Bengals draft Joe Mixon

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The most controversial player in the 2017 NFL draft is off the board.

With the 48th overall pick, the Cincinnati Bengals selected Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon.

Although he had first-round talent, many teams took Mixon off their boards entirely because of the ugly incident in 2014 when he punched a fellow Oklahoma student, breaking bones in her face. When video of that punch was released late last year, some people thought Mixon wouldn’t be drafted at all.

But talent wins out in the NFL, and the Bengals have a reputation for looking past players’ off-field troubles when the players can help on the field. And there’s little doubt that Mixon can help on the field.

With John Ross yesterday and Mixon today, the Bengals have added a lot of playmaking talent to their offense. With Mixon, however, they’ve also added a potential source of controversy. This pick will be heavily scrutinized.

75 responses to “Bengals draft Joe Mixon

  1. That’s a slap in the face to have a class guy like Anthony Munoz read the card that had Joe Mixon’s name on it.

  2. How hard is it to pronounce Muñoz’ name properly? It’s Muñoz with the accent over the ñ, not the u.

    Maybe the crowd is booing him because he’s dyslexic.

  3. groleo45 says:
    Apr 28, 2017 8:31 PM
    Of course it was the Bengals

    And of course you posted that. No matter who drafted him a fan of some other team was going to post “Of course it was the ________ “

  4. I should’ve made a career of beating and raping women, then learned how to carry a football on the side. I’d be a millionaire.

  5. Marvin Lewis will announce today he’s going to have Pacman Jones mentor him. If Mixon wanted a chance to move forward the Bengals were the worst place for him to go. Marvin Lewis has made it clear he doesn’t hold the players accountable for ANYTHING and they can do what they want because he’ll enable them until the day he gets fired.

  6. I just saw that video for the first time when they showed it. How he can claim self defense is beyond me. It appears as if he said something to her that made her mad and she shoved him. Sure, he shouldn’t have done that but to do what he did tells you a lot about his character. Then he just walks away like he didn’t do a thing. Yeah, a real class guy there. That’s his true character. And he showed he has grown by tearing up parking tickets. My guess is he’ll be hanging out with Pacman next week and they will be making it rain everywhere. Females in Cincinnati beware.

  7. I’m sure he will receive positive mentoring and learn good citizenship skills from Burfict, Pacman and all the other class acts on that team while Marvin Jones and Mike Brown look the other way. Perfect landing spot

  8. So when should he have been picked to maleit okay? Or do y’all think that because he made a mistake 3 years ago when he was 18 that he can never make a living in his profession?

  9. I’m glad the Bengals added a back, but not Mixon. Lots of talent, but I don’t want that baggage anywhere near the team

  10. Everyone has seen Joe Mixon hit that woman… but… has anyone watched any football video of Joe Mixon?!?

    Mixon is a player.
    An AFC North player.

    Mixon might have been the #1 player… if he didn’t break that woman’s face.

    Runs, blocks, catches, cuts, and hits like an NFL player.

    I’m torn.
    Watch him catch a deep ball.. and… IMMEDIATELY… look to make the safety pay.

    A PLAYER (w/ baggage).

  11. Pac Man Jones and Vontaze Burfict are going to be a good influence for Joe Mixon. This is one of the sketchiest locker rooms out there, and the Bengals are adding a guy that smashed a woman’s face and knocked her out cold.

    Open flame, meet gas can.

  12. Congrats, Joe. Don’t let the media make one very stupid thing you did dictate your career or life. Very unprofessional of ESPN to spend so much time televising this incident during the NFL draft. No wonder they’re laying people off left and right.

  13. Are people really surprised. The only teams that probably even considered Mixon were Cincy, Oakland and Dallas. They don’t care about character

  14. Let’s not pretend the Bengals are the only team to draft a player with problems. The only reason the glorious Pats cut Hernandez is because he was being led in handcuffs. Stop the hipocrisy, everybody deserves a second chance.

  15. Mike Brown owns the fact that he likes to give people an opportunity to turn their lives around. He doesn’t see it as a negative. It is what it is. He’s a great player. I hope he takes advantage of his opportunity and lives his life positively from here on out, and in turn makes the franchise proud that they gave him a chance. Ironic though that just after the booing of Mixon (expected, deserved), the crowd cheered for the great Jim Brown, also a woman beater.

