Browns parting ways with Gary Barnidge

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The Browns traded back into the first round on Thursday night to take tight end David Njoku and that move had immediate repercussions for a veteran member of the team.

Tight end Gary Barnidge posted a welcome to Cleveland message to Njoku on his Twitter account Thursday night. He was back on Twitter Friday afternoon amid multiple reports that the Browns are releasing him from their 90-man roster.

Barnidge had a huge 2015 season — 79 catches for 1,043 yards and nine touchdowns — and signed a contract extension through the 2018 season before the year was out. His production dropped in 2016 and the team will get over $2.1 million in cap space as a result of parting ways with him now.

That 2015 season wasn’t too long ago, obviously, and it’s no secret that any pass catcher’s production was going to be hurt by the quarterback play the Browns got last year. Those two things should help Barnidge as he tries to latch on with another team in the near future.

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  1. typical Browns !! Most cap room as any team in the NFL, even with 3 1st round picks, and they cut a quality veteran to save 2.1 million…. smh…..

  2. Extremely foolish move. The Pats 2 TE offense has been brutal on other teams when there have been 2 good TEs on the roster. When Gronk and Bennet were both healthy last season the Pats were pretty much unstoppable.

  3. I’m sure all that great QB play last year for the Browns should of helped Him. What the hell are they thinking?

  4. Wonder if Barnidge requested it so that he could get on with another team early…perhaps even change their draft strategy.

    Wouldn’t blame the guy after Browns went through round 1 drafting no QBs and a tight end.

  5. Dumb move. A proven guy who played his heart out on a team with the most cap space released for a unproven draft pick.

    It’s not like teams don’t use 2 or 3 TE’s at times.

    For the Browns to BUILD a winner, you actually have to add players and NOT CUT good ones.

    Otherwise you are spending that draft capital you built up by passing on potential franchise QB’s in order to tread water.

  6. A class act on & off the field . Thanks Gary for playing your heart out .this old dawg wishes the best for you . he still has gas left in the tank .

  7. He MUST be injured and they don’t want to put him on in case he can catch on with a new team. That’s the only explanation why they’d cut him now and not at least explore trading him. That is literally they ONLY explanation.

  8. .
    I simply don’t understand what the game plan is in Cleveland. It’s like they’re playing fantasy monopoly or something closely resembling it. Is the hobo still squatting in their war room?

  9. There must be more to this. It’s not as though their depth chart is loaded behind Barnidge and they are still going to get hit with $1.6M in dead money

  10. Having 2 tight ends is better than having one. And cap space was obviously no issue for them. Unless he did something behind the scenes, this is why the Cleveland Browns are the Cleveland Browns.

  11. Huh. Wonder if the Packers want a third free-agent TE. Better odds of having one of them work out…

  12. Thinking about this more…as a team that love draft picks, is it really possible no one would have given them a late round pick for him? I know New England has a ton of tight end talent, but I’m sure they could find room for another pass catching talent.

  13. Congrats to Barnidge! This pretty much guarantees he’ll be in the Super Bowl this year.

  14. “That 2015 season wasn’t too long ago, obviously, and it’s no secret that any pass catcher’s production was going to be hurt by the quarterback play the Browns got last year. ”

    Terrelle Pryors bank account and stats disagree with this statement.

  15. One year wonder that peaked at 30 and the Browns get vilified for cutting him. All the other teams are lining up for a dude that will give them 25 catches and 300 yards.

  16. His production dropped off? Maybe, but did you happen to notice the dumpster fire the Browns had a the QB position for all of 2016?

  17. I for one, like what the Browns are doing. Build up the defense with quality players and add skill position players on offense that will help marginal QB play at least have some semblance of efficiency. Give the roster a year or two and if it grows the way it is projected, a top flight rookie QB can come in and play from day one. Or, with the cap space, an established veteran can come in and lead. Overall, and most importantly, that entire organization needs a serious culture cleansing; hopefully, the powers behind the scenes are working to change it, because no matter how much top end talent is brought in, it will fail if the culture is not constructed around teamwork, discipline and winning.

  18. This is seven different kinds of stupid.

    The only benefit to this is potentially the cap space and it’s a pittance for any team, much less the cash-strapped Browns.

    I’m willing to bet that cash incentive doesn’t end after draft weekend. You couldn’t acquire a 6th round pick for the league’s third-to-sixth best pass catching tight-end?

    Don’t make decisions sooner than they need to be made. Keep him as trade bait and – if necessary – cut him before the season.


  19. didn’t even read the comments but I’m sure what I’m about to say was already covered…

    It’s almost as if someone thought this dumpster fire of a team couldn’t actually have use for 2 good tight ends rather than one. Just…wow. Because 2 good tight end couldn’t possibly help out a QB or anything, right? It’s not as if they didn’t have enough cap space or anything.

    Just the Browns being the Browns. Nothing to see here.

  20. eazeback says:
    Apr 28, 2017 2:48 PM

    the browns should’ve traded him…they would have definitely received some offers.
    Haha, of course the Browns wouldn’t do that. That would have been the smart thing to do.

  21. It wasn’t his choice, based on his first welcome tweet. That said, it seems odd that he got cut and wasn’t part of a trade deal. Not sure this makes sense unless there are other factors not yet having come to light.

  22. Considering the Browns are in a youth movement, why are people shocked that they’ve been releasing older skill players. You haven’t won with them so let them find better places.

  23. Maybe he pulled a George Costanza, grabbed Jim Brown’s retired jersey out of the display case and wore it while eating chicken wings? If so, well played Barnidge.

  24. Didn’t people say all the same things about the Browns when they let Jordan Cameron walk? How’d that turn out?

  25. Seems like fans of 31 NFL teams would love to see Barnidge in their team’s colors. Not sure why they kicked him to the curb like this. At the very least someone would have coughed up a 7th rounder for him. Apparently Barnidge was only proficient on the field and not in the analytics spreadsheet.

    Personally, I would love to see him in Buffalo.

  26. salsendardo says:
    Apr 28, 2017 3:34 PM

    One year wonder that peaked at 30 and the Browns get vilified for cutting him. All the other teams are lining up for a dude that will give them 25 catches and 300 yards.
    Spoken like someone who has only seen him in the ’16 Pro Bowl. He was solid for several years in Carolina, but Greg Olsen is the best TE in the world, so Barnidge left for a starting job in Cleveland. He’s a good player who has plenty left.

    If he wants to come back to Carolina, I’ll be happy to pack Ed Dickson’s bags.

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