Report: Scot McCloughan has advised teams on draft since being fired

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Earlier this offseason, Scot McCloughan was relieved of his duties as the General Manager of the Redskins in a move that came after the team had already started work on this year’s draft board.

Director of college scouting Scott Campbell confirmed this week that McCloughan’s influence could be seen on that draft board although he added that there have been adjustments made to any work that McCloughan was familiar with before his departure. They might not be the only team to have McCloughan’s influence on their pre-draft work.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that McCloughan has returned to run the scouting service he operated between jobs with the 49ers and Redskins and has worked as an advisor with other teams on this year’s draft since being fired. Per Garafolo, McCloughan is “not giving up” Washington’s information although it seems likely that some of the thoughts he shared with other teams will be similar to what he did before being let go.

There’s no reason to think that his former team has stuck with what McCloughan gave them before he was ousted, but if they remain high on any players McCloughan was pushing they should likely be prepared for other teams to have strong recommendations about some of the same names.

22 responses to “Report: Scot McCloughan has advised teams on draft since being fired

  1. I just hope my Seahawks are among the teams that he has advised, because this guy is one of the best evaluators of talent out there.

  2. It’s possible to be a dysfunctional person but still know what you are talking about. Not everyone is a total package for public consumption.

  3. I am shocked that any severance agreement wouldn’t have prevented him from working with or sharing information with any other team until after the draft. Washington ownership and management is insane.

  4. Washington finally is turning its organization around thanks in part to Scott, one of the best proven talent evaluators out there. Now they fire him as Allen’s ego was more important to him than winning. Baalke 2.0

  5. Good. He certainly doesn’t owe any allegiance to the Redskins, after the way they screwed him.

  6. Another NFC East team would be very wise to bring McCloughan in. This guy has been not one but two championship caliber teams and is probably the very best evaluator of college talent in the game, especially when it comes to defense.

  7. How do all you fools know why he was fired? So easy to bash the REDSKINS organization but they might not have had a choice. If Scott was drinking what do you expect the Redskins to do? By the way, you say Scott is a great talent evaluator so what are some of Scott’s great picks since he has been with the skins? I’m waiting…

  8. The Redskins (I love using that name, although there are certain on air announcers at ESPN that think its racist) owe much of their success in the last few years to McCloughan, a top notch talent evaluator.

    The Deadskins are due for a decline and its often not a result of a single draft but a culmination of personnel mistakes over a season or two. By then its too late.

  9. Being in DC and not a home town fan it’s puzzling to observe the team. They collectively finally do something seriously high level and then they destroy it. And, regardless of what some demented homers might say, for silly, childish and unprofessional reasons.

    Letting McCloughan go was dumb to start but why they did is classic Washington brand stuff. (Since I’m not friends with and don’t even know McCloughan I’ll refrain from calling him Scott, as it’s just not good or polite to assume that kind of closeness). It was probably the result of a power struggle between the son of George Allen and the GM. In true Nixonian fashion, Allen canned him and then tried to cover his tracks by leaking normally damaging sound bites about his being drunk and not being respected of even ‘liked’ by the ‘leaders’ (leaders another oft misused label, the word is something you earn and its meaning is not a position, as Allen implies he is a ‘leader’ while the GM a mere plebe in the big picture). A leader is not the definition for what Allen does, unless being an SOB and baby is the words new meaning).

    The GM got canned, but not before his silence created great open space for Allen to work in. Instead of hiring a lawyer/mouthpiece to fire back at them, he remained out of sight and didn’t much. Allen began his attack of leaks by having former Washington player and Dan Snyder fav-boy, Chris C. send one downrange on his radio show (broadcasting from Snyder owned local station) about the GM drinking again. Cooley said that wasn’t true but others said it was and that he was ordered to say it. Allen then went to work on the GMs reputation and working on the ‘out of control wild Mic drunk line.

    They managed to run McCloughan off, but with him went any goodwill or respect the team management had, if any. They reverted back to square one Ironically, a major portion of the DMZ between the GM and Allen was what to do with Kirk Cousins. The GM wanted to sign and pay him. Allen, to prove a point, decided to stand firm and not.

    Instead he ordered Cousins to be retained as the FP because it mocked what the GM had advised and because he fully expected Cousins to fail. Cousins is not an ‘Allen Guy’, a QB who was drafted the same draft that Allen backed Snyder love child Griffin came from. Mike Mastermind Shanahan drafted Cousins, mostly because he wasn’t a Griffin guy and wanted a legit QB around for the day Griffin went down.

    McCloughan has no attachment to the team because they fired him, pretty much, with cause. That terminated their contract and any relationship they had with him. To fire him on trumped up charges then forbid him from earning a living is not a go.

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