Browns got nine players for Carson Wentz, and they’re not done yet

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The haul of players the Browns have acquired with picks they got from Philadelphia in last year’s Carson Wentz trade is extraordinary, and it hasn’t even ended yet.

Cleveland sent the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft (along with a 2017 fourth-round pick) to the Eagles in exchange for Philadelphia’s first-round, third-round, and fourth-round picks in last year’s draft, Philadelphia’s first-round pick in this year’s Draft and Philadelphia’s second-round pick in next year’s NFL Draft.

With Philadelphia’s 2016 first-round pick, Cleveland traded down again and got Tennessee’s first-round pick and third-round pick, as well as Tennessee’s 2017 second-round pick. With Tennessee’s first-round pick, Cleveland chose receiver Corey Coleman. With Tennessee’s third-round pick, Cleveland chose offensive tackle Shon Coleman. With Tennessee’s 2017 second-round pick, Cleveland chose quarterback DeShone Kizer.

Cleveland packaged Philadelphia’s 2016 third-round pick and a fifth-round pick and traded them to Carolina for the Panthers’ 2016 third-, fourth- and fifth-round picks. With the third-round pick, Cleveland chose quarterback Cody Kessler. With the fourth-round pick, Cleveland chose safety Derrick Kindred. With the fifth-round pick, Cleveland chose offensive tackle Spencer Drango.

Cleveland sent Philadelphia’s 2016 fourth-round pick to Oakland for the Raiders’ fourth- and fifth-round picks. With the fourth-round pick, the Browns chose receiver Ricardo Louis. With the fifth-round pick, the Browns chose receiver Jordan Payton.

Cleveland sent Philadelphia’s 2017 first-round pick to Houston for the Texans’ first-round picks this year and next year. With the Texans’ first-round pick, the Browns selected safety Jabrill Peppers.

So the Browns now have nine players — Corey Coleman, Shon Coleman, DeShone Kizer, Cody Kessler, Derrick Kindred, Spencer Drango, Ricardo Louis, Jordan Payton, Jabrill Peppers — as well as the Texans’ first-round pick next year and the Eagles’ second-round pick next year, all for trading the opportunity to choose Wentz.

That’s an incredible haul. Also incredible is the possibility that Wentz will turn into a franchise quarterback, the Browns won’t find one, and Cleveland fans will be left wishing the Browns hadn’t made that trade.

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  1. they also got 6 for Julio Jones…how did that work out ?

    9 players listed…not one jumps out as anything special….Peppers 1 int in college…hooray….


  2. “That’s an incredible haul. Also incredible is the possibility that Wentz will turn into a franchise quarterback, the Browns won’t find one, and Cleveland fans will be left wishing the Browns hadn’t made that trade.”

    Certainly possible for Wentz to become a franchise QB. It’s also possible that Kessler (who was statistically better last year than Wentz with less talent around him) or Kizer become better franchise quarterbacks. Also incredible is the possibility that the Browns got the better haul and may have gotten the better quarterback.

  3. Go Browns!! Even this Pack fan is pulling for you to turn this thing around. Solid fan base. Best of luck!!

  4. They’d have been better off with Carson Wentz. Or they could have gotten those nine picks for Wentz, and still ended up with Dak Prescott in the fourth round. The Browns look like they’ll have the number one pick again next year. Maybe they can get nine more picks. I always thought the goal was to win football games, not accumulate draft picks. What good are draft picks if you can’t evaluate players?

  5. It seems that the Browns GM office is the most business oriented one in the league, and any other team, with this haul of players and salary cap situation, would become extremely competitive in the short term. Now is on the coaches…Can they pull it off?

  6. “Incredible haul”? That’s a bunch of ham & eggers for a franchise QB. The Browns will continue to be The Browns, while the Eagles got their 10-year QB. Typical Browns screwup.

