Report: Eagles won’t exercise Marcus Smith’s 2018 option

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When the Eagles drafted Marcus Smith, they were hoping he would help provide their defense with a pass rushing presence off the edge.

In two years playing linebacker in former defensive coordinator Bill Davis’ 3-4 scheme and one year as a defensive end in Jim Schwartz’s system, those hopes have not been realized. Smith has four sacks over the three years and has never started a regular season game for the Eagles.

Given those facts, it comes as no surprise that Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the team will not pick up the 2018 option on Smith’s contract.

The next question is whether Smith makes it through a fourth season in Philly. The Eagles signed Chris Long as a free agent, drafted Derek Barnett in the first round and already have Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry on hand at defensive end, which may not leave space for Smith when it comes time to trim the roster later this year.

15 responses to “Report: Eagles won’t exercise Marcus Smith’s 2018 option

  1. It’s a shame they spent two years trying to make him a linebacker. His stats ticked up once he started playing at end again like he did in college.

  2. The ONLY reason that Smith has stuck around this long is because cutting him would have been more expensive than keeping him. At least he was more productive than the best firefighter in the world aka Danny Watkins!

  3. Not only behind the four mentioned.hes also behind Steven Means and D. McAllister

  4. Jon Harris was a really bad pick. I remember the draft announcers scrambling because they didn’t even know who he was. Then the Eagles tell everyone he’s just like Too Tall Jones!

  5. I bet he goes on to play really well somewherected else. 2 years playing out of position. He was playing mlb at one point. Maybe not pro bowl or anything, but I bet finds a nice home and puts up decent numbers somewhere else.

  6. Fellas, he wasn’t playing out of position cuz he wasn’t playing at all. He was not strong enough when they drafted him which they found out immediately and they couldn’t put him in the field.

    As Brian baldinger says “Marcus Smith can’t play dead”

  7. No wonder the Eagles special teams is so good. They have first rounders playing special teams! Unfortunately, that’s all he plays.

  8. Everyone knew that it was an awful pick at the time, too. Most places had him going in the third at best, if I remember right.

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