Browns invite even more quarterback questions in 2017


Remember when the Browns were repeatedly grilled about their decision not to sit tight at No. 2 and take Carson Wentz last year? The Browns soon may be longing for those days.

Their first-round strategy in 2017 will invite questions regarding even more quarterbacks, depending on how many of the quarterbacks on whom the Browns passed thrive in the coming season. Especially since three other teams thought enough of the top quarterbacks to trade up to get them.

First, it was Mitchell Trubisky. By passing on him and taking Myles Garrett — and with the Bears moving from No. 3 to No. 2 to get Trubisky — the Browns have invited a comparison between players on opposite sides of the ball like the one the Texans walked into when taking Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush. Neither became truly great, which helped the Texans avoid “I told you so” criticism. If Trubisky becomes a franchise quarterback before Myles Garrett becomes Von Miller or Khalil Mack, the Browns will be hearing it, loudly.

Next, it was Patrick Mahomes. Chiefs coach Andy Reid thought enough of Mahomes to move seventeen spots to get him, from No. 27 to No. 10. If the Browns wanted Mahomes, they could have easily moved to No. 9, with Hue Jackson working his relationship with Marvin Lewis in a way that would have allowed the Browns to get Mahomes at No. 9 and Lewis to likely still get John Ross at No. 12.

Then came Deshaun Watson. There he was, on a platter at No. 12. The Browns simply had to put his name on the card. Instead, they opted for pick No. 25, along with a first-round pick in 2018 from the Texans that likely won’t be a high one.

Finally, after swinging back into the bottom of round one, the Browns could have had DeShone Kizer or Davis Webb. They opted for a tight end, David Njoku.

So, basically, the Browns could have had Trubisky instead of Garrett, or they could have had Garrett plus Mahomes or Watson or Kizer or Webb. And if the story will be similar to last year’s leak that the Browns didn’t think Wentz will become a top-20 quarterback, the Browns are quickly running out of spots in the bottom 12.

Especially when at least one of those spots belongs to whoever their current starter would be.

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  1. The Browns were (I can’t believe I’m writing this…) smart to pass on any QBs in the first round. None will ever pan out as a 1st rounder. Cleveland still has no QB, but I’m sure they’ll draft a couple later on that will have careers equal to the shysters taken in round 1

  2. Next years draft projects far superior QBs than this year.

    Does anyone reasonably expect the Browns to make the playoffs this year? If they don’t they will likely have a solid shot at a real franchise qb next year.

    A+ to the Browns for how they managed yesterday’s draft.

  3. As much as it pains me, I agree with nyfootballgiants. Browns should be getting credit for not caving and taking a QB in the first round when none of the guys taken were first round material.

    They’re accumulating picks for next year’s draft. Smart.

  4. They probably all agreed that the QB’s this year are no better than Kessler and Osweiler. As a Browns fan, I’m very pleased with what they have done so far.

  5. Only because the media doesn’t actually watch the games. Browns 3rd round pick from last year Cody Kessler had a higher QB rating and completion percentage than Wentz with an O-line full of backups.

    Not his fault he was on a team with the 31st ranked defense. If the Browns defense was better they’d be talking about Kessler the way they do Dak Prescott. If only the Browns could have upgraded their defense with high draft picks and O-line in free agency….

    Wait a minute… I think they just did that!!

  6. I actually think they made all the right moves for once. They finally resisted the temptation to draft another QB bust, unlike in 2012 and 2014 (and 2007). Myles Garrett will be something special. The Bears, Chiefs, and Texans all overpaid for guys who probably won’t even become franchise QBs.

    Just because you need a QB doesn’t mean your problems are solved by drafting one in the first.

  7. I love their approach. Just stick it out with Osweiler and/or Kessler this year. Then wait for Garoppolo, McCarron, and Cousins to become free agents next year. They have plenty of cap space to sign one of them, even if they have to overpay (it would still be worth it for the Browns). Worst-case scenario is they have to use one of their two 1st round picks on a much better QB class next year.

  8. It’s hard to blame the Browns when Round 1 set a new record for crazy. PFT’s mock draft did a commendable job getting 28 of the 32 players, but they only got 5 of them on the correct team and only 4 of them with the correct pick number.
    I blame it all on Ryan Pace.

  9. We all know there is no crystal ball. Time will tell. Last year Wentz started while the guy the Rams drafted couldn’t beat out Case Keenum. I think the Browns went with choices that have a better chance of making an impact sooner while reducing the risk of a flame out pick.