  7. Whomever the Cleveland GM is should be congratulated on making good deals. Next we will find out how good the scouting staff is. If the picks they made in rounds 1 – 4 contribute along with the FA additions, we may be talking about Cleveland being the surprise team come mid season.
    Even if the QB position struggles a bit, we can see if that defense got better and how well the newly formed O L

  8. Geeze I thought the Pats had an incredible offseason.

    Hard to argue the Wentz trade wasn’t one of the best ever for the team trading down. That’s a huge haul for in exchange for a single 1st rounder, no matter how high it is.

  9. All the naysayers talking about the Browns not having a QB should at least let this season play out. This Buccaneers fan thinks they’ve made some really good moves to stockpile draft picks. Not reaching for a QB may have been the smartest thing they’ve done since hiring BB. Besides, any QB they drafted highly would have probably gotten killed behind that porous OL

  10. Having a franchise QB is very important. It’s hard to develop a franchise QB when the team surrounding him is horrible. Cleveland is doing the right thing by assembling a bunch of picks to beef the entire roster.

  11. Also after the hot start, Wentz was sort of underwhelming. He’s not a sure thing to be a great QB. RGIII and Kaepernick looked like special players earlier, now they are unemployed. Get talented players on the roster and stay patient.

  12. I’ll never understand all the Carson Wentz love. Didn’t play D1 ball, didn’t even get a D1 offer. Philly gives all that up to get him and finishes in last place for its trouble. Even if it was Andrew Luck, it could be argued that a team in Cleveland’s situation should make that trade. Carson Wentz?? It was the ONLY move. The QB that lines up for them next year will actually have a chance. There’s no such thing as “Franchise QB and the Miracles”. You either have a good team and you win, or you don’t. Teams make QBs. How else do you explain Eli Manning and Joe Flacco having three SBs between them? Keep it up Cleveland!

  13. Realistically, the Browns will be picking in the bottom 5 again next year. It’s not because they’re doing the wrong thing. The team is still developing and are full of rookies. It’s to be expected.

    If it’s true next year’s qb class will be better, then they have two 1sts to trade up to #1 (assuming they don’t have the worst record) and that new qb will have an actual foundation of a team to play with. No need to panic and reach for project qbs.

  14. ..and they didn’t waste a pick in the first round reaching for a qb. They could roll those eagles picks into darnold/browning/Rosen aka 3 fbs qbs instead of an fcs qb who played as many snaps as mitch trubisky. THE KICKER IS if kizer pans out they can sleepwalk into players like saquon, Bo and Sutton. Browns win.

  15. Almost reminds me of the haul the rams got for RG3, yet how many winning seasons did that get them? Hmmm

  16. Judging by all the thumbs down to good comments the last remaining 20 Browns fans must be hitting refresh on this page every 10 seconds.

  17. The fact that they could draft high so often with so little to show for it indicates a deeper problem than choosing extra picks over a particular QB. I don’t know what the problem is, but unless they fix it, won’t matter who they draft at QB.

  18. Yea I gotta b honest I’m a cowboys fan but I’d like to c the brownies win at least one super bowl those poor fans have been through alot

  19. No..what is far more incredible and amazing and extraordinary is the number of high picks AND the overall volume of picks this team has had since being revived..and they are still awful. Maybe their analytics guys should run the numbers on how that is statistically plausible instead.

  20. “Certainly possible for Wentz to become a franchise QB. It’s also possible that Kessler (who was statistically better last year than Wentz with less talent around him) or Kizer become better franchise quarterbacks. Also incredible is the possibility that the Browns got the better haul and may have gotten the better quarterback.”

    Better than Wentz with less talent around him? Seriously? You’re assuming he had less talent. The Eagles receivers were awful to go along with a patchwork offensive line.

    The Eagles offense was 10 screens a game for Darren Sproles and pray for a miracle. I’m sure Cleveland was awful too but don’t pretend Wentz had some great or even just mediocre talent around him. He did NOT.

    The bottom line is he showed during that mess that he could make all the throws and that he had instinct to pay the position. It was the total opposite from watching a guy like Brock Osweiler play and you only need to watch 10 plays to realize that this guy just can’t play.

  21. Getting WATSON would have been icing on the cake.
    He IS a franchise QB.
    Just watch.
    The Texans will not be able to keep him off the field while my Browns keep searching.

