Martavis Bryant: JuJu Smith-Schuster replaces Sammie Coates, not me

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The decision of the Pittsburgh Steelers to use a second-round pick on USC receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster sparked a reaction from the Steelers receiver who was most recently reinstated to the team on a conditional basis.

Said Bryant on Twitter, via USA Today: “lol that’s Sammie coates replacement not minds take it how you want to I am back.”

Coates responded by saying, “Hahahahahaha.”

Coach Mike Tomlin jumped in, “@-ing” both of them with this message: “Play nice boys.”

Both deleted their tweets, with Bryant also dumping one in which he said, “It’s a business so I treat it like that.”

That business will be getting more intense once Bryant, Coates, and Smith-Schuster get together at practice, along with the other receivers currently on the roster: Antonio Brown, Cobi Hamilton, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Eli Rogers, Justin Hunter, and more. The Steelers have a dozen of them and counting, so some eventually will be gone. And one or two of them may have recognizable names.

24 responses to “Martavis Bryant: JuJu Smith-Schuster replaces Sammie Coates, not me

  1. “It’s a business so I treat it like that”… Says the guy with multiple suspensions on his resume… Sure Ya do.

  2. I think the Steelers sent 2 strong messages with picking 2 WRs and Connor yesterday. One, they are all-in to make a run at the Super Bowl this year. They decided to load up with as many offensive weapons as they can get, since in the past they have been in the playoffs with at least one offensive star injured, and have been burned by a few players that got in trouble with the rules. Their defense was improving as the season went on last year, and the defensive picks this year won’t hurt. But their offense looks to be incredible and possibly unstoppable.

    Second, I think they are telling some of their current players to shape up or you will be shipped out. The Steelers need to count on these people, so they have to stay out of trouble and make catches.

  3. Maybe they’ll draft another WR today so they have one to replace both of them. My guess is the Steelers drafted Juju Smith because they probably believe Bryant will get suspended again and that will be game over for Bryant in the NFL.

  4. I think Ju Ju is going to be such a good fit here they’ll forget about both of these guys. Kid is a stud, and I wish the Pats had him. You’re gonna love him in Pittsburgh.

  5. “Their defense was improving as the season went on last year”

    If getting badly embarrassed by the Pats in the playoffs is “improving” then they need a lot more help for the D than they seem to have gotten so far this off season.

  6. patsfiend says:
    Apr 29, 2017 7:58 AM
    I think Ju Ju is going to be such a good fit here they’ll forget about both of these guys. Kid is a stud, and I wish the Pats had him. You’re gonna love him in Pittsburgh.

    Really? Bryant show, in his brief time as a full time player, the kind of game changing skills and abilities that is exceptional and rare.
    I wish the pats had HIM.

    Pitt always seems to have the insight on WRs. Don;t know how they do it, but I’d argue over the last 10-15 years no one has done better at evaluating, coaching and cultivating high impact WRs.

  7. He’s back…..for now.

    What a punk. He’s screwed his team multiple times now. It’s time the Steelers get their house in order and start making an example of some of these low character guys on their payroll.

  8. It’s going to be Antonio Brown and the new guy as the first two WRs. Martavis Bryant is not always available, so the Steelers aren’t going to rely on him. Coats and Heyward-Bey can’t be counted on to catch the ball consistently. So unless your name is Brown, you better come to camp prepared to compete for a job. And if your name is Bryant, you’re blowing a chance at a great NFL career. You better take care of your own house and stop worrying about anybody else. And don’t upset chemistry by popping off about your teammates, or you’ll be shipped out of town in a heartbeat. Get smart, fast. You have elite talent and you’re blowing it.

  9. Actually Martavis, while he’s technically not there to replace either one of you, I am sure it was in the back of their minds when they drafted him that they could probably use another receiver as an insurance policy against your apparent inability to stay off drugs. I don’t think anyone in the “business” would bet much on your ability to keep passing drug tests.

  10. Uh, any player can be traded or replaced no matter how good they are.
    Ask HOF players like Randy Moss, Emmitt Smith, even the great Joe Montana who won 4 superbowls with the 49ers ended up in KC.
    Bryant is not as good as the players mentioned above nor does he have the morals.
    I guess he would not “mine” if he gets traded, since he switches mind for mine I figure this is how he would say it.

  11. I would have absolutely zero tolerance for Martavis Bryant. One screw up and he’d be out.

    BY the way, I wouldn’t mind seeing Coates gone, the guy can’t catch a cold.

  12. The Steelers are loaded at WR now if they can only have Ladarius Green and Le’veon Bell on the field when it matters instead of on the sidelines watching the game like the rest of us.

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