Joe Mixon draft pick causes not much of a stir in Cincinnati


The Bengals made a nationally unpopular decision to devote a second-round pick to running back Joe Mixon. Locally, however, the move didn’t seem to create much of a stir.

Yes, Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer wagged a finger at the Bengals for doing that which the Bengals have done more than a few times over the years, but the fan base doesn’t seem to be particularly outraged by the first instance of drafting a guy who was caught on video viciously punching a young woman in the face. The fans may be numb to it; for years, the Bengals provided safe haven to talented players who slid due to off-field concerns, often because the previously understaffed scouting department didn’t know who else to pick when a first-round talent was sitting there at a much later round than expected.

This time around, the video entered the public domain months before the draft, allowing people to process and try to move past the horrendous images. If the video had first emerged last week, Mixon would still be without a team.

Then came the decision of the Bengals to bring Mixon to town promptly after his Pro Day workout. It happened, and no one screamed or shouted about it. Even though the Bengals were obviously on the short list of teams that would have picked Mixon, there was no advance outcry or threats regarding the consequences of bringing Mixon to town.

Few teams likely would have prompted an outcry if they’d drafted Mixon, actually. Few in the media were huffing or puffing about the prospect of Mixon being drafted. The league wasn’t discouraging it (technically, that would have been collusion), and it essentially became a given that Mixon would go early — even after an eleventh-hour incident from his high school days bubbled up roughly a week before the draft.

During the draft, Adam Schefter of ESPN claimed that 28 teams had Mixon off their draft boards. That’s easy to say when a guy is gone in round two. But if Mixon had lingered past round three, four, or five, someone would have thrown him back onto the draft board, rolling the dice and ready to cut the cord if the move had sparked a torch-and-pitchfork parade.

It remains to be seen whether Mixon will help spark a ticker tape parade in Cincinnati. First, they have to get back to the postseason and, for the first time since January 1991, win a playoff game. Mixon will help that effort, and with the reaction to the pick far more muted than it could have been, the gamble the Bengals maybe wasn’t a gamble, after all.

As long as he truly has changed and grown and won’t be doing the things in Cincinnati the thing that he did shortly after arriving in Oklahoma nearly three years ago.

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  1. Bungles have conditioned their fanbase for a couple of decades now, wudya spect?

  2. “Joe Mixon draft pick causes not much of a stir in Cincinnati”

    The Bungles are so desperate for ANY form of on-field success that they’d draft Charles Manson if he could man the zero gap and hold up the point.

  3. Honestly, Mixon would have been better off in Cleveland. There are signs of leadership there, no so much in the ‘nati.

  4. Bengals fan here. I care a lot more about how they handled Pacman than this Mixon thing. It’s extremely unlikely that Mixon will ever touch a woman again. If they’re going to enable Pacman, we might as well just take all the talent and throw character out of the window. As long as the guys can get permission from their probation officers to travel for games, maybe they’ll be able to overcome Marvin Lewis’ ineptness and win some playoff games.

  5. paulieorkid says:
    May 1, 2017 11:02 AM

    “Joe Mixon draft pick causes not much of a stir in Cincinnati”

    The Bungles are so desperate for ANY form of on-field success that they’d draft Charles Manson if he could man the zero gap and hold up the point.

    It’s not just the Bengals. If Aaron Hernandez could come back from the dead there would be 5 teams ready to sign him. Winning is all that matters, it’s just a question of how many teams are willing to pretend they have morals.

  6. Everyone can agree that what he did was awful but he deserves a chance to turn his life around. We can be disgusted by his action and also give him a 2nd chance at the same time. Just because some people hope he succeeds doesn’t mean that lessens their disgust for what he did.

    Absolutely give him a short leash and if he slips up get rid of him, but the KID was 18, made a horrible horrible decision and by all accounts since then hasn’t done anything wrong. The coaches and teammates said he was one of the most liked guys on the team, one of the leaders and wasn’t a problem.

    He reached a settlement with the woman he hit, the woman wished him best.

    I hope he doesn’t slip anymore, learned from his mistake and becomes a positive role model the rest of his life.

  7. Ugh I know I’m a minority here, but I’ll once again point out that he doesn’t hit her at all if she doesn’t hit him first. He actually has his hands in his pockets when she attacks him. I believe in equality for women and this is part of it, I don’t think he should have even been charged. Yeah yeah, I know that no one cares, but it’s still the truth.

