Andy Reid: Patrick Mahomes is going to take some time

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It wasn’t hard to find draft projections that had the Chiefs landing quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the first round, but they typically didn’t have that pick happening with the 10th overall pick.

There was word before the start of the draft that Kansas City might be coming up, however, and they wound up dealing next year’s first-round pick to Buffalo as part of a package that netted them the chance to draft Mahomes. Coach Andy Reid said they like Mahomes’ energy and intensity as well as his ability to make plays under pressure and that they feel comfortable with his ability to handle a pro-style offense after putting him through his paces.

Reid doesn’t think Mahomes will be ready to handle such an offense right off the bat, which leaves Alex Smith as the starter and Reid said he’s not concerned that paying a big price for Smith’s heir apparent will lead to any unease inside the team.

“I don’t worry about Alex on this,” Reid said, via the Kansas City Star. “Alex knows we trust him. Alex is the starting quarterback. Nothing is going to change there. The kid is going to take some time. He understands that. But there’s gonna be a day Alex isn’t playing anymore and we’ll need someone to step in and play.”

Smith has some familiarity with the scenario after seeing Colin Kaepernick come to the 49ers and make his way from the bench to the starting lineup. That started out well for the 49ers as the Niners went to the Super Bowl after Kaepernick took over in his second season and the Chiefs would love a similar taste of success, although they’d surely prefer it come without the quick fizzle that followed for the 49ers.

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  1. Im happy for Reid. I hope Mahomes brings him some McNabb style success in the future. McNabb carried a team with no receivers for a long time.

    Lets hope Andy learned from his early coaching mistakes.

    Good luck Andy, and good luck KC. Mahomes seems like a nice kid.

  2. Yeah but will Reid still be coaching the team by the time Mahomes is ready to step into the starting role?

    My guess is no. A new regime will have to evaluate him

  3. Gave up an awful lot to get a guy with zero footwork that needs time.

    Not saying it’s right or wrong – just saying, pretty expensive and while the talking heads were raving about how Andy is good with QB’s – citing working with Favre, McNabb etc – I don’t know.

  4. Alex Smith is 32. Statistically, he has about two years left (historically, only great players in their 25-29 continue to qb past 35; Smith isn’t really in that group).

    Mahomes has two years to sit and learn to become a NFL QB. It’s a great situation to be in and not face the pressure of starting right away.

  5. The difference with the 49ers and Kneel for the flag boy is he was a mid round pick and Alex was injured. Now you have a top 10 draft pick, standing there on the sidelines waiting to get on the field.

    I expect Alex and Patrick to handle year 1 just fine. But if Alex plays like he did last year, just above average, come playoff time fans will want a playmaker in there. Alex has a history, his last 2 playoff games, where he’s down by at least 8 and he’s just burning the clock and killing any chance KC has to rib the game.

    I think Alex now has the pressure of going to the SB this year, it’s likely his last year as a starter.

  6. joetoronto says:
    Apr 28, 2017 10:02 AM
    What an awful pick and transaction, just brutal.
    You must be talking about Conley.

  7. Mahomes is the most ready to play right now as any QB in the draft. Reid is just saying all the right things to keep Alex happy while the other guy is taking over his job. What do you expect Andy to say?

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