Tak McKinley arrives with a flourish, with an “F”


Pass rusher Takkarist McKinley brings a great story to the NFL. He also brings a colorful vocabulary.

During a live interview with Deion Sanders of NFL Network, McKinley spoke about the influence of his  late grandmother, and the promise he made to her to become a Division I athlete.

“I completed my promise,” McKinley said. “It means every f–king thing to me. Excuse my language. Man, fine me later. Fine me later, man.”

It will be interesting to see whether the NFL does, given that he made the statement during a broadcast on the league-owned network.

24 responses to “Tak McKinley arrives with a flourish, with an “F”

  1. This dude is gonna be in the news within his first two years. I just hope we don’t have to see much of his dad and his 10 gallon cowboy hat.

  2. Not a Deion fan at all, but Deion gave the young man some great advice on live television by telling him he loves his passion and emotion but you need to learn how to channel it and once you do, no one can stop you.

  3. Never heard of the guy. Never seen anything like that on a sports broadcast. Totally unique. NFL Network will now have to employ a 7 second delay during the broadcast but who cares that was hilarious.

  4. Isn’t the NFL Network – a not over-the-air network – completely exempt from FCC penalties for profanity? In other words, no story here.

  5. “NFL Network will now have to employ a 7 second delay during the broadcast…”

    They should make it ten just so they can clip off all the non-sensical claptrap Marshall Faulk bring to the table….

  6. Passion and Intensity: A+
    Class and Dignity: F-

    He embarrassed himself, UCLA, and the Falcons. I’m sure the grandmother he was trying to honor would have been disgusted by the first impression he made on people last night.

  7. I’ve been watching the draft for over 25 years. Lowest moment in NFL draft history.

    He wasn’t even sorry. He chose to say “Just fine me.” over pulling himself together and acting like a man. If he can’t learn control himself he’s destined to be arrested in the near future.

  8. Oh and he’s the perfect draft pick seeing how Atlanta’s new stadium looks like a giant a-hole.

  9. Just full transparency here, I’m a Cowboys fan and there’s been a lot of talk here in Dallas about the team drafting this guy.

    When he walked up with the picture of his late grandmother, I thought- that’s a very kind-hearted gesture. Then he proceeds into a wheels-off profane rant that made me glad we didn’t draft him. If it were the Cowboys who drafted him, and he was wearing the star during this interview, this article would be headline news, and media pundits losing their collective minds about how Jerry frequently throws scouts under the bus and continuously picks up low-character locker room cancers.

  10. Come on, the kid was incredibly emotional. Give him a break.

    If you don’t know the story, he had a deadbeat dad and a mom who abandoned him at 5 years old. His grandmother raised him, having to collect cans off the street to survive. He made a promise to her on her deathbed and finally fulfilled it last night.

  11. He was just overwhelmed with the whole situation. None of you have ever had one of those breathless moments only to have all your emotions come out in all different directions? His story is amazing to me and his passion is a strength. He’ll mature and treat this as a learning experience like Prime said. Don’t forget these are still young men.

    Tak will be haunting QB’s for years.

    Not a Falcons fan but would love to have him on my team.

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