Colts take cornerback Quincy Wilson with the 46th pick

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New Colts General Manager Chris Ballard had a big task in front on him when he took over this offseason, and he’s starting at the back of the defense and working forward.

The Colts took Florida safety Quincy Wilson with the 46th pick, adding to the rebuild of the secondary.

They took Ohio State safety Malik Hooker in the first round last night, a shot of talent to a unit that really needed it.

Wilson gives them a big, physical cornerback, which they needed back there with Vontae Davis.

7 responses to “Colts take cornerback Quincy Wilson with the 46th pick

  1. The entire Colts front office as well as the entire coaching staff must absolutely HATE Andrew Luck. If they had any common sense at all they would take some O-linemen to protect their franchise QB. BUT, now it looks like Luck is stuck with yet another season of running for his life behind that O-Line they have now.

    Note to A. Luck: Ask to be traded.

    Note to Fantasy Owners: Don’t draft Luck.

  2. Colts invested heavily in oline last year and saw major progress in the 2nd half of the year. It was certainly neglected by Grigson for several years, but it actually has some young talent and a good oline coach (Philbin) now. It will not be the best line in the league this year but it should be significantly improved. The colts stopping someone on D and not needing Luck to be a hero every play would go a long way towards protecting him as well. Being 2-3 scores down and needing to throw every play gets QBs killed as well. Colts need D.

  3. Wilson should be great but they did nothing to help #12. No o-line, no rb, nothing. Luck will be running for his life again as Dalvin Cooks lights it up a little bit to the north.

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