Report: Myles Garrett still the “likely” No. 1 pick


The clock is ticking toward the time for the Browns to go on the clock, and the three options for the first overall pick seem to be as follows: (1) take Myles Garrett; (2) take Mitchell Trubisky; or (3) trade down.

Amid increasing chatter that the Browns could go with Trubisky, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Garrett remains the “likely” No. 1 pick in Cleveland.

The Browns claim that they settled on the top pick two weeks ago. But Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel raises the one dynamic that could upset the (road) apple cart. Owner Jimmy Haslam could intervene at the last minute and insist (either directly or behalf of the homeless guy) on Trubisky.

But here’s the thing about taking Trubisky or any other unproven quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick. The smarter move would be to offer that pick to Washington for Kirk Cousins, a proven commodity who would be running a similar offense. And it would be stupid for Washington, which is looking at one more year with Cousins, to say no to the ability to pay Garrett over four years only a few million more than what they’ll pay Cousins in 2017.

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  1. But, Cousins will already be 29 when the season begins. They need a young QB to grow along with a young team. Take Garrett and continue to build. Worked for the Steelers when they started to build and took Joe Greene as their first rounder.

  2. Now how is a Browns’ trade for Cousins going to work when Cousins would probably never sign a long-term deal with the Browns?

  3. When has Washington or Cleveland ever done the smart thing? That said, I’d give the #1 for Cousins. No questions asked. At least he is a proven commodity.

  4. This is so stupid. NFL version of a soap opera. You know who you are picking there is nothing in the rules that say you can’t make the pick now and sign the player to a contract.

  5. That’s the smartest play for CLE. Stay away from the QB on the first pick and evaluate at 11 if the guy you want is there. They could even take another OL or DL or LB at 11 and take a QB in round 2.

    Brock can play a year. He stinks, but he has made the playoffs for 2 different teams. He is serviceable for a year or 2. Build a real team CLE!

  6. Really, you’d trade the number 1 pick in the draft for a quarterback without having an extension in place. He could very well walk in a year.

  7. Cousins would in no way be a smarter move.

    They would have to negotiate a new contract with him in one day before the pick, or they are getting a guy for 1 year.

    And that assumes he wants to play there. And if he does they can just outbid the niners in FA next year.

    If Cousins is your heart’s desire, you draft Garrett and skip this QB class altogether.

  8. I am not as impressed with Cousins, as you appear to be. If i were desperate, i could possibly see offering the number 12 pick straight up for him, but not a chance with the number 1 pick.

    I see them taking Garrett #1, and then trading up (with Titans) for Trubisky at 5.

  9. Nothing would be more Browns than completely switching to an analytics based front office, only to go against all analytics and select Trubisky #1

  10. Well if someone from the Milwaukee Journal makes a casual comment about the Cleveland Browns owner Haslem interceding referencing nothing other than Johnny Football you HAVE to take it seriously and cite it. Lock it in, boyz.

    Seriously the guy from the MJS is probably rolling his eyes when he sees his mock draft comment cited as if its anything other than a wild shot in the dark.

  11. Redskins fan here. I love Cousins but he doesn’t want to be in Washington and they should move him if they know they can’t re-sign him. And you know Snyder would like to stick it to both Kyle Shanahan and Cousins by shipping him to Cleveland. If the Browns offered the #1 overall pick for Cousins, I would pull the trigger in a heartbeat on that.

    I’d take Garrett at #1, hope for Reddick, Foster or Dalvin Cook at #17 and Davis Webb at #49.

  12. I don’t understand how it would make the Redskins “stupid” for not accepting that deal. QB > DE

  13. Take Garrett, then trade your 12 and the 2 2nd rounders to Bears and then take Trubinsky. You trade up to 5 and watch either Jags take him or the Jets trade with Bears and snatch him up.

  14. After tonight, I will be VERY happy to not see Mary Kay Cabot’s name for a good 10-11 months. Her “reports” jump all over the place and clearly she is helping Cleveland’s agenda by making it seem as if the Browns are considering moves other than taking Garrett at #1, which is what is going to happen.

  15. stoneydog1000 says:
    Apr 27, 2017 10:46 AM
    But, Cousins will already be 29 when the season begins. They need a young QB to grow along with a young team.
    Drew Brees was 31 (Matt Ryan is currently 31) when the Saints signed him back in 2010. I doubt they regret their decision. 29 is the beginning of their prime for an NFL QB’s.

    Russell Wilson is 28 (Best football is still ahead of him)
    Andrew Luck is 27. (Best football is still ahead of him)
    Derek Carr is 26. (Best football is still ahead of him)
    Those ARE the young QB’s of the NFL.
    Somehow 29 is too old? Good grief.

  16. “And it would be stupid for Washington, which is looking at one more year with Cousins, to say no to the ability to pay Garrett over four years only a few million more than what they’ll pay Cousins in 2017.”

    It would not be stupid for the Redskins to turn that offer down if they have no other good options at QB.

  17. Why do people keep saying Jackson and Gruden’s offenses are similar. Jackson isn’t as rigid with his playbook, but he’s an Al Saunders disciple, which means it’s more in line with Air Coryell than the Jon Gruden brand of the West Coast offense, which Jay uses. He was able to adapt and mesh his playbook with what Gruden did when he took over in Cincinnati, but Dalton took more deep shots, and they ran more power running plays under Jackson during his 2 years as OC than under Gruden. Also, I don’t think trading for a 29-year-old QB, a mediocre one at that despite his stats, helps a dumpster fire get on the right track. They have to hit on a young guy like the Raiders did with Carr. It’s the only way.

  18. Don’t get cute Browns. You want both Garrett and Mitchell. Just confirm with the Niners that you are talking Garrett first and then trade your #12 and both seconds to the Niners for their #2. Walk away with 2 potential game changers. The Niners use the 4 picks they have in the first 2 rounds to rebuild their defense and just wait a year to grab Cousins. Win/Win.

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