D’Onta Foreman got his wish: A job close to home

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You’ve probably seen or heard by now my belief that professional sports drafts wouldn’t be tolerated in any other American industry, where the employee picks the employer and not vice-versa. One reason I don’t like them comes from the fact that a kid who has spent his whole life in one specific city and state should be allowed to stay as close to there as possible to play professional football if he wants, without being whisked several thousand miles away to a place where he has no family, no friends, no connections.

For former Texas running back D’Onta Foreman, it worked out the way he wanted.

“I’m so close to Houston,” Foreman told reporters on Friday night. “I’m from Texas City. I’m really close to Houston and my dad has always been a Texans fan. He’s a diehard Texans fan. As the process was going on — I played for Texas City and then I went to Texas — so why not be a Texan? That was my thing, just play for the Texans from where I’m from. I really wanted to just be a Texan. I don’t know, it was just kind of something that grew on me.”

Foreman helped himself out by embracing the chance to participate in the team’s annual local prospect day, a clusterfudge of candidates with ties to the area who don’t count toward the limit of 30 visits per year — and who may work out at the team’s facility.

“My agent told me they wanted to have me for the area day,” Foreman said. “I was glad to be there. I actually had a workout the day before, but nothing was going to make me miss that. I really wanted to be there and just showcase my talent. I really wanted to be a Texan, so that’s something that I wouldn’t pass up.”

The Texans weren’t going to pass him up, either. They had him as the best available player when the time came to use pick 89.

“I do a little bit of a wish list,” G.M. Rick Smith told reporters, “guys that I would just would love to have on our football team, and he’s one of those guys that was starred, that was on that list because obviously you watch him here, it’s close and you see — I joked with him in Indy in our interview and I said, ‘Hey, that might have been the quietest 2,000 yards I’ve ever seen,’ and his response was, ‘Well, I did win the Doak Walker Award, so it wasn’t too quiet.’ He’s a good young man and we are excited to have him as a part of our organization.”

With Deshaun Watson and D’Onta Foreman joining an offense that already has DeAndre Hopkins, Lamar Miller, Will Fuller, and Braxton Miller, fans could finally be excited by the team’s ability to gain yards and score points.

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  1. If a player wants to choose his team, he decline to enter the draft and join a team via free agency.

    The NFL is one company with 32 departments. Each department has its own manager. The manager is given a list of applicants and chooses which one will me of most use to his department.

    He can play in the CFL and enter the NFL at a later date with a team of his choosing.

  2. Brilliant, get rid of all drafts so only big market teams will win in every sport, there would be no championships for cities like Green Bay Edmonton, San Antonio, St Louis, etc, etc.
    Then less people would watch, teams would fold and there would be more players looking for an actual job.

  3. I’m never going to be drafted, lol, however I’ve thought about it and the way its set up. I definitely would not participate in the draft and I would try out for MY team at whichever time that could happen. Eli didn’t go where he was drafted and John Elway didn’t either. They both held out to go elsewhere. As a kid I dreamed of playing for my Cowboys, I wouldn’t have played anywhere else. Who cares who doesn’t like it.

  4. “How did this guy last so long,he’s very very good.”

    The Big 12’s not a good conference anymore, so there were level of competition concerns

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