Report: Vikings tell Teddy Bridgewater they won’t exercise 2018 option

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The Vikings aren’t sure when or if quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will be back on the field this year after last summer’s major knee injury, which likely made it easy for them to make a decision about their option on his contract for 2018.

The option, which would set Bridgewater up to make more than $12 million, is guaranteed for injury only and the uncertainty about Bridgewater’s status makes it unsurprising to see Tom Pelissero of USA Today‘s report that they’ve told Bridgewater they are passing on the option. There was a previous report that the team was unlikely to exercise the option.

Pelissero adds that the current plan is for Bridgewater to start the season on the physically unable to perform list and then re-evaluate where things stand come October. NFL Media reported that Bridgewater’s contract would toll if he spends the entire season on the PUP list, but PFT spoke to a source who said that isn’t the current expectation.

Sam Bradford is in the final year of his contract as well, so the Vikings may head into next offseason in need of a new direction at quarterback.

67 responses to “Report: Vikings tell Teddy Bridgewater they won’t exercise 2018 option

  1. Even if was completely healthy, why would a team want a QB who averaged fewer than 1 TD per game for two seasons in a row?

  2. Multiple QB busts from 2014, although I hate to pile on a guy for an injury. “Can’t play” = “can’t play” whether due to injury (Bridgewater) or illness (Manzie).

    All (3) round 1 QBs are busts who have been outperformed by round 2 QBs. That’s an indictment of the class, and the analysts, and the GMs.

    There is still hope for Bortles, but he isn’t what the Jags had hoped for: that much is clear.

  3. Hopefully Teddy B has insurance that covers him for his loss of income. I never jumped on his bandwagon, but it is sad to see this happen to such a promising young talent. I have a feeling he will be back as a starter before long. If not, the Seahawks need a good backup.

  4. Too bad as he never had a chance to show us his true capabilities. With Bradfords injury history, they might be calling a veteran qb by mid September.

  5. These other players in the league, to include the NFLPA, claim its a business come contract time.
    Teddy is a great person on the whole. Take care & hope you can fit in somewhere after a full recovery. But, see ya later.

  6. I could still see them giving him a prove it type deal. A lot of teams may offer him a prove it type deal until they see how the knee holds up and how he performs. I thought he was showing progress until his injury.

  7. It’s a shame his ACL happened but honestly I don’t think Vikings were the right fit for him. He’ll be a starter somewhere though.

  8. Remember when they all said he was way better than Carr…too funny.

  9. So, we’re rolling with Sammy Sleeves and Taylor (I’d rather kick a glass door than play football) Heinicke? Oh boy, I’ve been Vikings fan for almost 30 years, but it’s getting tougher and tougher every year.

  10. I wish him the best. That injury was a pretty bad one to come back from. It stinks that it will probably end his career before it really got started.

  11. Anyone who is asking about the TD numbers hasn’t watched the Vikings or Norv Turner. Sam will move on next year and Teddy will be back starting for Minnesota.

  12. He’ll be a Saint soon also…Sharper, Peterson, Bridgewater…thanks Vikings!!


  13. If a player gets injured on the field or in practice, he is not a bust. It’s tragic. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.
    Right now, based on performance Bradford deserves a new contract.

    Manziel’s issues are self inflicted.

    Bortles is actually pretty good considering the quality of team he is on. Stick him on Carolina and he’d have better stats than Cam Newton.

    And if you go into round 2, Carr is doing great. He breaks his leg in at the end of December and is participating in workouts already.

  14. An injury that gets Teddy out of that toxic environment sounds like a cloud with a silver lining to me. It will be interesting to see how long Bradford lasts behind that offensive line that at best, is the same quality as last year, and more likely, has taken a step or two back.

  15. Teddy gets injured, maybe career ending, and idiots call him a bust…

    Would never say Teddy was destined to be elite (he wasn’t) but he was a solid QB and a huge LEADER at 23 years old. I’d take that from my QB any day!

    Hope he gets healthy and hope if he does play again it’s with the Vikes.

    Oakland fans talking trash about a kid losing his career to injury… makes me glad their team just left them for Vegas

  16. boisestatewhodat says:
    Way to brag about how Greg Williams put some bounties on women’s consciousness and Sharper collected 18 years over of prison time… Sharper never had any problems like that until he ended up in that cesspool. What shocking lack of class to brag about that monster being on your favorite team.