  22. And the Cowboys got Dak with a 4th round pick.

    The difference between Five Lombardi’s and Zero.

  23. The great Carson Wentz.

    Ranked number 23 in the league last year.
    79% quarterback rating.
    As many picks as he had touchdowns.

    Truly the standard by which all others will be measured.

    The great Carson Wentz.

  24. Haslam traded Mike Lombardi and Joe Banner for Mike Farmer. Haslam and Farmer traded up to get Johnny Manziel, after Farmer chose Justin Gilbert.

  25. I don’t know how many people actually watched Carson Wentz last year but he wasn’t very good. And no, it wasn’t all his WR’s fault. Sorry.

  26. The fact is they liked Goff and did not think Wentz was as good. With Goff gone, they didn’t want to reach for a QB they weren’t in love with.

    You also have to keep in mind the whole team was depleted of talent. You have to field 22 starting caliber players not counting special teams and specialists.

    If you have a top prospect QB with no O-line, no wideouts, and no defense, good luck.

    They might win the trade, they might not. These things take awhile to play out. No one would be laughing at the Chargers now if they traded out of Ryan Leaf, but at the time they made the move that got high praise. RG3 looked like a franchise QB for 1 season. The team that got the picks now has a better QB.

  27. thegloriousone says:
    Apr 30, 2017 1:05 PM

    Yes. The mighty 7–9 Carson Wentz.

    Last year’s Mitch Trubisky.
    You mean Trubisky won a college championship and played in a pro-style system?

  28. Wentz has done nothing yet. He does not appear to be a franchise qb to me. We’ll see. Give the Browns some credit, they have a plan and they’re sticking to it. Offensive line looks solid, defense should improve allot. With two firsts and three seconds next year, I see the Browns as a power in a couple of years. This regime should not be penalized for the past incompetence.

  29. They take every opportunity to trash Cleveland. Even after an article about the amazing returns one traded pick that has yet to stop giving dividends.

  30. Knowing the Browns, it’ll be 9 busts for 1 good QB. Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’.

  31. Last year’s list of players was so bad that I think the biggest benefit is, just by sheer volume, improving who and how was doing the talent evaluation.

    This year’s draft was much better and I was happy not to see any red flags like two players from the same school (Coleman and Drango). Whenever that happens it strikes me as being lazy in the search and with one scout having too much influence.

    I would really like to know if whomever scouted Coleman (and Drango) still has a job. They should be fired!

  32. Also, when did Wentz become a franchise QB? He quite frankly stunk the second half of the year last year after the league got a book on him. News flash, it’s not going to get easier going forward. But I’m always amazed at the proclamations people are in a rush to make. A 79 rating isn’t franchise anything. He just was better than Goff, which isn’t a high bar to cross.

  33. This is why GM’s continue to fail. For a franchise quarterback you trade whatever. They say Jimmy G would have taken a 1st and 2nd. He’d be on that roster right now. For Kirk Cousins a couple 1st’s? Bye. He’d be a 9er right now. Great. You got every other piece besides the quarterback? Congrats… Your the Rams…. Your the Texans…. It’s everything. The Broncos winning with a sub par Manning was fluky not the norm.

  34. Never mind the quality, just count the number of butts. Jimmy Haslem is probably proud of that deal but he makes Daniel Snyder and Woody Johnson look like good owners.

  35. Browns finally getting smart. Have a team in place where a QB has a chance, then get a QB.

    Wentz may turn out to be great, but he wouldn’t have been any good on Cleveland last year.

  36. In what league on what planet is Wentz a bonafide franchise QB?

    I personally love QBs who throw just as many INTs as TDs. Keeps the game interesting. But I’m no expert.

  37. Why all the hate for wentz? 7-9 isn’t too shabby for a rookie qb with no offensive help. He arguably had the worst wr’s in the nfl last season n was still competitive with some of the top teams. Took Dallas OT to beat philly, they whooped on the steelers, beat the Giants, beat the nfc champion falcons. Shoulda at least went to OT with ravens but went for 2 instead of a tie (eagles lost but I liked the call). Not bad for a rookie qb with no help on offense n a backup right tackle starting 10 games.

