Ron Jaworski can’t get the fans to stop booing Roger Goodell


When it comes to helping the Commissioner avoid the inevitable in-draft boo birds, the NFL tried a half-measure on Friday night. And it didn’t work.

Roger Goodell brought former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski to the podium in Philadelphia to start round two. The crowd, which seems to be nearly as large as it was on Thursday night, didn’t pull back in the face of the bespectacled human shield. Instead, they continued to relentlessly boo Goodell.

Things changed dramatically when Goodell turned the floor over to Jaworski, who was cheered loudly and who had the kind of presence and energy that gets a crowd going. He said that people of Philadelphia will eventually embrace those who do the right thing, and he expressed confidence that the City of Brotherly Love will eventually show something other than hatred for Goodell.

And then Goodell came back to the podium, and the booing instantly became as loud as ever.

Goodell can ignore the noise as much as he wants, but the owners surely don’t like it. Efforts to laugh it off or playfully welcome more booing have legitimized it. The only way to end it is to keep the Commissioner out of sight, and to have people who will be embraced by the locals call out the picks.

I’ve previously suggested that folks like Morgan Freeman or Sam Elliott get the assignment. With the draft going on the road, the folks calling the picks should be local, starting with a well-known favorite son (like, for the first round in Philly, Sylvester Stallone) and then incorporating others, like Jaworski, Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, etc., etc.

It won’t be cheap, because unlike the players these folks will want to be compensated to be part of the reality show. Still, as the draft grows and the crowd grows and the booing becomes sport, the smart move would be the keep the Commissioner backstage and to use people who will spark the kind of reaction Jaworski did. Insisting on trotting out Goodell to an ocean of boos isn’t a good look for Big Shield, and isn’t Big Shield supposedly what it’s all about?

58 responses to “Ron Jaworski can’t get the fans to stop booing Roger Goodell

  1. I know there are more idiots in this country than I imagined but why boo Goodell? He is a figure head for the NFL. He cant do squat without the owners permission. Yes Pats fans Im talking to you.

  2. I sort of admired the way Goddell has stood there and took the booing. Even baiting the boo at times. I mean sort of , because he is quite awful.

  3. The Owners love it. Goodell is there so one guy gets booed instead of the 32 of them.

    The Liberal Media has done a great job of convincing the mostly stupid public that the people who put up the capital so people can work are the devil.

  4. Booing in Philly is a surprise!!!! Great journalism PFT, we’re all shocked and enlightened! Who should they roll out in place is Santa Claus?

  5. Wait till he gets to Foxboro on opening night. Massachusetts State Police will need to escort him into the stadium .

  6. Holy Crap! I don’t know where to post this but I’m going to try here. Are they going to have a commercial after every pick! I just need to DVR this and go watch a movie! Oh yeah, Goodell should get booed!

  7. This is entertainment, just like the WWE, people love to boo the heel. Don’t take away our fun. Roger does enough of that already.

  8. That’s what you get when you hire a duplicitous, lying, yes man as commissioner of the NFL.

    The guy should have been fired long ago for conduct detrimental to people’s intelligence.

  9. You know that there are literally dozens of actual sports heros from Philadelphia right? Jeez, I am a Skins fan but this offends me. You do know that Sly Stallone was an actor who played a fictional character right?

    Living in Philly for many years there are so many, you know, actual Eagle players who could announce a pick rather than a Hollywood star. And I hate the Eagles but a little respect for their fans is warranted.

  10. Well clearly the NFL didn’t send a representative to any of the Science Day marches. We already know they don’t believe in science.

  11. The commissioner has earned ever boo he has gotten. His actions during bounty gate, Ray Rice, deflate gate, etc have revealed him to be nothing short of a pathological liar and hypocrite.

    If I have to listen to him condescendingly utter the term “integrity” one more time while hiding behind a wall of his own lies and manipulations I will throw up.

  12. Does it really matter? I’d love to know how many people are doing exactly what I’m doing right now. beer in hand, tv on, sound off, listening to music.

    We really don’t need all the chatter do we ?

  13. I know there are more idiots in this country than I imagined but why boo Goodell? He is a figure head for the NFL. He cant do squat without the owners permission. Yes Pats fans Im talking to you.


    Hey Braniac, maybe they boo Goodell because he’s the one standing there. Put the owners who push him to punish other teams more harshly than their own for comparable transgresssions and I’m sure they would hear the boos as well.

    Yes Jets, Giants, Ravens, Steelers fans, I’m talking to you.

  14. Once again why won’t someone pelt him in the head with a full beer can! And plenty of people despise that sociopath goodell not just pat fans you trolls!

  15. Wait till he gets to Foxboro on opening night. Massachusetts State Police will need to escort him into the stadium .

    Oh for the sake of life, get over it already!

  16. Not having the commissioner call the picks is stupid. He gets booed because he’s been an awful, inconsistent, knee-jerk reacting, over-punitive commissioner, not because he’s Roger Goodell.

  17. ampats says:
    Apr 28, 2017 7:39 PM
    Wait till he gets to Foxboro on opening night. Massachusetts State Police will need to escort him into the stadium .
    Yeah….you Patsie* girls are soooo bad.

