Bill O’Brien, Rick Smith say Tom Savage is the starter

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The Texans made a big move up the draft board on Thursday night when they sent their 2018 first-round pick to the Browns for the chance to use the 12th overall pick on quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Houston had already sent their 2018 second-round pick to Cleveland as a way to erase Brock Osweiler from their roster, so one might think that mortgaging the future in that manner would give Watson the inside track on a starting job this year. Both Texans coach Bill O’Brien and General Manager Rick Smith say that isn’t the case.

O’Brien called Savage the starter after the Watson pick was announced and Smith said he was “comfortable” with Savage as the starter, whcih was what he said in his pre-draft press conference as well. Watson didn’t upset the apple cart when discussing his immediate future.

“All I need to do is put my head down, don’t say anything, learn from all the veterans, learn from Tom Savage, learn from Brandon Weeden and just play my role,” Watson said, via the Houston Chronicle. “Whatever my role is help the team win.”

It’s April, which means there’s a lot of time for Watson to learn the offense and make people with the team less comfortable with leaving him on the bench. Until and unless that happens, it will be Savage at the helm in Houston.

25 responses to “Bill O’Brien, Rick Smith say Tom Savage is the starter

  1. If he isn’t the starter by year’s end, going into next season, the moves and selection doesn’t make any sense. Sure, he may not need to start, but he will more than likely be the starter by week 10, unless Savage just looks marvelous.

  2. If Watson has to ‘learn’ from Savage and Weeden he is going to be led in the wrong direction.
    The Texans have no draft to speak of next year, if they plan on rolling with Savage, or Watson stinks and can’t get on the field, coaches and front office will not have to worry about it beyond this season.

  3. Not a Texans fan but if I was I would be very disappointed in the decisions Rick Smith has made over the last 2 – 3 seasons. When you consider the contract for Brock Osweiler, what they had to give up in the trade to get him out of town, and now they won’t pick in the first two rounds in the draft next year, Rick Smith should be relieved from his duties as General Manager. Not only that but if Tom Savage is the guy why not trade up to draft a weapon for him instead of a guy who could possibly out play him?

  4. Until they’re 1-5 then they throw Watson in. I know it’s the “right” thing to say, but learn from the veterans? You’re talking about Savage and Weeden. Learn how NOT to be like the..

  5. Motivation maybe? Frankly, first round QBs should necessarily be expected to start from day one. There have been successes from that, but it’s a good likelihood.

  6. Yeah okay lol well see how long that lasts my guess is about the same as chase daniel In philly

  7. Agree 100%. Savage can play,most of us saw that last year in the 1 game he played. I think O Brien wont hesitate to pull the plug if he doesnt perform. So glad they took Watson best qb out there 2 national championship games in a row,no other qb in college football has that on their resume.

  8. Yes Bill, 6′ QB’s have been great! Start him, or you could insert the Clemson guy who has no chance to be good. What’s he Cam Newton….? Who has a losing record as a stater? But he’s the best….

  9. LMAO nice try Bill. With first round picks at qb it’s not a personnel decision. It’s a financial one and Bill ‘the only reason I’m
    A head coach is because I was caught on video fussing at Tom
    Brady’ O’Brien ‘ doesn’t sign the checks.

  10. Congrats on getting watson. I like him and think he will be a good player. The Chiefs did beat Houston in getting the qb Houston really wanted, mahomes.

  11. Idiotic media asks stupid questions. The dude got drafted 5 minutes ago, what else is the coach going to say? Oh, you haven’t seen our playbook, haven’t been in our system for 5 minutes? your our starter. Give the drafted QB a chance to throw at least one football and call one play in practise, have a training camp, get some chemistry with his wide outs, play some real live snaps in preseason…THEN ask the coach who is the starting QB. For now, give Watson a chance to breath and the coach to evaluate. Eventually, Watson should surpass the QBs on the roster, but for now let the newbie learn to crawl and walk before you let him run with it

  12. I wonder if Bill O’Brien will be the next Jeff Fisher. I don’t think he knows what he’s doing. Savage isn’t a starter, and neither is Watson.

  13. Savage and Watson currently have the same number of career NFL touchdowns – if Watson isn’t starting Week 1 he isn’t trying.

  14. Yes, because NFL teams always give up a first round pick to move up and pick their new backup QB.

  15. Of course they’re going to say that – Watson hasn’t played a down. But when you give up that much to move up to get him, he will get every opportunity to take that job, and don’t be surprised if he’s starting Week 1.

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