Despite clear inconsistencies, Gareon Conley’s lawyer insists there are none

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In the aftermath of Monday’s meeting between Raiders cornerback Gareon Conley and Cleveland police, Conley’s lawyer admitted for the first time that consensual sex occurred between Conley and the woman accusing him of rape. Conley’s lawyer is now complaining about the manner in which that apparent shift in the defense strategy has been received by the media.

Attorney Kevin Spellacy tells Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that “[n]othing Gareon has said has been inconsistent,” and that Spellacy was “NOT referring to intercourse” when he acknowledged that a “consensual sexual event” occurred.

Here’s the problem with Spellacy’s latest comments. In the statement provided by Conley last week, Conley said the following: “There were several witnesses, including another female, who were present the entire time and have given statements that give an accurate account of what took place.”

The female referenced in Conley’s statement opted not to speak to police at the time they responded to the rape allegation by coming to the hotel room where it allegedly happened. Two men who were still in the room, however, did speak to police. (Conley had already left the premises.) Both of the male witnesses told police that nothing happened between Conley and the alleged victim.

So while Conley never specifically said publicly that “nothing happened,” his express reference to the witness statements creates a clear inconsistency. Unless the two male witnesses abruptly changed their version of the events in statements provided separately to Conley’s representatives, Conley’s reliance on their statements contradicts his lawyer’s admission of a “consensual sexual event.” If that were the case, someone from Conley’s camp should have pointed out the shift in recollection by the two male witnesses, in order to avoid the false impression that Conley was referring to the only witness statements about which anyone was aware, the statements from two male witnesses who insisted that nothing happened.

It’s now clear that something happened. Which is clearly an inconsistency. It’s the kind of inconsistency that could prompt a prosecutor to decide to put all of the facts in front of a jury, and to ask the jury to figure out what did and didn’t happen and, more accurately, who’s telling the truth and who isn’t.

Someone isn’t telling the truth, and Spellacy’s effort to harmonize the admission of a “consensual sexual event” with the story that was being pushed to the media last week by Conley and his representatives is failing, badly.

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  1. They lied. Maybe he is innocent but they clearly said nothing happened and now say something did. Maybe nothing did but when you get caught lying it doesn’t look good

  2. Yet people were saying the Bengals took the most controversial player. Mixon at 48 looks like pure genius compared to taking this cat in the 1st round.

  3. Interesting how the Raiders can conclusively decide Conley is innocent, while Cleveland PD was trying to get ahold of the guy. No way he isnt atleast indicted. Once indicted hes subject to the leagues personal conduct policy. He’s not suiting up week 1 no matter what.

  4. If in fact the kid submitted to and passed a polygraph then that adds more layers to this. He’s not 007. I don’t think he could fool a polygraph and he knew he was providing his DNA. What ever is going on, Oakland already knows.

  5. Well the Raiders had their opportunity to do their due diligence. Now they either decided that whatever Conley did was acceptable to them, however it surfaces, which would just make it so reprehensible. Or they believed his side of the story, which all now appears to be one con artist conning another con artist to sting a greedy mark.
    Conley is the biggest offender here. He participated in the draft knowing full well what was being asked of him and not simply not responding but also providing a delay tactic. He shouldn’t just be banned from the NFL, he should be jailed for rape, if his accuser succeeds in court.

  6. As a raiders fans I feel like Reggie has something up his sleeve, many are criticizing this pick but we’ll see what happens. Rmb this is the guy who took a chance on Carr while 31 other teams did not

  7. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! The Raiders are going back to their old criminal, car jacking ways. Cool first round rapist pick. I dig it. The corpse of Al Davis had to be aroused with that one. Good job, Marky Mark. Wake me when you win a playoff game and or the AFC West.

  8. If I was Conley, I would have been praying to be drafted by the likes of the Ravens, Steelers, Giants or Jets. Legal issues seem to magically disappear for players on those teams.
    Raiders players…….not so much.

  9. there were soooo many good players still on the board when the Raiders choose him. What the heck were they thinking.

    This is exactly what the team doesn’t need, both in Oakland and especially in the Las Vegas media right now.

  10. Not sure why they are saying anything to the media at this point. He has been drafted, his salary slotted. Now we let the justice system work it out.

    If watching a lot of TV has taught me anything, the black judge will not look kindly on the lawyer for attempting to try the case in the court of public opinion.

  11. If I was Conley, I would have been praying to be drafted by the likes of the Ravens, Steelers, Giants or Jets. Legal issues seem to magically disappear for players on those teams.
    Raiders players…….not so much.