  38. Wentz was a below average starting QB last year. I wasn’t impressed with him coming out of college and I haven’t seen enough to change my mind. Right now he’s Derek Anderson. If he improves he could still become a franchise QB, he could just as easily become Ryan Tannehill or remain Derek Anderson.

  39. yeah it’s a bit early to suggest who — cleve or phila — won the wentz trade. one observation however is that the only recognizable name in all the cleve picks is jabrill peppers, and he hasn’t played a down yet.

    also cleve is making progress. they are no longer perceived as the worst franchise in the league, having been displaced by chicago and buffalo.

  40. realfootballfan says:
    Apr 30, 2017 2:28 PM
    Everyone laughed when this front office was put together including me, but these nerds are winning. They also seem to have drafted some good players this year.


    What am I missing here? They went 1-15 last year. 4-28 in two years. 38-106 in the last nine years. WTF have they exactly won? The off-season? The only thing the Browns beat regularly is themselves.

  41. Wentz had a 62.4 completion percentage a 79.3 QB rating and threw as many interceptions as he did touchdowns.

    Not sure why people are thinking he’s the second coming of John Elway, especially when Cody Kesslar has a 67.8 completion percentage, a 92.3 QB rating and only threw 2 interceptions in the 5 games he played that were all against Playoff level teams.

    Wentz with a better team around him did WORSE than Kessler did with an offensive line full of backups.

    Funny how convenient everyone forgets that Wentz would not have played a single game had Sam Bradford not been traded and Bradford had a better season. If anything the only thing the Brownd did wrong was not demand Bradford in the trade as well as the picks.

  42. Or they could’ve taken Wentz and fielded the same stink team for the next 3 years. Once the NFL got some film on Wentz, he wasn’t so impressive the second half. Kessler played well for a third-stringer who had one target…a converted QB as his number one. It was a fascinating article that highlighted the positives of that trade…then the obligatory dumping on the Browns occurred. Check Kessler’s stat line. Kid did well for being thrown in at a moments notice and the Browns have picks to get players instead of signing old names to big deals. Kinda like how the Raiders rebuilt through the draft. Wentz may become the best ever…but he and Cleveland have something else in common…no playoffs.

  43. Cody Kessler, part of the Wentz trade, swamped Wentz in NFL Passer Rating, 92.3 and Wentz LESS than 80.0. Wentz was ranked worst NFL QB in weeks 7-17.

  44. thegloriousone says:
    Apr 30, 2017 1:12 PM
    The great Carson Wentz.

    Ranked number 23 in the league last year.
    79% quarterback rating.
    As many picks as he had touchdowns.

    Truly the standard by which all others will be measured.

    The great Carson Wentz.
    Wentzs’ first year and behind a bad OL so throw out his first year and see what his second year will produce. If you were expecting a franchise QB instantly a better comparison would be like Peyton Manning who had a great first year. Oh wait…….

  45. When I saw the headline for this article I opened it and immediately went to the last paragraph, as I do with all PFT articles about the Browns. Sure enough, I saw the conclusion they started with, and read backwards to see how they were going to arrive at it.

    As I often say, it is hard to imagine how much the hate will boil over once the wins start coming in.

  46. Let’s say you’ve had the incredibly ridiculous good fortune of being born a Walton, or married one like Stan Kroenke, which means you have more money than half of America. And you invest in an expansion NFL franchise.

    You’re offered the choice of those 9 players to build the foundation of your franchise, or the option of Carson Wentz. It may be close, but gimme the kid.

    So far, Cleve’s numbers guys have been great at acquiring picks, and using them on guys who have yet to make a difference.

  47. I like what the new regime in Cleveland has been doing for the most part. The only thing I didn’t like was that they drafted a WR in the first round last year, and drafted a lot of them in general. It doesn’t make sense to use that much capital on WRs if you don’t have a QB to throw to them, and RGIII was obviously not that guy. They should’ve been trying to build their defense and O-line depth with those picks.