  8. Packman and Vontez Burfect….and you wonder why no one is questioning this draft pick…???

  9. We’re not numb, we’re realistic. All the teams have players who have done the same or worst, but since it’s not on video and has been swept under the rug, you all can pretend like your team is squeaky clean.

  10. What he did was NOT a mistake.

    He didn’t forget his keys at home, he literally knocked out a woman breaking her facial bones.


  11. And here comes the hypocrites. The same people that don`t think he should`ve gotten a second chance would argue different if he was their brother or someone they were close to.People would rationalize it different if their team picked him.The fact of the matter is EVERY team in the league has multiple players who have hit a woman at some time in their life.Dede Westbrook has been accused 3 times so pretending that Mixon`s was worse because someone got it on video is dumb.It was horrific but no more so than the player beating his woman in the privacy of their home is so any NFL fan ripping the Bengals is hypocritical because i guarantee your rooting for someone on your favorite team that has been there to.
    If you have to see it to understand it that`s on you.

  12. For Pete’s sake, it was one incident 3 years ago. Just how much does the popular culture need to “process” something it had nothing to do with?

    Of course he should never do something like this again, and should be held strictly accountable if he does. But this perpetual hand-wringing is too much. People’s lives don’t just stop because they did something bad, and we have to get over this immature, judgmental obsession.

    Life goes on. We live in the present.

  13. If the Pats had drafted this guy, Florio and crew would be
    calling it a genius move. Since it’s the Bengals. Wha wha wha. And Paul Daugherty is an alcoholic whose been given more than enough chances so he’s one who should be talking. He sucks at covering sports anyways which is probably why he’s an alcoholic to begin with. haha

  14. Why aren’t there ten blog posts devoted to the Jags drafting Dede Westbrook?

    If you listen to Mixon, he sounds like a guy that has accepted the consequences of a terrible decision and is trying to learn from it and move on.

    If you listen to Westbrook, he thinks he’s the same as everyone else because the woman he choked, bit, and punched refused to cooperate with police.

    And which player is more likely to commit an act of violence against a woman again, the guy who punched a stranger and had severe consequences as a result, or the guy that has hit the same woman several times, with whom he has permanent ties, and thinks because the charges were dropped, he didn’t do anything?

  15. Look, here’s why it wasn’t’ a big stir.. Mixon is still YOUNG. He has plenty of life to live to make things right. He hasn’t displayed a decade worth of misbehaving. But that also remains to be seen. Someone like Pacman, is MUCH older and has displayed the decade worth of trashy behavior. Quite frankly, Pacman should know better because he’s older. Mixon gets his chance now while Pacman should be long gone

  16. yes what he did was retaliation to being struck first, but even so his response has to be appropriate for the attack he retaliated against.

    that is why you can’t hit a kid or woman when they merely slap you AFTER they tell you to stop following them, which she did outside of the establishment.

    still an 18 year old deserves a second chance i’d agree.

    and yes women should get equal pay, but statistically speaking they take waaay more sick leave, and absences.

    partly because they have a lot more instances of migraines, and fibromyalgia, and other ailments besides catching a cold, or work related injuries.

    this does not including maternity leave, which i believe they should be PAID for as they are repopulating the species and stuff.

  17. Glad the woman beater isn’t on my team. Anyone who thinks it’s ok to punch a woman just because she pushed him first is a fool.

  18. Dudes hitting women. Dudes supporting hitting a woman. NFL teams looking the other way about dudes hitting women.

    Ready to boycott this sport…..

  19. kane337 says: Glad the woman beater isn’t on my team. Anyone who thinks it’s ok to punch a woman just because she pushed him first is a fool.

    Your team is ???

    Boy there are an awful lot of righteous posters here.

    I bet if we looked at the personnel on your squad, we could find some angels too……

  20. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right (just like getting you drivers license). This will happen every year until the NFL bans guys like this from even being allowed to play. They act like they really care about violence off the field, but yet continue to let players come in with baggage. IDC if he was 18, it wasn’t a shove that went too far it was a straight up knock out. Disgusting…

  21. Still no murders on the Bengals so we’re still a little ahead of the beloved and respected Patriots.

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