Jaguars pick up Blake Bortles’ 2018 option

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Members of the Jaguars brass were asked about their option on quarterback Blake Bortles’ contract for the 2018 season several times this offseason and avoided making any public declarations about their plans.

That changed on Monday and their decision will likely come as a surprise to some people. The team announced that they have picked up the option, which would set him up to make around $18 million next season.

“This is a smart business decision for the team for several reasons,” Jaguars Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin said in a release from the team. “It makes sense for us going forward and it’s good for Blake and for the Jaguars.”

The option is guaranteed against injury only, so the Jaguars could still decline it if they decide after the 2017 season that Bortles’ isn’t the right man to run their offense. That’s not so different from the position they were in with Bortles before picking up the option, although the injury guarantee could complicate things if Bortles should suffer a torn ACL, torn Achilles or other long-term injury.

If things do work out, the Jaguars can work on an extension that locks Bortles up beyond 2018. If not, they’ll be in the market for a quarterback after choosing not to add one during the draft this year.

40 responses to “Jaguars pick up Blake Bortles’ 2018 option

  1. Bortles showed promise a couple of years ago. I believe he can get back to that form. They now have a ground attack and have good weapons on the outside and TE. On paper the Jags look like a playoff team but they have karma herpes or something down there because from the front office to the sidelines to the field the chemistry is doo doo.

  2. The #FactoryofSadness – South Division, proves it hasn’t learned anything.

    He is going to make $18 million next year due to the structure of the rookie contract.

    IF and that is a big IF, if the Jags are smart they’ll start working on an extension worth $750,000 per year and that would still be over paying him. The $18 million he gets next year is downright criminal.

  3. I guess they still believe in him. Remember, he looked good two years ago. If he can rediscover what made him good then, and if Fournette is good, then this could be a playoff team.

  4. @honkeyt

    Did you just refer to Mychal Rivera as a good weapon at TE? Its basically him and a couple of 7th rounders plus an over the hill Marcedes.

  5. If Derek Carr was named Derek Carson, He would have been the first pick in the draft. Just like if Eli Manning was named Eli Munson he would have been a second round pick. Chew on that little nugget of truth.

  6. As a Jag fan .. I’m SHOCKED.

    But hope this kid can make this work.

    Either way .. I’ll be hammered and screaming on Sunday.

  7. Run that by me again. Paying Bortles $18 million is a good decision? Did one of Irsay’s shipments get sent to Jaguars’ head office by mistake?

  8. two years ago he looked good STATISTICALLY speaking only.

    he was a ghost until 4th quarter garbage time, and defenses were in prevent defense.

  9. Everyone needs to understand, picking up his option is a big advantage for the team. Because it’s not guaranteed, except for injury. They can still cut him at the end of this year and owe him nothing.

  10. I think Bortles is a lost cause. He has potential but he regressed badly last year. It doesn’t say much about your QB when he says he’s going to work on his mechanics every summer and still sucks. The good news for him is it gives him another year to go party at the beach every night. Maybe if he spent more time in the film room and less time at the bars at the beach he’d be better. In that respect, he’s no better than Johnny Goofball. He’s content being an NFL player and cashing his check. If he doesn’t watch it the Jags will dump him and he’ll be stuck somewhere like Chicago or Cleveland. Let’s see how he likes going to the beach in the winter time in those cities.

    This is the year for him to put up or shut up. They have some weapons, although I thought they could have drafted another OL in the 3rd round instead of that WR from Grambling. Pat Elflein was still available for crying out loud.

    I just don’t have much faith in Bortles anymore. He seems to me that he’s happy being a mediocre player instead of working hard like the top guys (Peyton, Brees, Brady). I guess I’d be happy being mediocre too, especially if I could still make $18M for being mediocre. If he’s not careful this year will be the LAST contract he gets over seven figures. If he fails this year I doubt any team will give him a chance to be a starter and he’ll be Blaine Gabbert 2.0. But hey, maybe he’d like that since he’d have more time to party.

  11. $18 mill for BORTLES? Either they go deep in the Playoffs or that option is going to be cancelled REAL quick. Hell – go get Fitzpatrick or Cutler for $10 mil. They’re all in the same category.

  12. Yo BigHoser –

    Didn’t Oakland just lose its franchise?

    Glad you guys found a good QB, but I think if you lose your team due to not being able to negotiate out of a dump stadium, you shouldn’t be allowed to talk trash on the internet for about a solid year.

  13. Blake Bortles is the king of garbage time yards and touchdowns. I don’t think he is worth the money, but then again the QB pool is thin and there isn’t much else out there right now. I also bet that Tom Coughlin knows what he’s doing.

  14. I sware to you Brandon Allen is better than him IF and big IF you actually watch BA’s pre-season tape from 2016 and even college. Go look and tell me if you think Allen throws better than a Former TE in Bortles..

  15. May 1, 2017 12:37 PM
    Yo BigHoser –

    Didn’t Oakland just lose its franchise?

    Glad you guys found a good QB, but I think if you lose your team due to not being able to negotiate out of a dump stadium, you shouldn’t be allowed to talk trash on the internet for about a solid year.
    I’m a RAIDER fan, NOT an Oakland fan. Yes, that stadium is a sewer pit which is why I’ve refused to go to a game there this century! I couldn’t be happier that they moved to Vegas as now I have another reason to get on a short, cheap flight to Vegas besides partying and making football bets: watch my team play in a brand spanking new, state of the art stadium on the Strip!

  16. I guess since he’s going to be the starting QB this season you have to exercise it. Otherwise it’s like kicking him in the nuts. But if he’s as bad as he’s been he’s not coming back next year regardless.

  17. Time for a uniform change Jags!

    It worked for Denver and Tampa Bay in the late 90’s!

  18. Down by 28 in the 4th, there’s not a single QB I’d rather have. His production is of the charts

  19. Hey! Stop calling it the Factory of Sadness.. That is Cleveland Only… Jacksonville is the Swamp of Sorrow..

  20. Since Tom didn’t draft a QB so as not to upset Blake, and since a rookie QB usually sits for a year, then the Jags have at least two more years of Blake. In ESPN’s Total Quarterback ratings Blake finished…
    2016 28th place
    2015 24th place
    2014 30th place
    Based on average then Blake should finish 27th in both 2017 and 2018. Awesome! That is if your a Titans, Colts or Texans fan. Unless of course you think after three years in the pro’s he’ll fix his throwing motion and improve his decision making. (He’ll promise not to throw any footballs off his receiver’s feet) Ask Tim Tebow how easy it is to change throwing motion. No problem……

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