No sign of Goodell as Day Three of the draft begins


The NFL gradually is figuring out that no benefit is derived from having the Man Who Runs Big Shield absorbing relentless booing at the draft.

After using Ron Jaworski on Friday night in a failed effort to get the fans to go easy on Roger Goodell, the Commissioner was out of sight when the third day of the draft began. Instead, former Eagles standout (and current NFL executive V.P. of football operations) Troy Vincent led the way, with a pair of locally beloved Brians at his side: Westbrook and Dawkins.

That’s not how it happened last year in Chicago, when Goodell found out that the zeal for booing him had not subsided by Saturday. What we saw and heard this Saturday is how it should have been from the outset. The unforgettable scene from Thursday night in Philly would have been enhanced by having, for example, Sylvester Stallone get things started. Instead, the loud boos took away from it.

The biggest question for the 2017 draft is whether Goodell’s bosses will take away his podium privileges, permanently. Surely he realizes by now that it doesn’t help him, it doesn’t help the league, and it doesn’t help the draft for the Commissioner to continue to be the face of the event.

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  1. He’s the villain and it will never change. He should accept it and have some fun with it. He should taken on a Vince McMahon persona where he brags about his power and how much money he makes.

  2. I’m sure he’s going to concoct some offense that the Eagles committed and punish then for the city booing him.

  3. “… it doesn’t help the draft for the Commissioner to continue to be the face of the event.”


    It doesn’t help the LEAGUE for this fool to continue to be the Commissioner.

  4. As a Pats fan i say its time to move on and respect the Commish, besides if most ran into him somewhere the first thing they would request would be a selfie with him. 🙂

  5. The “pile on” mentality is never pretty. This is what illiteracy in mob form looks like, people. Please stay in school.

  6. The Booing is only going to continue and get more intense.

    ESPN did some recent house cleaning.

    Time for the NFL to follow suit.

    Bye Roger, you ruined the league…

  7. Roger is Politically Correcting the league to death and he’s rightly getting booed relentlessly for it. Now he’s off figuring out how to spend $40 million bucks.

  8. He’s just the owners puppet.
    And this article is biased by pats homer.

    Bill and krapft and Brady all guilty. Good for the other owners for standing up and proving it. Roger just does their bidding.


  9. “He should taken on a Vince McMahon persona where he brags about his power and how much money he makes.”

    Let him. Frankly how much money a person has couldn’t be more trivial.

  10. For those not from the South, a cob tote hands corn cobs to his boss. If you don’t know what corn cobs were used for, think Charmin but more thorough.

  11. He is doing exactly what he is paid to do. Do what the the owners want him to do and take all the heat.

  12. why should he be booed?
    He brought the cheats to justice
    I’d say that Goodell was brought to justice when he was humiliated handing the hardware over to the Pats, kissing Belichick’s rings on the podium, and then begging for an audience with Brady after the greatest QB performance in history.

    More public penitence is due on opening night.

    He has not and can not hurt the Patriots as long as Belichick is there. No matter what BS the other owners come up with, Belichick will keep winning. And for the rest of their lives EVERY football fan will have the choice of hearing Brady and Belichick referred to as the GOATs or else turning off the broadcast. Enjoy.

  13. Gödel continues to be a bad mark on the game as far as fans are concerned. Yes the NFL makes tons of money and that is all that counts for owners. The fans that Gödel continues to spout is important are taking a back seat to the power of the league office. Since Gödel started the fines, he has consistently been all over the place with his punishments in the name of making the league better. The game in the minds of many many fans is important for only one thing, their fantasy leagues. Stats is all most care for as fans and most players used in the fantasy leagues. It is a shame that such a great game continues to go backwards as Gödel leads.

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