Cowboys finally get another Switzer

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The last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl, the head coach’s name was Barry Switzer. They’ve now added a player with the same last name, but no relation.

North Carolina receiver Ryan Switzer, a West Virginia native (of course I’m going to mention that), has arrived via round four of the draft.

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky recently praised praised Switzer during a visit to PFT Live. Switzer has sure hands and quick feet, but the decision is a bit of a head scratcher with Cole Beasley already manning the slot in Dallas.

Switzer, who ran a 4.52-second 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine, also can return punts for the Cowboys.

14 responses to “Cowboys finally get another Switzer

  1. If he’s twice as good a player as Switzer was an NFL coach…he’ll be cut in training camp.

  2. Late round picks in the area where guys routinely get cut or end up on the practice squad aren’t exactly head scratchers if they don’t immediately take over a starting position.

  3. Why is it a head scratcher?
    4 and 5 receiver sets are becoming fairly common these days.
    How many slot type guys on the Pats’ roster?

  4. This is the replacement for Lucky Whitehead. He’ll handle the return duties and do the jet sweeps. Where he’s different than Whitehead is that he’ll get separation as a receiver and actually threaten to score on returns.

    This isn’t a camp body or a “head scratcher” to people who actually follow the Cowboys.

    Whitehead will likely be available to other teams needing returners after the second round of camp cuts.

  5. This is about replacing lucky whitehead and maybe copying the Green Bay packers offense.. get all the white guys lol

  6. He’s Lucky Whitehead’s replacement as a punt returner. He also has RB experience – where they lost Lance Dunbar.

    Beasley and Switzer could easily coexist.

  7. I think it’s a good pick. New England has won multiple super bowls with guys like Switzer, and Joe Gibbs’ Redskins did the same thing in the 80’s. A 50 yard reception play doesn’t have to be a long pass 50 yards downfield. It can be a little dink across the middle and have the WR run for 45 yards. Eight trophies between Belichick and Gibbs. At least one team is paying attention.

  8. Cowboys are terrible. All there picks are trash. Why would you pass on njuko for a slow weak defensive end but then take 2 sub par corners who cant cover anyone lol?

  9. This is the beginning of the Cowboys phasing out witten as being a every down tight end.. of that is the case the Cowboys will be able to diversify their personnel packages..

  10. A head scratcher? First, Switzer clearly is being brought on board first and foremost as a punt returner, so don’t worry about the overlap with Beasley. Second, this allows Dallas to use him WITH Beasley in appropriate situations rather than Brice Butler, which is a win. And third, now Dallas will have a BACKUP to Beasley in the event he gets injured at some point. Given how much Prescott likes to used Beasley last year, having an insurance policy for the role strikes me as wise.

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