Bengals lead the way with nine picks on Day Three

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The third day of the draft is going to begin in a couple of hours, and you can pardon the Bengals if they’ve been pounding the coffee already.

After a flurry of deals, the Bengals have nine picks today in the final four rounds.

They have three fourth-rounders and two picks each in the fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds.

Of course, they’ve already added plenty of talent and scrutiny, having taken the fastest player in the draft (John Ross) and the most controversial (Joe Mixon), along with a potential pass-rusher in Jordan Willis.

Whether all those picks will make a roster that isn’t that bad remains to be seen, and it gives them flexibility to make other deals.

Washington and the Vikings each have seven picks.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Saints have just one pick remaining, a sixth-rounder (196th overall). That gives them plenty of time to start thinking about their undrafted rookie class, or just sleeping in.