jarrad Davis.

The former Florida defender became the 21st pick in the first round of the draft on Thursday night. Davis likely fills the void created by the departure of DeAndre Levy.

Davis exits the board while Reuben Foster’s free-fall continues. He’s regarded as the best linebacker left on the board.

7 responses to “Lions take Jarrad Davis at No. 21

  1. Great pick. Thinking it was either he or Zach Cunningham. Surprised Miami or Oakland didnt snap him up.

    Next up…..CB, (Whitherspoon?) 🙂

  2. a TERRIBLE pick;

    the guy will have a great locker room presence but comes with a shoulder injury history you just don’t need in a linebacker;

    i’ve not heard if he has loose enough hips to cover a RB or TE, let alone a slot receiver out in space;

    he appears to be another big safety like the horribly overrated Ray-Ray used to be in Baltimore (MANY is the time i saw him just flat stream rolled 1 on 1 by RBs and OGs) a sideline-to-sideline speed racer who has difficulty taking on head-up blocks or making head-up tackles, so needs two behemoth 3-tech defensive tackles in front of him to protect him like guards;

    Njoku was a MUCH better pick here–we have the staff who have a history of developing raw talents, like Ezekiel and Levy;

    essentially all we did was cut one injury-prone injury-diminished OLB and replace him with another LB with an injury history;

    what was the point in drafting in the first round at all?

    this was a Martin Mayhew-cleveland browns-NY Jets-type move;

    by drafting a nice guy locker room presence with a significant injury history, a defensive version of Jahvid Best, we did not move one inch closer to improving the defence or offence, not one step closer to shutting down Princess Rogers and defeating GB, not one step closer to playing or winning a home playoff game;

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