Jerry Jones has learned the wisdom of doing nothing

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Cowboys owner/General Manager Jerry Jones loves making deals.

But he’s also beginning to love not making them, and realizing that sometimes doing nothing is the exact thing to do.

It isn’t difficult,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “As a matter of fact, if you have a little gambler in you, I can draw up a scenario where it is as much gambling to sit as it is to move. You know the famous cartoon of the two buzzards sitting on a limb, and one looks at the other one and says, ‘Patience my ass, I’m going to kill something.’ Well that can get you in trouble.

“Listen, that’s not hard to do. When you’ve danced with it as much as I have and had some bruises, then you’re not just needing another thrill. You really want to be as good as you can at that minute.”

The Cowboys have held tight through two days, and checked off boxes. After taking defensive end Taco Charlton in the first round, they came back last night with cornerbacks Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis, filling their biggest positional needs. They might not be flashy names, but they appear to be solid players who will help, and as they’ve learned, that’s often the best play.

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  1. After decades of failure over and over and over again, Jones – nearly 75 years old – finally learns to stop intervening with his “hunches.”

    Thankfully, at least as far as Cowboy Nation is concerned, Jones’s urge to draft Johnny Manziel in the first round was stifled.

  2. He’s been screwing it up for over 20 years and he’ll find a way to screw it up again because he always needs to be the center of attention.

  3. Jerruh is so proud of the fact that his son grabbed the Manziel card from his hand a few years ago during the draft….. He can’t stop gushing about it..remember Jimmy Johnson had nothing to do with the team of the early nineties… It was all Jerruh…I’m sure he can find a SpongeBob episode he can relate to…”The most mediocre franchise in sports”…

  4. For all the hype that Jerry generates, let’s look at the results since Jimmy Johnson was run out of town for stepping on Jerry’s ego.

    No Superbowls, a couple of playoff wins, a couple of brutal playoff losses to the Packers, games they should have won.

    The Cowboys are in terrible need of a real football GM, not an absent minded 75 year old feeble old man who you need to wipe the oatmeal off his chin in the morning.

  5. As a longtime Cowboy fan, years ago, when Jerry made the trades for Joey Galloway, Marco Rivera, Roy Williams (WR) I was as excited as any fan would have been. He made these picks in the best interest of the team and the fans. It wasn’t that he was dumb, because if any of these guys had played like they wanted to be great, then Jerrys a genius. Some people if given an opportunity of great magnitude would want to repay the faith shown in them. Unfortunately there are people in our society that want a free hand out. Not working and honing a craft has become an all too real part of our society. It is best to find young people who are hungry for the opportunity to prove themselves. Jerrys only fault was believing in the wrong people; they had the ability and talent, but not the mental desire for greatness. There are arguments that mental can be a greater part of success than physical talent. Finding a balance is the trick. Thanks anyway Mr. Jones for trying.

  6. Drew Pearson made an ass out of himself during the draft. It is clear CTE has set in. Stay classy Dallas. Not an Eagles fan either.

  7. Lotta broken records playing here. Their drafts have been solid in recent years and they have been competitive barring the injuries to Romo. Low money invested in QB and RB for several years. You guys wish you teams had the Cowboys problems. I’ll take it all day. And Jimmy times were 20+ years ago. Get some new material.

  8. Even in praise, people find a way to erroneously insult Jerry Jones. He isn’t perfect (nobody is…check out how many draft picks have gone wrong for Bill Belichick and the Patriots), but Jones has helmed a fine job at draft evaluation for a long time. His role in the 1990s team has been grossly underrated because people don’t like him, and even when he correctly overrode future HOF head coaches and made good draft decisions people have pretended that he had nothing to do with it. Now Dallas is objectively ahead of the curve at drafting and everyone is getting credit but Jones. Typical.

    It’s also wrong to say that Jones has “learned a lesson”. The WORST thing a GM can do is to lock in on any one plan come hell or high water. Flexibility and nimble thinking is the way to go, and Dallas understood the value of standing pat in an incredibly deep draft that offered up a ton of quality prospects for its areas of need. That isn’t learning a lesson, that is fitting your draft plan for the prospect available.

  9. Love him or hate him, give him some credit. Undrafted QB became a very good QB Romo, Drafted unheralded DE Demarcus Ware, ILB Sean Lee, QB Dak Prescott, TE Jason Witten, and used Rd1 4th pick for Zeke when others questioned it, and used questionable Rd1 picks to create best O-Line in the NFL, took risk on Dez which paid big, leveraged Herschel Walker trade to result in 3 super bowls. Compare that to Cleveland, Washington, Indianapolis, Chicago, etc.

  10. Love him or hate him, give him some credit Undrafted QB became a very good QB Romo, Drafted unheralded DE Demarcus Ware, ILB Sean Lee, QB Dak Prescott, TE Jason Witten,
    “It’s not about collecting talent, it’s about building a team” – Bill Belichick

    Dallas has stunk for over 20 years just like a lot of other programs that collect talent.

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