Giants could see Davis Webb taking over for Eli Manning in 2-3 years

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Giants quarterback Eli Manning has three more years left on his contract, and the Giants can easily get out of the final year. Which is why they just drafted an heir apparent who could take over in two or three years.

Davis Webb, a quarterback from Cal, was the Giants’ pick in the third round of the 2017 NFL draft, and General Manager Jerry Reese said afterward that he sees Webb becoming a very good quarterback once he’s had some time to learn behind the 36-year-old Manning.

“We think [Webb] has a high ceiling and can come in and learn the pro game,” Reese said, adding, “Hopefully, he can sit behind Eli for two or three years.”

The Giants’ selection of Webb was a bit surprising, both that Webb lasted until the 87th overall pick and that it was the Giants who finally selected him. Most people thought Webb would go higher than that, with some projections putting Webb in the first round.

But Webb was passed over until the Giants finally decided that he was too good a value to pass up. As a rookie, Webb will likely be the third-string quarterback behind Manning and Geno Smith, but eventually he could become a starter.

“We’re hoping Eli plays a long time for us,” Reese said. “But we know he’s not going to play forever.”

31 responses to “Giants could see Davis Webb taking over for Eli Manning in 2-3 years

  1. Have you seen Eli’ s career passer rating?

    It’s up at 83.7!

    That’s only a couple of points behind Alex Smith and Ryan Tannehill!

    Sure fire first ballot HOF!

  2. Best QB in the draft… Browns are dumb for passing on him. Webb is way better than Kizer.

  3. With the Ryan Nassib era already over, the Giants need a new QB right now.

    I hope the Giants get Tiki Barber to come out of retirement to develop Webb. I’ve made the brilliant comment many times that without Tiki Barber, Eli Manning would have lasted only 2 years in the NFL as a backup.

    Back to Weldon Road!

  4. Davis Webb scored a 25 Wonderlic, he’s a film junkie, and can talk about the position backwards and forwards. He is compared to Brock Osweiler and Nick Foles. He’ll make a strong backup QB, better than what the Giants have now. But when Eli retires, whenever that may be, Giants will need to go draft their franchise QB. It’s not Webb.

  5. Again people bashing on Eli that have absolutely no idea what they are talking about…try another sport folks.

    As stupid as comment #1 is, #3 is worse…just uninformed.

  6. Draft redo:
    1)Dalvin Cook
    2)Zach Cunningham
    3)Bucky Hodges

    4) Roderick Johnson
    5)Jalen Reeves-Maybin
    6)Zane Gonzalez
    7)Nate Hairston

  7. ibillwt says:
    Apr 29, 2017 8:54 AM
    Sooner the better. I thought Manning was just a fraud at playing QB, turns out it defines his character.

    18-1 You still mad bro?
    2 Super Bowl wins later and the Pats fan boys are still sniping from the weeds.

  8. Man, a lot of people are under the impression you draft starters and high quality players in the third round. Like the Giants passed up some tremendous opportunity to get some amazing immediate impact player instead of Davis Webb. There was nobody there. They took a QB who has tremendous upside. It’s not that bad. Especially if they got starters in round 1 and 2, and it appears that they may have.

  9. Wrong jag, we Pat’s fans are still basking in the glow from Super Bowl win number 5. Most of us are over Manning winning because of a dropped TD pass and not being called for being in the grasp!

  10. Giants had great defenses and a great coach, their team deserved the wins, hats off. Manning was along for the ride, good for him. Unfortunately for him, he’s also been caught in a petty nickel grabbing scheme trying to keep up with lesser brother El Choke-O. It doesn’t make sense or cents, but never does with greed. Who’s gonna know? Lots of guys do it, etc. Doesn’t change that it’s fraud and with every over-acted denial he digs the hole deeper.

  11. plum54 says:
    Apr 29, 2017 10:09 AM
    Wrong jag, we Pat’s fans are still basking in the glow from Super Bowl win number 5.

    And you should be. That was an amazing comeback, a game for the ages. Comprehension is everything plum, you are the one that is mistaken. I didn’t say Pats fans, I said Pats fanboys. There are plenty of knowledgeable Pats fans out there. I married into a family of them and there are even some posting here. But for every fjw or maust there are 4 tylawspick’s or ibillwt’s. That’s how it works, any team that wins the way NE does is going to have a lot of fanboys. It’s part of the price of success. Heck, the Giants success against NE is what spawned justintuckrule who is far more a Pats hater than a Giants fan. Those were great Super Bowls between Big Blue and the Pats. Real fans respect a quality opponent and each other, or at least outside of the Cowboys and Stealers we do. All of their fans are obnoxious.

  12. Davis Webb is an interesting candidate. The best part is, if Webb doesn’t work out, they can always draft another guy in a couple of years. Drafting QBs often is what championship teams do. Better to do it early and before your starter goes down, when you’re forced to take what you can get.

  13. I love this pick. He’s 6’4″ with the second strongest arm in the draft. He played in a pro offense, not like the guy who replaced him at TT. Best part is Jerry picked him in the 3rd round. Two years from now we could see a $20 million QB replaced by a $1 million QB. $19M more to spend on the lines and other positions.

  14. LOVE the Giants picks! Giants biggest needs coming into the draft were a playmaking TE and an impact DT. Got em both. Getting a QB like Webb without giving up a single pick is gravy! He’s a better prospect than Goff who went 1st overall last year, even though Wentz should’ve went first.

    I actually was hoping they took Cunningham in round 2, but after reading up on Tomlinson Im glad we didnt. A quality DT is harder to get than a LB. Would’ve loved to have Dalvin but the kid has some serious off field issues and the Giants were not going that route. We’re good this year with Perkins, Draughns and Vereen. TE and DT were much bigger concerns for the coming season.

  15. Too many experts get caught up in the offense this kid played in, instead of his work ethic, and hunger to play and knowledge of the offense. Was hoping the Bears grabbed him in the second, instead of mortgaging the draft for Trubisky.

  16. Hey Jag, this is 2017. Giants haven been irrelevant for 6 yrs. No playoff wins. The Pats have been the dominant force in the NFL for the past 16 yrs. No one cares about your has been Eli

  17. I always love the ignorant idiots that say “Eli was along for the ride” in the Giants two Super Bowl wins over the Pats. He outplayed the Lord and Savior Tom Brady in both of those games, he led the game winning 4th quarter drive in both of those games. That’s called being clutch and leading your team to victory, not being along for the ride like a Trent Dilfer. He deservedly won the MVP in both of those games.

    Eli is in the top 10 all-time for QB’s in TD passes, passing yards, completions, 4th quarter comebacks, and other offensive stats. His numbers speak for themselves. He will be a Hall of Famer when he retires, there is no question about it. The people that belittle him don’t rely on facts and have no clue what they’re talking about.

  18. And Dan, you are very selective in your stats. Eli also has monster Turnover numbers. I believe he has turned the ball over more in the past decade than any player in the NFL. When was the last time he won a post season game, what, 6 years. How many Division titles has he won? There is NO WAY he should be a Hall of Famer. Only reason he has a shot is because of the NY media. Please don’t put him in the same sentence as Brady, that is just ridiculous. Little Boy Blue Eli is irrelevant, as are the Giants, and have been for several years

  19. No quarterback could put together a great season with the porous O-line that the Giants had. If Flowers (aka. the human turnstile) doesn’t play better at LT this year, Eli could have a pro bowl receiving corps and still have a bad year

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