Gareon Conley’s lawyer claims consensual sex occurred

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The “nothing happened” defense quickly has evaporated in the Gareon Conley case.

After witnesses in the hotel room where an alleged rape involving the Raiders first-round draft pick occurred last month claimed that Conley and the alleged victim did nothing together, Conley’s lawyer now admits that Conley and the alleged victim had consensual sex, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

That changes everything, contradicting the witness accounts and making the case a matter of he said/she said. This means that prosecutors easily could pursue charges if they so choose, with the case ultimately turning on whether a jury chooses to believe the victim and to disbelieve Conley.

Which means that the Raiders may have drafted a player who eventually will be indicted on first-degree felony charges, which carry a prison term in Ohio three to eight years.

Conley likely had no choice but to admit that which the forensic evidence would have confirmed. The rape kit coupled with the DNA sample Conley provided would have quickly debunked the “nothing happened” defense.

102 responses to “Gareon Conley’s lawyer claims consensual sex occurred

  1. Oh geezus…. Reggie, dang it, either you knew this and still drafted him figuring that his story will hold up and she’s not credible…
    OR you and your crew believed Conley and company’s lie that “nothing happened” despite your “miles of homework”.
    Ugh, not a good look either way as either YOU went along with Gareon’s lie or you were completely fooled.
    This drafting early because of the upside of a player with questionable character is what we’ve come to expect from Jerrah Jones, not you, Reggie!!!! SMH

  2. Wow. Leave it to the Raiders to draft a sketchy character. Not saying he is guilty but it’s not looking good for Conley. I have no sympathy for the Raiders mishaps.

  3. This could very well cost Reggie McKenzie his job. Why play with fire like this? Now he has to deal with drama for the next 2 months. You have a team that can contend for a Super Bowl and you risk your 1st round pick like this?

  4. What the hell is wrong with all these dudes? If he wasn’t guilty, why didn’t they all say nothing happened when first questioned by police?

    Maybe he can meet y’all in Vegas in 2020?

  5. This isnt looking good, his story is changing hers isnt. There wasnt any other women in the room. It was her, Conley and his 2 buddies.

  6. You forgot to include in your investigative journalism blog about the video tape surveillance that shows him and her holding hands outside. Hmmm I thought she met him in the elevator and the went to his room.

  7. .
    It appears that the Raiders ” miles and miles” of investigation yielded ” gallons and gallons” of guilt.

  8. Well, he got to be a high pick but at the cost of marginalizing his witnesses. And in the world of he said/she said, one claimed they had sex and the other didn’t…only one has physical evidence they may have been telling the truth.

  9. To go from ‘nothing happened’ to we had consensual sex happened is enough to indict you in the court of public opinion. Sure smells like a rapey situation.

  10. Bad decision by the Raiders, catastrophic decision by Conley. ‘I did not have sex with that woman.’ Five days later ‘OK, I did, but how bout if I say it was consensual’ Better hope for an OJ jury.

  11. Bingo, bangO bongo. Called it. See previous posts.


    What an idiot. He is getting played, big time by this pro Gold Digger!

  12. Dang… I really thought after the elevator proposition stories this guy was going to get cleared

  13. Of course it was consensual. The only reason it wasn’t is because it was all of a sudden he was a 1st round prospect in the NFL Draft.

  14. At this rate I wish we had just given our first rounder to Seatte for Sherman. I hated this pick on Thursday and I hate it even more now. This guy is either going to jail or paying a lot of hush money. It’s not a good look no matter how you look at it.

  15. As a kid I went to the hotel of a visiting team after a MLB game and saw like15 hot chicks waiting in the lobby and bar of the hotel before the team exited the bus. Waiting to throw themselves at the players.

    Never will I understand how any man let alone a pro athlete would feel like he had to rape a girl.

    Do these guys not know that damn near any girl would have sex with them on just the fact that they are a pro athlete who have money and viewed as celebrities they’d love to brag about sleeping with. Their is 10chicks waiting to say yes for the one girl that girl that says no.

  16. Does Harvey Steinberg have an exclusive contract with Denver Bronco players? He did great work for Perrish Cox.

  17. uh oh. Hopefully the Raiders pay him soon, so he can sign over the check.

  18. I thought he said there was video that would prove his innocence. I hope he received her consent to record that performance…

  19. Hmmm. So you mean that, if you wait until all (or, at least, more) of the evidence is presented, you can make a more informed decision?

    Who knew?

    Things aren’t looking as good as they were a few days ago for this kid. Now’s a good time for you to let it all out.

  20. Conley and his lawyer finally figured out what a rape kit for her and a DNA sample from him is for.

  21. Riiight! “Hey, random elevator Girl, wanna join me in my crib for a random 4 some?” What a a dude, Raider Leader. Total 3am troubled idiot.

  22. He said he “Cosbied” her. Claims he did not know it was wrong since “Bill ain’t in no damn jail”. Tee hee!!

  23. So he lied about nothing happening. What else did he lie about? Sorry, Raiders fans.

  24. He raped her. When the story changes, that indicates a lie. He now knows there is likely DNA evidence. He needs to go to prison and become some ones bitch.