    Peterson looks like a great investment too… already trading up to get a replacement for your back-up RB.

  17. Hey Teddy, Still have the warm and fuzzies like the Vikings are more family than other teams?

    PS: Tim couch lost his job and career to a shoulder injury, if he’s considered a bust so is Bridgewater. Sorry

  18. His knee injury was really bad, reaaaaaally bad. Going to take a while for him to get up to speed. Might not be career ending for other sports but in the NFL, either you’re rushed back or they move on quick.

    Get all the money you can if you join the league.

  19. Keeping him for more than $12 million…..That’s like a Million a Touchdown pass!! (in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice)

  20. I guess I’m confused as why would you tell him this already? If Bradford goes down and Bridgewater gets in there it could totally change everything. Am I reading into this correctly. Whats the problem in telling him half way through the season? Is he not even going to be back in 2017 at all?

  21. The guy won 11 games the first full year he started, without his franchise RB and a decent O-line. The bust cracks above are nothing more than intelligence indicators.

    And given the injury, CBA ramifications and his contractual terms, declining his option less surprising and/or expected than the sun rising tomorrow.

  22. As a Packer fan I hope the Vikings lose every game they play but I never like to see an injury end someone’s career. I hope Teddy has a full recovery, he’s a class act from what I can tell.

  23. This is a sign that they are prepared to offer Bradford an extension before the end of the season, assuming he plays up to expectations.

    As for Bridgewater, I hope he is able to play again. This is the most bizarre and tragic injury I can remember any NFL player suffering. Hope he doesn’t go down as the next Greg Cook.

  24. Sounds like a reasonable business decision at this point. Hopefully, he comes back fully healthy and gets the chance to compete. I didnt think he was going to be anything special but would like to see the kid have the chance to prove me wrong.

  25. I seriously doubt that Teddy will ever play in the NFL again. That injury was devastating, and the odds are very much against him. It’s a shame, because he’s apparently a fine young man.

  26. I’m still baffled by the circumstances by which this happened… normal drop back, no contact and it nearly ended his career and possibly could have led to amputation????

    I read a JAMA research study that some people have bad knee genes and a propensity to MCL/ACL/PCL/LCL injury.

    As a huge Viking fan, I’m very sorry to say that I have little long term hope for #5. God bless you Teddy. I hope you make it BIG!

  27. The team seems to have no choice at this point. Say what you will about Bradford, but there’s plenty of teams that would love to have him. The rest of the comments regarding Minnesota’s offensive line, and other yarns are on a wait-and-see basis. Now that free agency and the draft has passed, it’s pretty easy to assume the Vikings are a better team. A little better than 8-8 puts you in the playoff hunt. I’ll take it.

  28. The Vikings had no other choice, I am somewhat amused by the optimism that the Viking fans have for his return.

    I hate to break it to you but his injury was so horrific, so damaging, that he will likely never run like he did before and should consider retirement just to save his leg. Especially in light of the talent level of that awful offensive line, its not worth the risk.

  29. Never has there been a guy who has gotten more for less the Bradford. 100 million and counting and he has yet to have a winning record or lead a team into the playoffs. Suckers!

  30. This is why I never get on a guy for not giving billionaire owners a “hometown discount” come contract time. You’re a number and a useful piece of meat to them until you’re not, then we farm you out. No different from any one of us who work blue collar jobs. May as well get all you can when you could because it can all go away in a moments time.

  31. I remember when everyone was complaining because Minnesota paid Peterson $8 million while he was suspended, now it seems like people are complaining cause they won’t spend $12 million on a player that they don’t know when or if he’ll ever play again. Why does everyone automatically think cause they didn’t pick up his 5th year that he is done in Minnesota?

  32. Not a surprising move. The vikes are still paying him for the time being so they must see a realistic chance he can return. They can take a wait and see through this next season to determine if an extension is worthy. Bradford played very well considering the weak ol, oc change and late addition to the team. Case Keenum is on board for 1 year. We’ll all just have to wait and see how it plays out. At least our team isn’t so dissatisfied with our qb situation that were desperately trying to trade our backup during the draft.

  33. Regardless of what you feel about the Vikings or his play up to this point, from a human perspective, it was a very unfortunate circumstance for him. One can only hope he can overcome this injury even if it means he can’t play football again.

