Report: DeShone Kizer in play for Packers at No. 33

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Packers General Manager Ted Thompson traded out of the first round last night, landing the No. 33 pick in a deal with the Browns and then let the football world he was open to trading back again to kick off the second round.

According to a report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, that’s not the only option the Packers are considering. Rapoport reports that Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer is in play to be picked by Green Bay when the draft resumes on Friday night.

There would seem to be a link between that report and Thompson’s comments. If you were trying to build a trade market for a pick, there are worse ways to do it than trying to get people to believe that you’re going to take one of the highest-rated quarterbacks still available.

Getting teams to believe you’re serious is another issue and that’s one that might be tough for a Packers team that has more immediate concerns than developing a quarterback who may well be out of contract before Aaron Rodgers is thinking about moving on. It’s not unheard of — see Jimmy Garoppolo — but a team moving up to secure Kizer would likely be doing it to jump ahead of teams other than the Packers.

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  1. If this guy was at any position other than QB, his draft projection would be in rounds 4-6 given college production.

    I cannot for the life of me see what it is, other than the fact that the QB position is so hard to fill, that makes this guy an appealing prospect.

    He was benched on a bad Notre Dame team for Pete’s sake, and he is still considered an upper end of the draft prospect?

    Kizer flat out stinks. A poor man’s Josh Freeman.

  2. I could see the idea of taking Kizer if they’re looking to also move Hundley to someone else for something.

    Hundley is good – could be very good and Kizer would have a couple of years to learn from Mike and Aaron – get the maturing that BK says he needs.

    BUT – you can’t ever look a Packer fan in the eye and say you draft on value and BPA if you take him at top of round 2.

    Not with the CBs and RBs left available.

  3. Did the Packers really think this obvious “leak” would work?

    Then again, the Browns need a QB – and until they prove otherwise for more than one night of a draft they are the Browns.

  4. This better be BS, or I may have to burn 50 year’s worth of memorabilia. Ted, trade this so you can get 2 early seconds. Then go get your corner & Alvin Kamara.

  5. .
    I don’t believe the Packers will take a QB here. It’s nonsensical. However, Ted may have outsmarted himself by trading out of the 1st round. He missed out on both Foster and the OT from Wisconsin who surprisingly went to New Orleans on the last pick of round one.

  6. No way Green Bay goes after Kizer. Rodgers looks like he has at minimum 5 possibly MVP-level years left, followed by some pretty good years after that. I’m sure you can find a better QB in the next 5 years to start grooming his replacement.

    Not to mention, the Championship window is open now for the Packers. They should be drafting a guy who can help them win now, or trading back to acquire more picks and more guys who can help them win now. Drafting a replacement for a guy with a lot of gas in the tank is idiotic.

    Total smokescreen, nobody should fall for it. But then again, the Bears just fell for a bigger smokescreen last night so who knows.

  7. If they take a QB at 33…then 1)Murphy needs to kick TT’s ass out the door and 2) I’m marching down to 1265 Lombardi Ave and turning in my season tickets and demanding my seat licensing money back, immediately.

  8. I don’t think Thompson is stupid enough to believe that other GMs are stupid enough to believe this.

  9. Thompson just sent out a ransom note:

    “If you want to see Kizer make it through the day, leave a small unmarked package containing your second, third, and fourth round picks on The Rocky Steps.

  10. With the Foster “doping” issues aside, the Pack failed at a huge opportunity to get him.

    Kizer is a smokescreen. They should grab Lamp, Cook or get help in the defensive backfield with #33.

  11. “Ask the Bears if they want this pick. They might get a couple of 1st rounders.”

    Because they gave up first rounders to move up for their guy? Perhaps Houston or KC, who actually gave up first rounders, and not just a few middle round picks.

  12. As someone who is not a Packer fan or hater here’s a thought. Has any GM ever made a living off one pick? Let’s say everything else happens the same for the last 10 years or however long it has been since Packers drafted Rodgers. But TT drafted someone else. What are the Packers w/out Rodgers to save their a** the last 10 years or so…

  13. Ted is crossing over from the world of being a notorious cheapskate into the new world of starting lame BS smokescreens.

  14. Unless Kizer can play corner, rush the passer, or play RB I say it would be stupid to take him.

    As all of us Packers fan know is that the most pressing need this team has right now is defense, defense, and more defense. When in doubt refer back to needing defense.

  15. milkcan44 says:
    Apr 28, 2017 12:26 PM

    I don’t think Thompson is stupid enough to believe that other GMs are stupid enough to believe this.

    You saw what Ryan Pace performed for Chicago yesterday, right? It wouldn’t take Obi Won’s Jedi mind trick to pull this off… the Windy City anyway.

  16. Re: Packers’ strategy.

    Those who say do not know.

    Those who know do not say.

    Simple truth.

  17. I could see TT moving back yet again, but if they don’t I’d put my money on that OG Lamp.

  18. The packer fans are in love with ted. The problem is they have this goofy idea he picks the BPA and doesnt draft for need. Wrong.
    He looks at who’s contract is up next year and will command big bucks and drafts now to replace that guy as in, I aint paying these X guys, so I need to replace them now.
    Kiser is a joke. First his contract would expire before Rogers retires. Second they have a QB in waiting. Third, Ted needs so much because,( see above Ted let X guys go this year to save a buck).
    As long as the team makes the playoffs and their payroll is cheap, management adores this guy.

  19. If Ted trades back – it can’t be too far because he still needs to add talent to the team.

    Jets or maybe Chargers are the only ones really close that may want a QB. Any farther than that and you put too many teams between that pick and GB who may also be looking for CB/RB help to eat up those guys Ted feels are worth drafting.

  20. I figured it out. We’re going to draft Kizer. In a shocking move, TT releases Rodgers and his large cap figure to make room for the 100 seventh round draft choices that he accumulated by continually trading down. Hundley becomes the new starting QB and Kizer becomes the backup. Then next year we will cut Matthews in an effort to save more money and we can go through the year another additional 20 some million in cap space. Gotta save that money.

  21. Given Spielman’s record on QBs in the draft, I wouldn’t be surprised if he traded next year’s #1 for this, along with all of this year’s draft.

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