Hue Jackson: DeShone Kizer will have a chance to compete for starting job

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He’s the highest-drafted of the collection of Browns quarterbacks, but coach Hue Jackson isn’t going to hand new guy DeShone Kizer a starting job.

But Jackson did say that his second-round pick was going to have the opportunity to compete for the job, along with Cody Kessler and Brock Osweiler.

“We’re going to give all our guys an opportunity to compete,” Jackson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about who is the starter, who is this. Let’s let these guys get here and learn our offense and spend time with myself and [quarterback coach David] Lee and go out on the field and let’s see how it all turns out.”

Of course, it’s also impossible to know whether the Browns are finished adding quarterbacks to the room. Browns executive Sashi Brown said they “won’t rest until we solidify that position,” and now that the draft has pushed through the first two days, the sorting of some veteran options can begin soon.

But Jackson clearly likes the potential with Kizer, who has prototype size and arm strength but a spotty resume.

“I think we’re better at the position,” Jackson said. “I think we’ve made huge strides over the last several months at that position. . . .

“Obviously, he has the measurables, a big, physical quarterback who can make all the throws that anybody needs to make in the National Football League. He’s intelligent. So he has the characteristics that we’re looking for.”

Of course, the only other addition was Osweiler, and they took him on to buy a draft pick. Kizer’s chances stems largely from the lack of other viable options at the moment.

22 responses to “Hue Jackson: DeShone Kizer will have a chance to compete for starting job

  1. I like the activity from the Browns in the first round. They look like they have added some impact players quickly. Kizer could be good but the track record here isn’t great.

  2. We shall see. They guy certainly doesn’t appear to be the leader Watson is. Not sure if you can teach what kizer lacks. I still like the value of the pick but there is always a reason every team virtually passes twice on a guy with his physical attributes.

  3. Hue is a good coach but I just wonder if he will be able to survive the Brown keep getting rid of vets. They arent going to win much this year either anything over 4-12 is going to be mind blowing.

  4. The Kansas City Chiefs OWNED this draft. They got a future HOF QB for a 3rd rounder and a very low 1st rounder next year(probably pick #32)
    Then they get a future Pro Bowler RB, and a MONSTER defensive end who will crush Derek Carr multiple times each season.

    The Chiefs are finally assembled for multiple Super Bowl runs, and OWN the AFC West

  5. The Browns have done a nice job in this draft. Good for the Browns. I would like to see them battle the Steelers for the title again very soon. They have a great fan base that have been so loyal throughout the years. I think it would be good for the NFL too. From a Vikings fan.

  6. Here we go again, Hue giving the starting job to the guy that has all the tools and potential like he did with RGlll. How about giving all the QB’s a fair chance and play the best one? Only in Cleveland can QB become the starting QB on potential. Mind blowing!

  7. The only positions DeShone Kizer would be good at are guard and end. Sitting on the “end” of the bench “guarding” the water bucket.

  8. You would think that Nate Peterman, Davis Webb, or Joshua Dobbs might have been better choices for them.

  9. I think Hue Jackson is going to the one to tell Kizer he’s the next Terrelle Pryor. Time to work on receiving skills.

    The 2017 draft will go down as the worst crop of QBs in NFL history. Bank it.

  10. Before the draft, I thought of Kizer, like most people did, as a marginal, developmental prospect. Now, I consider him a non-prospect. Of course the Browns will rush him onto the field despite the fact that they have no shot to win and the offense line is a shambles. Of course.

    They will destroy this kid by week 10. And if Hue Jackson actually looks at Kizer’s tape and thinks that this kid has week 1 starting potential, then I think it’s time to strip him of his “QB Guru” title.

  11. He’s the greatest QB of all time, as he claims, and Jackson insults Kizer by not giving him the starting job in April! Making him compete for the job. Wait till Kizer goes to the team meeting and gets hit in the face with Kizer’s notes!

  12. All but 2 in this years picks will be gone in 3 years including Kizer, Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown !!!

  13. I love how this guy is getting pounded when he quite clearly wasn’t Brian Kelly’s guy, and it showed in his confidence. Not to mention that Kelly isn’t the easiest coach for especially young guys like him to play for. Yet with all that, when Notre Dame had a better roster a year ago, he played well. Everyone expected them to step back, and then on top of that, they lost 5 starters over the academic scandal, but somehow their 4-8 record got to be his fault, lol. He certainly needs a lot of work, but so does Mahomes who needs more. So does Trubisky who will never be more than average, and I’m betting on him being worse than that. He has more physical ability than Watson. You hired a QB coach to work with QBs, so this is what he gets paid for. He did wonders with Kessler on that awful team last year, so I don’t exactly know what people’s problem with it is. If he obviously can’t play and you have a top 3 pick again, there will be a number of options next year. It’s pretty easy to cut bait then when you didn’t reach for a first rounder.

  14. There are a couple stud QBs coming out next year. Josh Allen from Wyoming and the kid from USC. If the Browns play Kizer, they’re going to have the number one pick again, and will be able to get the QB that will finally turn them into the team the Cleveland fans deserve. Browns’ fans are the best. Go Browns! 0-16 baby!

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