Mitchell Trubisky: Mike Glennon is still the Bears’ starter

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New Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky isn’t expecting to have the starting job handed to him.

Trubisky said today in Chicago that he knows the Bears signed Mike Glennon with the expectation that he’ll start this season, and Trubisky himself will develop on the bench.

“I haven’t talked to Mike yet but I’m very excited to work with him and the rest of the quarterbacks here. Mike is the starting quarterback and I’m very excited to learn from him and the rest of the veterans on the team and I can’t wait to help the Bears win,” Trubisky said.

That might be the case for now, but it will be a major disappointment if Trubisky isn’t good enough to beat out Glennon soon. The Bears didn’t trade up to No. 2 in the draft to select a backup. They want Trubisky to start, and the sooner the better.

20 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky: Mike Glennon is still the Bears’ starter

  1. ‘The Bears didn’t trade up to No. 2 in the draft to select a backup. They want Trubisky to start, and the sooner the better.’

    And by ‘they’ you mean Pace

  2. 3 years in a Row of picking in the top 10 and da bears have yet to draft an impact player

    One of those players has yet to see a professional NFL snap…and it looks like MT won’t see one this season

    Great Drafting Pace!!!

  3. The whole “groom for a few years” is a bunch garbage. A great QB is good right away and is ready to play right away.

    Aaron Rodgers sat on the bench while Favre played. If I had to guess, if Aaron Rodgers didn’t sit on the bench and played immediately, he still would have been great. Aaron Rodger’s greatness has nothing to do with the “groom on the bench” crap and has everything to do with himself.

  4. firejerry says:
    Apr 28, 2017 4:03 PM
    The Bears are re-building slowly they are waiting for Rodgers and Stafford to retire.

    We’re actually waiting to get a call from Favre, looking for a job.

  5. The Bears gave up a awful lot to get this guy and the rookie GM in San Francisco that people said was in over his head just schooled Chicago.

    That was a panic trade by the Bears…..plain and simple

  6. Trubisky is going to need some time. His entire college career was played in the shotgun–it’s going to be a totally different game for him in the NFL. Too bad he’s got a scared GM who will probably throw him in there by midseason.

  7. If Jerry Jones would have traded up into the first round last year to draft Dak Prescott, all the “experts” would have gone bonkers. They’d have been calling for Jones to step down. Today, they’d be calling Jerry the greatest talent evaluator in the history of mankind. So just hold your horses everybody.

  8. The Trubisky Trade of 2017 definitely was a head-scratching, shocker of a way to start the draft.

    This kind of reminds me of when the Eagles paid a grip of money for Chase Daniels, then brought in Sam Bradford, and then unloaded a handful of early picks for Carson Wentz.

    If I’m Mike Glennon I’m thinking rent, not buy.

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