Bears’ Week 13 win over 49ers cost them three picks

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In Week 13, the Bears beat the 49ers in a game that seemed utterly meaningless: Chicago entered the game 2-9, San Francisco entered the game 1-10, and neither team had anything to play for.

But it turned out to be a very meaningful game: The 49ers finished the season 2-14 and had the second overall pick in the draft, while the Bears finished the season 3-13 and had the third overall pick. If the 49ers had beaten the Bears, those records and draft orders would be reversed. And the Bears’ trade up from No. 3 to No. 2 for quarterback Mitchell Trubisky never would have happened.

As it turned out, the Bears sent their third-round pick this year, their fourth-round pick this year and their third-round pick next year to San Francisco just to move up to a draft spot that would have belonged to the Bears if only the Bears hadn’t beaten the 49ers in Week 13.

NFL teams keep playing hard even if the season is lost. Even the Browns, last year’s worst team, won in Week 16 and took the Steelers to overtime in Week 17 in a season finale that could have cost Cleveland the first overall pick with a win. But sometimes teams would be better off losing. The Bears would undoubtedly be better off today if they had lost that meaningless game in December.

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  1. What an incredible night for the 49ers! They came out of the 1st rd with 2 top ten players in Solomon Thomas & Reuben Foster & got paid to 3rd rd draft picks from the Bears to do it. Doesn’t get any better than that! So glad Kap stunk in that Bears game last year throwing for only 4 yards. Thanks Kap & thank you John Lynch!!

  2. I tuned into the draft fully expecting to see the Browns screw it up and take Trubisky #1 (regardless of all the reports to the contrary). And low and behold the new Browns of the NFL didn’t disappoint! Congrats Chicago! Now you can have your red shirt QB throw pass to your still-red shirt WR on the side lines!

  3. And a flap of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon caused Donald Trump to become president.

    This isn’t analysis, it is just pointing to one moment and trying to say it was the sole factor in something, which is ludicrous.

    It would be just as easy to say “Bears saved themselves a bunch of draft picks by being a terrible team, and only having to move up one slot instead of 20+.” They sound equally dumb.

  4. I’m still shaking my head about the idiotic move my Bears made last night. With needs all over the board, especially on defense, it makes no sense. I envision almost the same scenario described above playing out when the Niners visit the Bears in December.

  5. Only explanation is another team was sniffing around with the 2nd overall pick to select a QB. Bears did what was necessary for their future QB. Glennon signed a contract that basically turned into a one year deal. If Trubisky turns out decent. Bears can trade away Glennon after next year. Not a horrible move.

  6. stipez says:
    Apr 28, 2017 5:42 AM
    Or they could’ve just waited for Trubisky to fall to them at 3.


    Only thing I could figure was that another team was looking to move up to 2nd pick to draft Trubisky; Chicago found out and made a deal. Only “reasonable” explanation I could come up with.

  7. The 49ers must have given them the impression someone was willing to trade up to the 2 spot to get Trubisky, that’s the only logical reason I could come up with to do something so stupid…

  8. You play to win the game…period.

    Players play to win. Fans fill the seats to watch their team win.

    No one goes to a game in week 16, 17 or even week 13 and says “You know, our season is lost so I want our team to lose today to get a better draft pick!”

    This post is just smoke filled coffee-house crap.

  9. Bull****. It was their incompetence. There was no way anyone was taking him at 2. They could have just waited and saved the picks. Unreal. And none of this means he won’t be a decent qb someday. They just didn’t have to give up those picks to get him.

  10. 1. Pace couldn’t have made that deal without ownership approval.
    2. They could of had an immediate franchise defensive player for the next 4 years at minimum.
    3. Bears just admitted they are at least 1-2 years away from competing.
    4. Bears secured a top 3 pick in round 1 of 2018.
    5. A Bears playoff team is so far out that their future players are still in grammar school.

    Time to start watching Curling

  11. The way I look at it Trubisky will hold a clip board, if they get a starter in the second round, they will not improve. So we are looking at yet another last place team perhaps another 3 and 13. Yikes!!!!!

  12. Pace now has a small draft board…….he is just like all the previous Bear GM’s . Does not know how to draft!!!!

  13. No, the Bears panicked and it cost them three picks. I’m sorry, but to give up what they gave up to move up one spot was completely ridiculous considering who they drafted.

  14. And we will never know this until a few years from now when Lynch discusses this draft, I I am dying to know how many (if any) people were trying to trade into this spot.

  15. No one was moving to 2 to get Mitch other than Chicago.

    Anyone other than Chicago means they had to give up a lot to get to 2 – they were moving farther up the order than Chicago was.

    If a team was so desperate to get a QB and willing to travel to move to #2 – they would have done the same to get to #3 (spent less to get there) and taken Watson or Mahomes. And it’s not because Mitch is so much better than either of those two. It’s not Rodgers to Cutler drop in talent.

    No one did. No one wanted a QB till 10. That’s a long ways away from 2 – draft capital speaking.

    Chicago heard footsteps and assumed they were going to get robbed when all it was is in their head. Desperate move by a regime that may not be around much longer.

  16. The Jaguars took Bortles 3rd overall while Carr slid the the next round. Unless Peyton or Rodgers are in the draft, tanking for picks is you’re introducing your team to a culture of losing.

  17. Let’s see:

    KC traded up 17 spots to draft a QB.
    HOU traded up 13 spots to draft a QB.

    Teams other than the Bears were certainly looking to jump ahead of Chicago and select Trubisky at #2.

  18. That’s some of the most terrible backwards logic I’ve ever seen.

    No, the win did not cost them 3 picks. Their decision to trade up did which has nothing to do with the former. They could have taken any other player available or taken their chances the one they really wanted would fall to them.

    The moment you think its fine to lose a game in order to improve your draft position you’ve lost all your ethical values. If a team announced they had done so you would be ripping them for doing it.

  19. Dumb. Should have blabbed bigly they were going after trubinski and Cleveland may have made them an offer they couldn’t turn down.
    What they did was stupid and the nfc North is loving it.
    They better pray this guy can play better than Jay did. Jay got blamed for a lot that wasn’t all his doing.

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