Jets on Sheldon Richardson, Calvin Pryor: We’ll see how it unfolds

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There were reports that the Jets were trying to trade defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson and safety Calvin Pryor at points during the draft, but both players remain on the roster with all seven rounds in the books.

Richardson trade talks were no surprise as the Jets also discussed moving the 2013 first-round pick before the trade deadline last season. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that a deal is still possible this offseason, but that his $8.1 million salary is a “sticking point” in talks with other teams.

General Manager Mike Maccagnan didn’t rule anything out when discussing Richardson on Saturday.

“Sheldon’s under contract,” Maccagnan said. “He’s part of our organization going forward. And we’ll see how things develop over time. But again, he’s under contract. Going forward that’s where we are with Sheldon. … There’s a whole offseason ahead of us here. We’ll see how it unfolds going forward.”

Maccagnan gave a similar answer about Pryor, who saw the Jets draft safeties in each of the first two rounds. Maccagnan said the team “will let this thing play itself out,” but he doesn’t see any reason they couldn’t hold onto Pryor and coach Todd Bowles used three safeties together when he was with Arizona.

“We have a bunch of packages where we play three safeties at one time,” Bowles said, via “We like to do that. We didn’t have the luxury last year, but we have that in our packages.”

The Jets have until Wednesday to pick up the 2018 option on Pryor’s contract, but it seems likely they’ll pass given the way the draft played out.

7 responses to “Jets on Sheldon Richardson, Calvin Pryor: We’ll see how it unfolds

  1. Haha Jets are in full tear down and rebuild mode. And as a Dolphins fan I am well aware of what that is 🙂 Not defending Richardson off the field, but in terms of football they are playing him completely out of position at 3-4 OLB. He is an all pro talent as 3-4 DE. Probably would be as a 4-3 DT too. Either cut bait or put him in a position to succeed. Also, who drafts a safety in the 2nd round after they just took one with the #6 overall pick? Stupid Jets. Muuhahaha.

  2. The Jets didn’t have a terrible draft, did any of you even watch the draft? taking two safeties is odd but not when you come off a season where QB’s were averaging a 121.0 QB rating a game at one point. Taking the two best safeties to fix that problem is far from a bad thing. They got great value on the Chad Hansen, Jordan Legget, Jamal Adams picks, and they have a potential steal in Gabe Marks as an UDFA, good picks that filled needs. People forget, Decker is 30 years old coming off major hip surgery he has also been pretty injury prone, Jalin Marshall is ineffective in every part of his game and seems to have terrible judgement off the field, and Kellen Davis was their #1 tight end last season. The Jets need to shed salary cap and start a youth movement to establish a new culture in the locker room and that’s what they are doing.

  3. Jets are retooling on D but need to fully rebuild on offense. Pretty obvious it’s a multi year project. With that roster and this season’s schedule they will be picking quite high again next year when their cap will also see some serious relief. Since they won’t be bringing him back getting something for Richardson now would have helped. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to still see him dealt any time prior to the deadline this year. No one was going to give up anything for Pryor, lol.

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