  18. The most corrupt sports commissioner of modern American sports histories.

    Lies, science denial, gross double standards, manufactured “controversies”, corruption. His only legacy will be being thought of as a vile little worm of a man.

  19. Another thing about vile Goodell, he is complicit in trying to help cover up multiple instances of domestic violence. Ray Rice, Josh Brown, he is disgusting to have done that all in the name of “protecting the shield”

    His every move seems to tarnish it and take the league one step closer to ruin

  20. The booing is small minded, amateurish, ignorant and just plain stupid. Makes Philadelphia look classless…………..and I live there.

  21. @opinatedmuch,
    Don’t know who your team is but if your team lost its HOF QB for the first four games on top of a 1st round pick and 4th round pick for something that happened as a result of natural gas laws which became about Roger GoToHell authority as commissioner yeah we are pissed but you probably root for a team that is rarely in the playoffs.


    why hasn’t Roger Goodell been to Foxboro since 2014? Why did he call on the Maine State Police to protect his home? That’s right because of the Pats fans. What team do you root for you that loses most weekends?

  22. dickshotdogs says:
    Apr 28, 2017 8:15 PM
    Hey crush,

    Come on out from behind that keyboard.
    Point proven.
    Long Live The *!

  23. If I were Goodell, I’d take to Twitter and claim that all 100,000 people were bussed in and paid $15oo apiece to boo at him. LOL.

  24. Why is #LyinRoger even there tonight? Since when has the commissioner announced round 2 of the draft? Get this clown off the stage. Booooooo!


  25. America is used to seeing change in leadership. Here is no reason to not switch commissioners besides tradition (and Goodel’s cutting of favor with owners by docking winning teams harshly so they can help their guys before they die – they are motivated owners and they are used to getting their way). The boos are still loud and it is late in the second round still.

    Let’s see change.

  26. Would any business tolerate a leader who triggers the vituperative hatred that Goodell elicits whenever he is in a public event? It happens everywhere Goodell appears! Owners – the fans are your CUSTOMERS! Whatever politics are in the NFL, no entity can last if it intentionally offends and alienates its CUSTOMERS. Goodell’s skills as a negotiator cannot justify his confrontational sneering at the fans. We don’t matter to the billionaires that own the teams. The disregard of the CUSTOMERS makes sense only if the owners are determined to destroy their own product. Sanity needs to prevail – Goodell needs to go for the integrity of the game.

  27. To all the fan boys, that post here endlessly during the day, i.e. jobless, to all of you that think you can do a better job than Goodell serving his 32 bosses, ride the political waterboards, finesse the politics, negotiate the billion dollar tv and cable contracts………to all of you fanboy Commish, GM, HC, QB, media experts, get off Mommas couch and submit your resumes. Go ahead, see what happens. Nothing. But 7/11 is hiring. Take it!

  28. It isn’t booing for the sake of booing. We absolutely detest Goodell. They can get rid of him, give him a different high paid toad job out of sight, or keep hearing it.

  29. Well I think this is just a sample as to what the Fan’s really think about Goodell.. He is a symptom of the business corporate “money” wins side of the NFL.. It has gone from “the peoples” game to the elite owners, bottom line profiteers.. They always say the game is for the “fans”, however their fruits betray their words..

    Just look at the so called justice he has dished out in his tyrannical controlling career.. He certainly enjoys the “Caesar” position granted to him by the Owners and the Players Association..

    He deserves all the Boos and then more.. And why you are at it Boo ownership for keeping him around..

  30. There’s a difference between booing and downright obnoxiousness and this was the latter. This is Philly though so what did people expect, it is after all the most obnoxious city in the country, also on a better note we won’t have it anymore after Saturday because the draft will never return to Philly because of their fans.

  31. Goodall deserves every boo and jeer sent his way. He literally botches EVERY decision he’s presented with, and uses ZERO discretion when it comes to important issues. He’d rather just throw his hands up and use his “we sent Chris Carter to the rookie symposium so that you know that you can have a fall guy” excuse rather than really addressing the real problems facing the young new employees working for his company. Instead he wastes time, money and the integrity of the NFL chasing Tom Brady down a “deflated” rabbit hole. Pathetic.

    -Eagles fan

  32. “I sort of admired the way Goodell has stood there and took the booing”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Goodell understands full well that his the luckiest SOB on the planet. He is an inept clown who somehow fell into a $30 million a year job.

    He would stand there and let the crowd throw feces at him if that’s what it took to keep his phony baloney job.

  33. Philly fans despise Goodell because he covered up the Patriots taping of practices which may have cost them the SB. Google “Spygate Patriots”. Goodell coming down hard on Brady was a make-up call.

  34. “Efforts to laugh it off or playfully welcome more booing have legitimized it.”

    Incorrect. The more he stays the same, and the more they boo, the boo-ers more and more make fools of themselves bc booing the commissioner is both forced and fake. That’s what is legitimized, the phony and forced gratuitous booing being just stupid and way old already.

    The only thing I can think of is I guess when you’re there, you think it’s funny doing it. But the only thing legitimized is the making a fool of yourself doing something forced and fake.

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