  34. crownofthehelmet says:
    May 1, 2017 5:04 PM
    The pack will sign him and convert him to a RB.


    Nah, they just spent 30% of their entire draft on low level RBs. I’m just glad they weren’t smart enough to get Cook in the 1st or 2nd round, or Perine in the 4th.

  35. boisestatewhodat says:
    “Way to brag about how Greg Williams put some bounties on women’s consciousness and Sharper collected 18 years over of prison time… Sharper never had any problems like that until he ended up in that cesspool. What shocking lack of class to brag about that monster being on your favorite team.

    Peterson looks like a great investment too… already trading up to get a replacement for your back-up RB.”

    Still can’t get over the fact they beat y’alls ass in the NFC championship game. Pathetic!!!

  36. boisestatewhodat says:
    May 1, 2017 3:59 PM
    He’ll be a Saint soon also…Sharper, Peterson, Bridgewater…thanks Vikings!!


    17 59

    -Calling TB a bust is fair, but a bit harsh. Comparing him to a child beater and evil personified is totally out of line. Hopefully, summer in Idaho falls on a weekend in 2017 so you’ll have something to do besides troll pathetically all year.

  37. You guys must have some special water up in Minnesota. I’m not sure what you were seeing but the rest of the world saw a kid barely keeping his head above water in the NFL, and then he got a horrific injury. He was likely going to be out of the league by now anyway; the injury makes it a certainty. He will never play again in the NFL, that much has been obvious to most people since the days after the injury.

    Tough luck for the guy, but that’s life. Vikings fans should be happy to have Bradford anyway. He’s made of glass but can ball out when he isn’t shattered.

  38. I don’t care what anyone says, Bridgewater was progressing very well as a player and showed a knack for bringing his team back very early on. Plus he’s a class act, and that makes him worth it. Not because he’s black, but because he’s a quality person and a leader on and off the field. His job is to get healthy. This is the right approach and I’m guessing that Teddy himself might agree.

    Some of the people commenting on this board are over the top stupid and hateful. I can’t stand Rodgers as a person but would never wish to see him injured. If that did happen, the Packers would be done. Minnesota lost its best offensive skill players and most of the starting O-line and still finished 8-8. I’d say let that sink in cheesers but deep down you already know. Detroit? Chicago? Buckle up.

  39. purpleguy says:

    The guy won 11 games the first full year he started, without his franchise RB and a decent O-line. The bust cracks above are nothing more than intelligence indicators.


    Agree, but you might want to check your facts dude. Teddy had the NFL’s leading rusher behind him every game in 2015 and the O-line (while not great) looked HOF next to last year’s group of stiffs.

  40. staffordsyear says:
    May 1, 2017 7:33 PM

    Well that was quick lol. The search for a qb continues…


    Stafford is going into his 9th year. Not much return so far either. Your own search will be starting sooner than you think.

  41. “All 3 rd 1 QBs were outperformed by rd 2 QBs”

    Wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the round 1 QBs were all selected by teams with HORRIBLE records the previous season – Jacksonville, Cleveland, and MN. Horrible teams don’t typically get significantly better for a while.

    The 2 2nd rounders were taken by NE and Oakland. You could stick me in New England and I’d do well. Oakland definitely made the most of their selection, but one successful 2nd rounder is a rather small sample size to compare against.

  42. Of the 6 1st round picks since 2014, three still on the team.
    ONE STARTER!!! I think Spielman is the PLAYER that should be cut!
    His Thinking, Let’s trade down our Sure to star players for 2 or 3 sure to be cut after Pre Season players.
    Or is he that unsure of his own picks he needs to pick 11 players with a 7 round draft (without a 1st round Pick). It is time for Ziggy to let this Joker play Poker with somebody elses team!

  43. Subsequent injuries that stop a player from participating cannot be used as evidence that he was a bad draft pick, except if the knock on them was being injury-prone in college. It is illogical to blame Spielman for an unforeseen event that he has absolutely no control over.

    Players who play but fail to develop, now THAT suggests a failure on his talent assessment, and/or a failure of the coaching staff.

  44. Since 2014 there have been 4 first round picks, and they ALL are on the team.

    And, 2 of them have been consistent starters, and likely Waynes will be this season.

    The only reason Bridgewater is not starting is his injury, which is not a result of Spielman’s pick.

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