  25. I don’t know what happened between him and the woman, but changing your story from “nothing happened” to “we had sex” would seem to knock a big hole in Conley’s credibility. If he’s guilty, I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.

  26. This is a significant change in posture. To claim “nothing happened” initially is telling. If teams knew it was a she said/he said, I suspect they would not have kept him on their board.

    Likelihood of charges being filed are extremely high, unless there are issues and evidence to help him show consensual sex was indeed what occurred.

    This doesn’t feel right.

  27. That is really bad news for the Raiders. If Conley does go to trial he will be unavailable to the Raiders until he is acquitted. It is also not good that Conley changed his story after the draft. I can’t imagine the Raiders taking him in the first round had they known this.

  28. Reggie, Reggie, Reggie why? If their is even a chance of being guilty, you should not pick. I hope for the Raiders, she will take the money and run!

  29. Even in a country where people will do mental gymnastics to excuse any successful athlete’s behavior, going from “nothing happened” to “well…something happened…” is not going to do Conley any favors.

  30. Hope they nail him and the Raiders are made to look like bigger fools than they currently do for drafting Conley.

  31. So his witnesses stories don’t add up. And the accuser’s story doesn’t either. She claimed she met him at 3am in an elevator, but a video shows her following him around all evening.

    I hope his lawyer’s statement was not news to McKenzie. – Something tells me she might just get paid off to go away, which is not nearly as good as no charges being filed because he’s innocent.

  32. So when they were actually trying to verify whether the hotel security had video surveillance, it wasn’t to be able to prove she wasn’t there, because she obviously was. Rather, they were hoping that without video, they could claim she was never there at all.
    I hope this doesn’t get spun into another “boys just being boys” NFL cover-up.

  33. This brings the lie detector into question. They detect what you believe not the truth. So if he was asked if he had consensual sex with her he could say yes and believe it without it being true. And if you listen toto a lot of people they have no clue what consensual sex is. A lot of what people believe is ok isnt. I mean how many athletes and rappers celebs have defended cosby or talked about getting girls drunk or high for an easier opening.

    These guys think if a girl says no and u beg and beg or say come on come on and she does it its consensual its not. It means u applied undo pressure on her. Thats assualt, brother.

  34. In other words – we had to come out with this because his DNA is coming back on the rape kit.

    Like I’ve said several times – if she was scamming, she would NOT have immediately gotten the rape kit.

  35. I believe Conley said the rape allegations were not true, not that they didn’t have sex or any sexual contact. Having said that, this is looking more dicey by the minute. Damn, Reggie, why reach for this kid knowing this could kill our first round pick. All that research better pan out.

  36. Looks like everybody involved is lying. The video disputes the elevator thing which increases the likelihood she is looking for a payday. The DNA likely disproves his nothing happened story so he changes it to consensual.

    Here is the fix: Don’t sign him. Let the justice system work it out. If he did rape her then he goes to jail. If he didn’t then he is a free man who blew his chance at millions because he wanted to get laid one night. Either way, she does not get paid either and the Raiders lose their draft pick because of their own stupidity. Maybe future players will get smarter and not risk their futures and maybe the teams will stop drafting potential dirtbags. Wishful thinking on both counts.

  37. Well, on the bright side, he’ll be getting to Las Vegas at about the same time as the Raiders when he gets out of jail in 3 years.

  38. Last week nothing happened. This week it was consensual. Can’t wait until next week…

  39. Why isn’t this considered worse than the Mixon pick? The Raiders knew about the allegations and drafted him anyway. Now, if convicted he could serve 3-8 years? Seems like a convicted rapist is no better than what Mixon did. I think it’s the NFL’s responsibility not to allow these players to be drafted and not the fault of the teams.

  40. I hope the kids innocent but if he’s proven guilty they will do some type of odd plea bargin where he does get to play football till raiders move to Vegas you know what outrages me the most? the penalty Conley faces verses the one the duke lacrosse player did. totally unfair to the core. duke rapist even gets transported to ohio to serve his 6 month probation JOKE!

  41. and as far as I’m concerned Conley had every right not to want the public to know he had sex that’s his personal business not the media’s and the girl lied about multiple parts of the story cmon ! Conley passes a lie detector test now make her! equal treatment but I’m sure that girl will look like a sad little puppy in front of the judge this is sickening considering how good of a kid Conley is

  42. eroschmidt says:
    May 2, 2017 12:12 PM
    This will settle out of court for an undisclosed sum.
    Not if he isn’t signed.

  43. Too late to change my vote to “guilty”?

    Looks like a big-time gamble on a gut feeling by Reggie Mac. It certainly looks like a losing wager now.

    Reggie’s high-stakes gamble DID probably help my Packers land a superior corner prospect by filling a corner-needy team’s slot, allowing White and King to keep on dropping at that point.

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