  16. I try and like the Bengals as just another team in the NFL I really do. However they continue to harbor and add seriously character flawed players to their team. No need to mention the names as they’ve been mentioned 100 times over by now and most who follow the NFL closely know who I’m referring to. It’s just harder and harder to defend their stance of character and good athletes as well as good people or lack there of. Yes I believe people can change don’t get me wrong but some of players on current roster haven’t changed and don’t seem interested in changing either and that could be a problem,especially for a rookie whos every move will be watched w a magnifying glass. Bengals have the right color w Orange but some guys resemble a solid orange more so than the stripes of a Bengal.

  17. I thought that kid with the rape charges that Oakland drafted (in round 1) was the most controversial? What about Dalvin Cook and his laundry list of serious issues? Or any of the other controversial players?

    Oh…I get it…the Bengals drafted him, so now can roast them. Lets be real, if the Steelers or Pats drafted this guy, the punch from 3 years ago would totally get downplayed. Be honest with yourselves.

  18. They had to take him in round 2 because the Cowboys would have picked him before round 3. He’s a Bengals/Cowboys type of talent.

  19. Good I’m glad we got this guy the Bengals are for rehabilitation. As a kid I hated all the crime behind Bengals players. Now I’m starting to like it. NFL IS LIKE WWE. We are the lowly bad guys lol. It may be the only way we can overcome the Steelers. I bet once we defeat them in the playoffs, some curse will be lifted.

  20. joetoronto says:
    Apr 28, 2017 8:34 PM
    The team of turds doing there thing, what a disgusting franchise.
    Didn’t your team use your first round pick on a guy accused of rape?

  21. Fans didn’t choose to draft the guy the franchise did. I don’t like it but if the guy will work to get his issues figured out and does good on making up for his mistakes I’ll give him a chance. Yes the Bengals have a history of getting questionable character guys but look at their arrest record in the past 5 years and you’ll find very few have been arrested on their team. It’s a league wide issue of players not staying out of trouble not just one team.

  22. How many times has Vontaze Burfict been arrested?!?


    How many times has pittsburgh steelers coach joey porter been arrested?!?


  23. I love good football players, and Mixon is a good player. I think what Adrian Peterson did was 1,000 times worse than what Mixon did. Now there are two guys in the NFL that aren’t choir boys.

  24. It was 3 or 4 years ago, he hasn’t been in this type of situation again. He settled the case recently, he and the girl in question both said they were moving on. He should get a second chance. If he does it again, it’s over. But I don’t want to take away all career options from someone that young without giving him a second chance.

  25. The Commissioner should have made Mixon ineligible for the draft. Period. Alternatively, he should have been banned from the league.

    The reason that so many people are losing their interest in the league is the low-quality people who continue to make it up.

  26. It’s a hell of a pick!! He was an 18 year old stupid kid when that incident happened. The woman involved met face to face with him recently… and she admitted things should have went down differently that night. I certainly don’t condone any aggression towards women whether it be done physically or verbally.. but dang. The kid has payed for his mistake in millions… I hope he’s a first class citizen and a great representative for the Bengals for years to come. Stop hating peops.. great pick!!

  27. Let’s see…..harass a small gay man all the way down the street, follow him into a public place, continue to call him gay slurs, and when a woman stands up to you, you break her jaw and run away. Tear up parking tickets, abuse a woman in high school. This clown should not have played college ball, he should be in jail. Yet here we are.

  28. I’m not going to defend Mixon, because in no way do I like what he did, but man – there’s a lot of people with glass houses throwing some stones. I’m especially looking at you Steelers, Pats and Raiders fans

  29. @arwiv

    Apr 28, 2017 8:39 PM
    Steal of the 2nd round….and all the holier-than-thous know it.


    The only way you would consider someone holier-than-thou that think it’s disgusting to punch women in the face is probably someone who has done it themselves.

  30. The world is full of 18 year old kids who have done stupid things, usually after drinking too much. guy who happened to be gay used a racial slur aimed at Mixon and he took offense and followed the guy into a bar to address it. The girl was continuing the verbal assault on Mixon then essentially threw a punch when Mixon was leaving. Mixon made the unforgivable mistake of returning the favor. He screwed up, didn’t get arrested, and paid a big price.

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