    That said, outside of that they’ve been pretty smart, they look to be real good in 2 or 3 years depending on how long it takes to get and develop a QB.

  48. @cmoney20 says:
    Apr 30, 2017 1:22 PM

    I don’t know how many people actually watched Carson Wentz last year but he wasn’t very good. And no, it wasn’t all his WR’s fault. Sorry.
    You’re correct. That o-line was atrocious after Lane Johnson was suspended. Wentz was not perfect, but there’s not a single game that I could say he cost the Eagles a victory, not one! It will take time to see how good he is because of what he had for playmakers. Does he need to improve? Absolutely, which is what is expected of any rookie. You think Prescott is a finished product?

  49. Doesn’t matter if they get 53 players for Wentz if they don’t get a top-tier QB to lead the team. (Kizer certainly isn’t that BTW)

  50. “arb927 says:
    Apr 30, 2017 12:21 PM
    Means nothing without a franchise QB”

    It means everything. Franchise QB means nothing without a team and o-line that can protect.

    Andrew Luck.

  51. A rookie year of 7 and 9 doesn’t make Wentz a franchise qb. Lets wait and see but i do not believe he will become anything more than a Borttles

  52. Ouch, Philadelphia!!

    In addition to having the ugliest helmets/uniforms in the game, that’s a ton to give up.

  53. you guys don’t know anything! there’s a better chance that kizer ends up being better than wentz..than wentz actually becoming a “franchise qb”

  54. jonwill57 ,

    Did you see the Browns line last year? They made getting QBs getting hit an art form. So yeah, would have been way worse for Wentz in Cleveland,a nd the fact remains that if he is that good, the offensive line excuse won’t fly. Jameis Winston came in behind a worse unit the year before with Tampa, and just him getting the ball out of his hand improved their sack line overnight. Fact is that Wentz stunk the second half of the year. He’s going to need to fix that if the people proclaiming him a franchise QB are going to be right.

  55. So you’re going to have a roster with 30 or so guys with 3 year or less? May as well start packaging some picks because you’re either gonna have s team rivaling a college team in age or cut many of those picks. It’s not about quantity but quality

  56. And if they can’t find a QB and have to ride with Brock Osweiler then all they can become is a wintry version of the Texans.

  57. With the Eagles receivers dropping the highest % in the league, losing Lane Johnson and not having a suitable replacement, the lack of a decent, not ever good, a decent run game, combined with the fact he was a rookie… Wentz had a tremendous year! When you factor in the dropped passes that should have been caught, he ranked top 5 in the league, and the points missed would have led the team to a 10-6 to 11-5 record! Ignore the facts, let the browns draft player after player, it will do them no good with the ownership and coaching they have! I said it before, they could have Joe Montana in his prime! And they would still lose game after game! Not a single player wants to play for that team! Also, you take a few of your picks and trade down over and over, passing on player after player and that is a good thing? Take away the trade with the Eagles, they still would have traded down again and again – they were doing this before trading with the eagles, and they are still doing it after. The fact that you mention Carson Wentz at all is just bashing a bright young QB bc of your hatred towards Philadelphia. Could come up with another Mixon or Conley story? Comparing Kesslers few games to Wentz full season? Really? Wentz wold have beat ANY TEAM including the Patriots w/ Brady if they would have had a game before the Johnson suspension. Sleep on Philly all you want, disrespect them, we LOVE it. Talk about 0 super bowls please! go on with the #1960 comments! Our time is coming, the draft comes back to philly after a long absence, and so will this team with a super bowl victory.

  58. Is it possible Putin and the Russians hacked the Browns analytics machine? Also, has amyone even seen the Browns analytics machine? Maybe it doesnt exist.

  59. They have more in common than you think…neither fan base knows what it’s like to Win a Super Bowl!

  60. It’s amazing the number of people on this page acting like Carson Wentz is some bust because his rookie stats weren’t that impressive. Those people don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. There is not a QB in the NFL who would’ve had success throwing to Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, DGB, Bryce Treggs and Paul Turner. That was, bar none, the worst receiving corps in the NFL. And Wentz made that offense respectable. He was missing his All Pro right tackle for a majority of the season. Darren Sproles was the primary RB for a majority of the season… with the great Ryan Mathews, Wendell Smallwood and Kenjon Barner sprinkled in. Zach Ertz, a good not great TE, was his most reliable “weapon”.

