McCaffrey’s likely window: No. 5 to No. 15

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As the draft has approached, a popular theory has emerged linking running back Christian McCaffrey to the Panthers at No. 8. (Indeed, that’s where he resides in the 2017 PFT Worst Mock Draft Ever.)

A source with knowledge of the dynamics believes the McCaffrey chatter is likely a smokescreen, one of the many that are wafting through the air like whatever Phil Simms pushed in the direction of Jim Nantz. Regardless of whether Carolina pulls the trigger, the expected range for McCaffrey currently is No. 5 through No. 15.

This means that if a team picking between No. 9 and No. 15 believes the Panthers chatter, that team could trade up to jump the Panthers.

If McCaffrey indeed goes in the top 15, the team that takes him needs to be ready to embrace him, fully and completely and not as a member of a three-man rotation. Picks that high should be reserved only to players who will be on the field all the time; if the team that takes him isn’t prepared to do that, the team shouldn’t take him.

McCaffrey’s ability to play tailback and slot receiver makes him conducive to a team that will use the no-huddle offense from time to time, allowing McCaffrey to be deployed in various ways in the hopes of creating mismatches. If McCaffrey plays at the next level like he played in college, he could instantly be a difference-maker. The current indications are that at least one team picking in the first half of round one will feel that way.

19 responses to “McCaffrey’s likely window: No. 5 to No. 15

  1. i believe this guys isn’t going to pan out being as good as the “experts” think…just my opinion though

  2. Maybe a team with the 19th pick could trade up into that range to get him…

    A boy can dream

  3. Not feeling the hype on this guy: Tweener RB who played against a tissue soft Pac 12 defense. That makes him an exceptional college player. I don’t like his projection into the Pro’s. Maybe I’ll be wrong again. I see Reggie Bush 2.0 not Brian Westbrook….

  4. If this was a deep draft he’d be a firm second round pick. When it’s a deep draft zero RB’s are selected in the first round. This draft has 3 RB’s going in the first round. Not because they are 3 special RB’s but instead because there isn’t enough top end talent for an entire 1st round.

    That is why out of 32 teams there are so few 1st round RB’s. Probably as many UDFA RB’s with key roles as there are 1st round RBs with key roles.

  5. He’s not as good as Dalvin Cook, didn’t put up the numbers Dalvin Cook did against opponents not as talented as the ones Dalvin Cook played against.

    Oh, and he sat out his bowl game while Dalvin Cook torched a top 3 defense in Michigan.

  6. Hes a talented player and should be successful in the NFL, but hes kind of a tweener, not a 3 down back or featured back at the NFL level, but in the right O with other featured weapons he could have a key role exploiting mismatches. Problem is these type of players can be found in the early mid rounds, but he comes with more hype than typical players like him so he will go sooner.

    I think hes more like very late rd 1 to rd 2-3 talent, one of the better tweeners to come out recently. Reminds me of Reggie Bush who should have never been used as a feature RB.

  7. Be careful, if his team makes the playoffs he’ll refuse to play. He probably wouldn’t play in a contract year either. Come to think of it, he may not even play once he signs his contract. If he gets hurt, he might get cut.

    He’ll go to a team that likes quitters…

  8. I wish the Fins had a need for him. Kid has a great attitude, is super bright, and is seriously elusive. I’ve seen him play several times and he’s absolutely electric.

  9. Be careful, if his team makes the playoffs he’ll refuse to play. He probably wouldn’t play in a contract year either. Come to think of it, he may not even play once he signs his contract. If he gets hurt, he might get cut.

    He’ll go to a team that likes quitters…

    You must be talking about the Pat’s…….need a reminder…..LaGarrette Blount…..sure that rings a bell snarky.

  10. I think he’s a perfect fit for the Panthers. He could line up in the slot one play, in the backfield the next, and put him in motion on a 3rd and 1 and let the defense try to guess if Stewart, McCaffrey or Cam is going to try to pick up the first down. When they guess wrong, the ball carrier is 20 yards downfield. McCaffrey can also return punts. We haven’t had a punt returner worth a crap since Steve Smith. Yeah, that long ago. I hope he’s there at 8 and I hope we grab him.

  11. I’d bet he will be available at pick 16 and probably well beyond.

    He’s a 200 lb 3rd down back/slot receiver/returner who put up 9 reps at the combine. I don’t think he is going to have any longevity.

    Would any team take Randall Cobb between pick 5 and 15? Maybe the stupid ones, and there are quite a few of those but Jerry Jones doesn’t pick until 28th.

  12. I think he’s a tremendous player and his value is right in the 5-15 range. 5 is probably too high, but he’ll be gone by 15. He can put the ball in the end zone in so many ways.

  13. McCaffrey is a sure fire superstar. He’s going to end up being the #1 jersey seller of all rookies. Just an exciting player who can do it all.

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