Bills ask for permission to interview Brandon Beane

The Bills aren’t wasting any time starting their search for a new General Manager.

According to ESPN, the Bills have asked for permission to interview Panthers assistant G.M. Brandon Beane for the vacancy created by Doug Whaley’s firing yesterday morning.

Technically speaking, the Panthers could block the request if the job doesn’t include final say over the 53-man roster. And after comments this weekend by owner Terry Pegula, it’s reasonable to wonder if that’s the case. Head coach Sean McDermott (who knows Beane well) was the one running things on draft weekend, whether anyone will admit it or not.

And Pegula danced when asked about the future structure of the job.

“Sean’s a head coach,” Pegula said, via Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News. “When we hire a new G.M., we’ll talk about, obviously, his obligations and duties, but Sean’s a head coach. The G.M.’s going to be the G.M.”

That’s far from an ironclad dictate that the 40-year-old Beane or anyone else would have control of the 53-man roster, though it’s also reasonable to suggest Beane and McDermott would work well together.

There’s also the matter that Beane is extremely well thought-of within the Panthers organization, and would likely be in position to follow 66-year-old G.M. Dave Gettleman. That would create an Eric DeCosta-like situation in Baltimore, where the sought-after personnel man has a deal in place to replace Ozzie Newsome when he retires.

Beane doesn’t have any such deal at the moment, which means if the Panthers truly want to keep him in Charlotte for the future, the time to make such an offer (with the money attached to it) is now.

10 responses to “Bills ask for permission to interview Brandon Beane

  1. Saw this coming as there is a new franchise being built in Buffalo, North Carolina. 🙂

    I suppose the biggest question on our end is how long DG plans to keep going. He’s 66, but he waited so long for a GM job that I can’t imagine he’s going to voluntarily leave any time soon. Maybe we can lock Beane down and win a Super Bowl this year or next, and then DG would be willing to retire.

    Prediction? Buffalo will make him an offer he can’t refuse and he will join McDermott in upstate NY.

  2. You can ask permission but hopefully Carolina says no. Stick it to Buffalo and McDermott, don’t let him interview.

    McD took off to become the HC now he wants to poach another Carolina guy. No way.

    Richardson needs to take a page from Bud Adams playbook and flip the double bird at Buffalo on this one.

  3. Hmm…Buffalo traded up twice to jump the Panthers. Coincidence? Even McDermott played coy about it.

    That mole in the Panthers front office that tipped Buffalo on some picks will be identified or maybe the media identified him. In the interim…..Id tell Buffalo to stick it.

  4. Terry Pegula is confusing Brandon Beane with Billy Beane. He saw how successful the Browns were with their moneyball approach to winning the NFL Draft Championship and he wants the same for the Bills.

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