    I see someome claiming Cody Kessler did more with less… Terrell Pryor was far and away better than any of Wentz’s options. Corey Coleman was better. Isiah Crowell was better than the Eagles backs. Kessler did a good job but the amount of ignorant hate Wentz is receiving is laughable.

  61. Another Browns fan called Wentz “Derek Anderson”… that’s just ignorant. If you actually watched the Eagles play in the second half of the season, instead of just looking at his stats, you would’ve seen the drek he was working with. Absolute garbage. Across the offense. By the end of the season he was throwing to Paul Turner and handing the ball to Terrell Watson… two names you’ll probably never hear again in your life.

    If Wentz has a 79 QB rating throwing to Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith, Jordan Matthews, Ertz, Celek, Burton, Sproles, Pumphrey, Etc, then I’ll take your criticisms seriously. But if you’re going to seriously attempt to judge him based on his rookie season, with the worst receivers in the NFL, without his best lineman, with no consistent run game, completely ignoring his entire circumstances, then I’m gonna question where you’re coming from.

  62. realfootballfan says:
    Apr 30, 2017 8:18 PM

    jonwill57 ,

    Did you see the Browns line last year? They made getting QBs getting hit an art form.
    I didn’t see too many of Browns games because they weren’t on TV. However, my comment was strictly based on the fact of Wentz playing in Philly, not the “what-if” he played for Cleveland. Seriously, Philly’s line was not bad as were many in the NFL, but it was compounded by WR that either couldn’t get open or couldn’t catch when they did.

    I will say this…last season, I had more confidence in Hue Jackson than Doug Pederson. Pederson will also have to improve as well.

  63. Apr 30, 2017 12:34 PM: xpensivewinos says ”
    Quality, not quantity.”
    Analytics says that no GM can accurately predict what college player can translate his skills to the NFL. So what you do is get as many picks as you can so as to improve your odds. People annointing Wentz as a “franchise quarterback” after one decent year is laughable. The guy could be a hall-of-famer or he could be the next Derek Anderson one year wonder.

    It’s similar to picking stocks. People who pick stocks don’t do as well as people who buy an index fund containing all stocks.

  64. Wentz played one season on a mediocre team and looked like a rookie on a mediocre team. Let’s see what he does over time before we proclaim him a “franchise QB.” I am amazed how many people who are calling him a “franchise QB” are also criticizing the Bears pick of Trubisky by saying he only started a limited number of games in college and didnt play at a high level program. Isn’t that very similar to Wentz. They both obviously look the part with all of the physical tools, but we have seen quite a few guys who have similar tools fail. So let’s see how it plays out for both of these guys…..

  65. Let’s get something straight- all the pro coaches, ex players, and GMs that have played (experts)…have already said Carson Wentz is likely the real deal, something special. Anyone that has seen him week in, week out, agrees. This talk above from the haters (non experts)is nonsense. There’s not one NFL team right now except for Dallas, Carolina and maybe Green Bay that would not want him. Now the Browns had to do what they had to do. Let’s hope it works out for them. It’s very likely a win-win for both sides. Hopefully for the good fans in Cleveland they get something special soon.

  66. Wentz is a fine qb, give him some time. The Browns O line was the worst I’ve ever seen and Kessler stood in there like a man, making excellent decisions with the ball. He got beat up and benched and messed with by coaches, constantly told his arm wasn’t strong enough, whatever! Let us both just be glad we didn’t end up with Goff! Cleve needs to have, and will have, a bad record again next year to finish this Frankenstein anyway. Kessler has Kosar heart, don’t judge what you didn’t witness. There is no point in discussing this trade at this time, it’s too early

  67. The Browns have Osweiler to throw to the wolves. Make him earn every penny of that $16,000,000 salary by having him imitate a crash test dummy all season. Then, Kizer gets his shot in 2018 having had a year to soak in the NFL game. Then the team picks up a decent veteran backup to help tutor him through his growing pains as a starter. If Kizer pans out the Browns front office looks like geniuses.

