Report: Jets making calls about Sheldon Richardson trade

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Heading into the offseason, there was talk about the Jets trading defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson but nothing materialized over the last couple of months.

It appears they are giving it another try ahead of the start of the second round of the draft. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team is making calls about a Richardson trade on Friday afternoon.

Rapoport adds that the Jets “won’t give him away,” which seems like both a sensible approach and a guide to what they may be looking for in return. Richardson is entering the final year of his contract and the Jets, who also shopped Richardson before last year’s trade deadline, would likely be in position for a mid-round compensatory pick down the road if he leaves as a free agent so an offer would have to be as good as that.

Their chances of getting one probably won’t be helped by Richardson’s 2016 season. He struggled on the field, served his second suspension in as many years and spent some time on the bench after missing team meetings. When Richardson’s been right, he’s been a very effective player but he’s close to free agency and any team will have to consider how much they’re willing to give up with the possibility that things won’t get straightened out in a new city.

18 responses to “Report: Jets making calls about Sheldon Richardson trade

  1. I hope the Jets keep him. I want to see what he will do during his walk-year and with Kevin Greene screaming thru his facemask every play…

  2. why would you trade any value for this guy who has UNDERACHIEVED? WAIT a year and get him for just $$$$.

  3. Richardson will probably have a bounce back season in 2017. What is one year of Good Sheldon worth?

  4. Such a waste of talent! He doesn’t care about football, just the party life. He may have a great 2017 but if you sign him after that what will you be getting?

  5. The Raiders should pick him up and give him a 1 year deal and see if he’s turned on by playing for a Super Bowl contender.

  6. Sheldon whined all year and put a dagger through the locker room. He also seems highly unaware, he is not a guy you want in your locker room if you are losing. Now that Leonard Williams is there he’s become expendable because it’s hard to find a place for him on the defense. If a team gives up more than a 3rd for this guy they are nuts.

  7. Richardson is a beast when focused and healthy. Granted, he did not have a great season last year and coupled with off-field concerns, his perceived value has been damaged a bit. But he is in his walk year and will be primed to play back to his usual standard if he wants to get a big contract next year. He would be a steal for anything less than a 2nd rounder this year. And given his likely level of play this year, the NYJ are virtually guaranteed a 3rd round compensatory pick next year. All that said – offer the Jets a 2018 2nd round pick and he is yours – otherwise I will take his high level of play this year plus the comp pick next year.

  8. Richardson is a good player. He isnt lazy or wasting talent. He just has 2 suspensions and is a FA.

  9. Richardson for McCarron – Jets get a QB who’s actually played at the pro level, while the Bengals get another D Lineman to take Peko’s spot next to Geno.

  10. “Keep in in the division….send him to New England”

    Doubt that will happen. Had the Pats not traded their 2nd rounder to Carolina for Ealy maybe they would have gone for Richardson. Now? Unlikely.

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