  10. metspeed21 says:
    Apr 28, 2017 1:19 PM

    Cant believe how dismissive people are of Kessler.


    There’s a lot to like about Kessler, but he’s one more concussion from being out of the league altogether.

    But I have to agree the Browns played it safe and smart by not taking a first-round QB just because he was there. Look for them to pick up Kizer/Webb/Peterson tonight or stay patient for next year’s FA group.

  11. Long term Mahommes might be something, but all of these QBs comes with a lot of risk. I think I like Peterman as much as any of them. Browns did the smart thing (can’t believe I just typed that.)

  12. Even if one of the guys they passed on turns out to be good, that doesn’t mean he would have done well in Cleveland. Houston is closer to “QB away from contending status” than Cleveland. Even if one of these QB’s turns in multiple All-pro seasons, I think Cleveland made the correct decision.

  13. The Browns didn’t overdraft a QB in what looks to be a bad QB draft. Next year looks better, plus there will be some solid free agents available at QB.

    The Browns basically looked at the Jaguars, saw what reaching for Gabbert and then Bortles did, and decided to do the opposite. Good for them; build a good team, and find a QB when a QB who’s actually worth it is available.

  14. I’m not a Browns fan, and I don’t know if the Browns are building a team in a smart or dumb way, but the argument in the posting makes no sense unless the point is that no matter who any team picks, that team could be criticized if the pick doesn’t work out.

    Criticism like that can be made of any team, it doesn’t have to involved a QB. Teams that didn’t pick JJ Watt, Antonio Brown, Ezekiel Elliott, Richard Sherman, Odell Beckham, David Johnson, Khalil Mack, Jack Conklin, Zack Martin, etc can all be criticized for not picking those players. So what? Every year many teams miss on some future All Pro. If the All Pro is taken after the first round, then it means that every team with a first round pick missed on that player. So what?

  15. Been saying it since teh Wentz deal, the Browns have been not just positioning themselves to get well in a hurry but to stay well for a while. It’s not just the picks, they are still sitting on a lot of cap space. That doesn’t mean they are going to turn it around and contend this season, they are playing the long game. With ample cash and plenty of picks they are in a position where they can pay whatever price they have to once they identify who it is they want under center. The real questions will begin if whoever they decide that is doesn’t work out.

  16. Just because you need a QB doesn’t mean your problems are solved by drafting one in the first.


    Perfectly said.

  17. Kessler had a QB rating of 92.3. Why not give him a shot while filling out the roster with talented players? It’s a smart strategy. Picking a QB because you needed one lead to Quinn, Weedon, and Manziel.

  18. I think it speaks volumes about this QB class that both Cleveland (have they ever actually had a QB?) and San Fran (who havent had an elite QB since Steve Young almost 20 years ago) both passed on this group…

  19. Oh and lets not forget The Bills also passed on this group, and they havent had an elite QB since Jim Kelly, minus a brief sting by Bledsoe.

  20. Heres a thought. Maybe the Browns and SF didn’t draft a QB because they don’t know what the hell theyre doing. People are saying the QBs taken were a reach but the Chiefs, Texans and Jon Fox (Denver) seem to all have been a lot better teams lately than the ones that didn’t draft a QB.

  21. Cleveland actually deserves a little credit. They didn’t reach for a QB, got more picks, and can still get a good QB in the second or possibly the third round. They can start Osweiler while the rookie learns. For the first time in awhile, it looks like the Browns might be making good decisions.

  22. If the Browns drafted a QB in this class (which they could have, multiple times) Would that turn them in to a playoff team? A .500 team?

    I think everyone including Browns F.O. know they have way too many holes to go from 1 win to 8. So why not PUNT the 2017 season, see if Kessler or Osweiler can be any good, if not, they’re back in 2018 with 3 FIRST ROUND PICKS AGAIN.

  23. Kid is a winner, regardless of cost, They got best prospect, let’s talk about this in 5 years, do any of you think Goff was worth 1st pick last year?? It’s a different league now with the CBA, teams can take chance. KC gave up way too much for Mahomes in my opinion

  24. What is with the Browns bashing? They tried for Jimmy G, allegedly. They didn’t reach. Please write an article on which quarterback is an absolute lock to succeed in this draft. Then we’ll judge your gm skills. None of the other desperation moves for QB in the first round seem all that smart. Maybe, KC.

    Plus, Mario Williams has had a much greater impact than Reggie Bush over the years.

    -Not a Browns fan.

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