Which first-round quarterback has landed in the best spot?


Three quarterbacks went in the first 12 selections on Thursday night. So which of those three landed in the best spot?

That’s the Friday PFT Live question of the day.

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17 responses to “Which first-round quarterback has landed in the best spot?

  1. If Deshaun Watson is even at least a “decent” QB, he’ll be loved by the city of Houston. This city has been starved for a star QB since Warren Moon split for Minnesota back in 1994.

    Watson will have one of the best WR corps in the NFL, one of the best defenses to back him up, and a competent run game. He’ll just need the Texans to improve the line and bring him along slowly.

  2. After last night the haters will have a hard time even convincing themselves that Jimmy Garroppolo isn’t worth two number ones.

    That’s if they don’t sign him long term.

  3. Bill O’Brien, the Quarterback whisperer has gone through how many since his arrival? The Bears have been searching since Mac and coach Fox is clueless about the position. Andy Reid has shown he can get something out of whoever he has under center. KC no doubt.

  4. Reid and KC are the only ones patient enough to keep a first round pick holding a clipboard for a couple years. Both Glennon and Savage will have a short leash, if they’re allowed to start at all. That gives Mahomes the long-term advantage and best chance for success.

  5. Difficult to pick….because all three were reaches. I don’t think any of the three were Top 20 picks.

    But you left me a choice, so I chose Watson….just because the kid has passion & could potentially be decent or even good in three years. Too bad Houston’s Defense will be much older by then.

    Mahomes has a heck of an arm, though….but is DEVELOPMENTAL. At least, he won’t be pressed to start for one to two years.

  6. I believe Watson wound up in the best spot, but I don’t understand why Billy O’Brien believes Watson will learn much from Tom Savage. Savage is not exactly a veteran.

  7. What happens when Savage beats out Watson for the next 3-4 years? There’s a chance Watson won’t ever see the field. Mahommes is behind Alex Smith, where he has 2 years at best, if he reworks his contract after this year. So worst case Mahommes is the likely starter in 12-24 months. All while be hind a 10 year vet and a winning coach.

    The Chicago kid, he’s in a tough spot. The team is bad but if he can hang on for 4-5 years he might be the one in the long run.

  8. pastabelly says:
    Apr 28, 2017 9:15 AM
    I believe Watson wound up in the best spot, but I don’t understand why Billy O’Brien believes Watson will learn much from Tom Savage. Savage is not exactly a veteran.
    I agree with you completely but I don’t know how else O’Brien could answer the question. He’s not gonna trash his current QB’s.

  9. KC easy and it’s not even close.

    Chicago – they have nothing for Mitch to throw to and I don’t immediately think “John Fox” when I think about guys that can get great play out of a QB.

    Houston – they got a decent QB but again, Bill isn’t a coach I think of as a great QB guy. They’ve burned through how many? He gets credit for Tom Brady but I think we’ve seen – TB is TB because he’s TB not due to O’Brian. He’ll be pressed to start soon over Savage and Watson DOES, objectively, have issues with looking defenders off and INTs. Plus all the highlights they showed when he was selected – not a single one was where he worked through a progression, made a read and went. It was snap the ball and throw to a guy predetermined.

    KC – Gave up a lot for the kid, he has zero footwork but he doesn’t have to start and probably couldn’t beat out Smith regardless. He’ll sit 2 years or so. Learn and while KC mortgaged future drafts – by the time he’s on the field, they should have their full compliment of picks available again.

    KC is the best spot.

  10. I presume the plan is to sit Trubisky at the learning tree that is *stifles giggle* Mike Glennon for a few years???? Awesome draft pick….see below

    Bill O’Brien couldn’t develop film at a Walgreens if he had 3 employees showing him how….future franchise quarterback is now in the house…sorry we don’t have any money left to put anyone around you to catch the ball or protect you…

    At least KC is planning for the future….

    Go Packers!!!

  11. It’s without a doubt KC. One your not going as a starter because they still have a respectable starter in Alex Smith. Two you got andy reid who wins even with avg Qbs. With that said who do i think will be the best QB? Probably Watson.

  12. If Watson actually has to sit while Savage plays, it’s not bad for Houston – it’s just unlikely.
    Savage would be a fine QB, but he can’t seem to avoid injuries. He’s only had a couple of shots at playing, but it seems like every time, he gets injured within a game or two.

  13. Looking at strictly “situation” it is Mahomes as far as I am concerned.

    I think this for 4 reasons.

    I think KC is the all around better team, so better weapons for him.

    I think Ried’s record of getting more out of QB’s than other coaches get out from the same players (IE the QB goes to another team and does not put up the same numbers), shows he is the coach a rookie QB needs.

    Pressure. Even though Watson was drafted 2 spots after Mahomes, he is a bigger name and will have a harder time fading into the background while he works on adapting to the next level. Plus K.C. is a smaller city, alot less scrutiny from the national press.

    And lastly, and most importantly. Alex Smith is a better QB than Savage and the guy in Chicago. I think both Watson and Trubisky will be forced into playing (AKA the fans calling for the backup) within the first 5 games. Short of a injury, Mahomes will have at least an entire year to adjust to the new system.

    Throw in to those 4 reasons that I think Alex Smith is a great QB for Mahomes to learn under. Smith is extremely safe with the ball, to the point of sometimes being too safe. What is the knock on Mahomes? He some times makes bad decisions with the ball (ala Favre) instead of just throwing it away. Smith’s strength is Mahomes weakness. If Mahomes can bring is arm and add the football IQ Smith can give him. BOOM.

    Having said that, I am really split on who has the better talent. I kind of think Watson.

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