  12. If I was rich enough to have girls bang me for money I would totally make them sign confidentiality agreements. Dave Chapelle taught us that

  13. Bill Clinton agrees with Conley. What a farce of a country we live in where the media gives more scrutiny to an NFL rookie than a president. He is innocent until proven guilty.

  14. If Conley is found guilty, there is only one path forward… the Bengals need to make a trade for him.

  15. The problem here is no matter what your explanation is of what happened the fact that your opening bid was to say “nothing happened” is going to haunt you.

  16. The only inconsistency I have read is that he said he met her at a bar and there’s video footage of them in the bar and holding hands walking down the street. She said she met him in the elevator at the hotel and then went up to his room with him. Kind of sounds like she’s lying. But, we’ll all find out in 6-8 weeks I guess.

  17. Memo to NFL draft eligible players… You probably want to think twice about meeting a chick in an elevator, asking her to have group sex, and then hoping nothing ill comes of it. You went to college. Exercise your brain a little. Or you’ll be using the same cell that Mike Tyson rotted away in for 5 years.

  18. When one the parties is being reimbursed financially you don’t have to worry about consent ever being an issue… sad but true

  19. At first, he was adamant that NOTHING happened. His posse said the same thing. Then, when he found out she had a rape kit done. He’s already been caught in a lie. Remember, the Raiders knew this when they drafted him…

  20. After Conley is locked up for rape, do the Bengals get a compensatory pick next year?

  21. What were you thinking Reggie??????

    I’ll be selling my Raiders gear if he’s guilty… 🙂

  22. Torrey says:
    Wonder if this was included in the Raiders’ “miles and miles” of research…

    The Report concluded that he more was more likely than not, innocent of all charges.

    But the report completely ignored the discrepancies between the gauges, and the effect that atmospheric conditions have on the pressure in the footballs.

  23. “Mixon at 48 looks like pure genius compared to taking this cat in the 1st round.”

    Both are wretchedly bad picks and a terrible look for both the teams involved and the league.

  24. cylondetector says:
    May 2, 2017 2:09 AM
    If I was Conley, I would have been praying to be drafted by the likes of the Ravens, Steelers, Giants or Jets. Legal issues seem to magically disappear for players on those teams.
    Raiders players…….not so much.

    Plaxico, LeVeon and Ray Rice say you’re full of hot air.

  25. This is a disaster. I still don’t know why the Raiders took him there with so much uncertainty about this situation. Just no way I would have touched him with a high pick when he said I’ll do the DNA test after the draft is over when this happened on April 8. Nobody in the Raider organization got scared off by that?

  26. At first I was willing to give the accused the benefit of the doubt due to the inconsistencies in the accusers story now the accused has just as much explaining to do.

  27. Conley’s attorney, Kevin Spellacy, is a former Cuyahoga County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. As far as criminal defense attorneys go, he’s well regarded.

    To me, if the Draft Diamonds account of what witnesses said is accurate, this is a Bill Clinton-esque situation.

  28. The police arrived and Conley was gone, the witnesses gave lying statements, the woman gave a hospital kit, and it’s obvious more happened than a sexual event tip drill.

  29. The dirtbag Raiders don’t care if he is a rapist, as the dirtbag Bengals don’t care that Mixon punched out a woman. I mean c’mon guys, these 2 upstanding young men are great football players ! and sadly, that is all that matters

  30. Raiders are hoping the Conviction won’t come until after the upcoming Season. 1 Year of service & cut ties…small price to pay for them. Simply put, there are lower moral & ethical standards & expectations held to some teams (Raiders, Cowboys, Bengals, Patriots).

  31. Reggie needs to get in front of this before it gets out of hand cuz the court of public opinion is getting fed just enough information to keep the story fresh and the opinion of Conley trending downward.

  32. phinsfankent says:
    May 2, 2017 8:56 AM
    After Conley is locked up for rape, do the Bengals get a compensatory pick next year?

    23 12

    – – – – – –

    Ummm…..Conley is a Raider, not a Bengal.

  33. how in the heck would anybody know if anything happened in the other room while you are having sex in the bathroom as the victim stated that she wanted to go watch whoever was in the bathroom, and then states she got raped there, which the witnesses said never happened…

    with all that said she was asked if she wanted to have a 4some in the elevator, and it seems to me there were 3 guys, and two women….who was the odd one out ??? the other woman??? Beyond a reasonable doubt!

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