  68. The Browns have the picks to move where ever they need to take best prospect in the 2018 draft. As much as I love what they are doing, I don’t see them improving to the point that they aren’t picking outside the top 10. I really like Wentz, was my choice for them last year, but I wouldn’t trade what they got for Wentz, all things considered.

  69. tonybot3 says:

    May 1, 2017 1:43 PM
    Fun fact… Cody Kessler has a better QB rating than Wentz.

    Thank you. I was waiting for someone to point that out. Probably also worth pointing out that Cody Kessler also had a better completion percentage and a far better TD to INT ration than Wentz. And that’s with the Browns as his supporting cast! Just let that sink in for a sec.

    Here’s the fact: The people commenting here who are ragging on Kessler or just saying the browns don’t have a QB didn’t watch browns games last year. Fact. they just didn’t. Maybe they saw one game.. maybe they saw 10 minutes of a game.. but typically, when talking about the Browns, non Browns fans are just making ignorant suppositions based on the season record. Kessler played very well and moved the ball down the field. Give this kid some actually help this year and it’ll be like, “Carson who?”

    It’s cute some Philly fans wanna brag about the l’il interception machine, though.

  70. Narrow minded for the Browns to take Carson Wentz with a swiss cheese offensive line and a paper curtain defense, obviously he would have been retired by concussion syndrome in his first year. DUH..

  71. The Eagles were a competitive 7-9 with Sam Bradford and Sanchez and 7-9 with Wentz. Coming off back to back 10-6 seasons. The Browns last winning season was 2007

  72. Wentz is awful. You dopes ran Andy Reid out of town and still haven’t fielded a team as good as his teams were. And with Wentz playing just well enough not to be benched, you’ll continue to be garbage for years.

    Vikings fans crowing about 5-0 before tanking their season was what everyone remembers from last year. Some of us also remember all the ludicrous bragging Eagles fans were doing at 3-0. Naturally, 90% disappeared from these boards in the following weeks.

  73. The draft is a lottery a crap shoot. The more chances the better. Whether Wentz will be a franchise qb or not isn’t so much the issue (He’ll be) but the nine picks have to turn into a few starters, at least three. Otherwise is all for naught.

  74. It’s a brilliant thing to do regardless. If you cultivate the rest of the team you create an environment where you can entice a quality free agent quarterback to sign with you, or to be traded to you, and you can still take chances on later round quarterbacks that might hit for you.

    In the long-term, you’re going to have solid teams and manage your cap (if you’re conservative in free agency and can scout decently), and eventually you’ll put yourself in a position to grab a good quarterback and have him succeed.

  75. remember what Forrest Gump said about stupid;

    well, it still and most certainly applies to the latest browns “Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou” front office;

    all those nice sexy picks were WASTED, along with 16 millions in cap money on something called diuretics, which have absolutely no relationship at all with what goes on down on the field;

    football, like chess is won or lost by whomever controls the centre of the field, and that means the trenches and the quarterback;

    filling up a roster with bodies in the hope that a few of them stick is no different than what monkeys do at the zoo;

    the key player is the QB, no ifs, ands or buts;

    after that comes the backside tackle, who is usually the left since most QBs are right-handed;

    following that are your OC and your bookend tackle;

    next is a bona fide no.1 WR like cleveland just gave away to the foreskins, then a sure handed RB who can block on pass plays;

    it doesn’t matter how many times you sack the QB or cause a turnover because even the best defence cannot play both ways;

    however, with those six pieces on offence you can keep your defence off the field, wear out the other defence, chew up the clock and win football games, always a good lure for FAs to come in help put you over the top;

    what i’m saying is cleveland humped it again, compromised on another overrated green QB from a marquee college programme when they should’ve drafted a QB in the first round and an offensive tackle or OC in the second;

    no, that wouldn’t do, it would’ve been too much like right and gone completely against diuretics…

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