Takkarist McKinley won’t be fined for his on-stage profanity

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Falcons first-rounder Takkarist McKinley hasn’t signed his first contract yet, but he’s already saving money.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the rookie defensive end won’t actually be fined for his on-air profanity while he celebrated Thursday night.

After dropping an F-bomb during the live broadcast, McKinley anticipated what might be coming, saying “Fine me later, man.”

But it appears the league has chosen the common-sense path with this one, rather than punishing what was one of the genuine moments of emotion during the weekend.

So with that out of the way, perhaps the league can install a seven-second delay next year. And perhaps it will be as effective as the way they’ve convinced to their broadcast partners to delay the tipping of picks which everyone with a Twitter account already knows.

38 responses to “Takkarist McKinley won’t be fined for his on-stage profanity

  1. The first decent thing the league has done this year.

    BTW…can they be more stupid than let Roger go out and get boo’d for 3 straight hours Thursday night? What kind of moron thinks thats a good TV product for the millions of casual viewing fans they attracted? Idiots.

  2. Of course he won’t be fined. If he had been drafted by the Saints or the Pats then Roger and his goon squad would have fined and suspended the player and taken away a second round draft choice in 2018 for “conduct detrimental” to the league.

  3. I loved that he was so emotional, but I could have done without the profanity. Pretty sure I caught a “GD” in addition to the F-bomb. He was holding a picture of his grandma. I don’t know about you guys, but MY grandma woulda washed my mouth out with soap for talking like that!

  4. Except that he pulled the same schtick the next morning in an ESPN interview…

  5. He’s a talented player but, irrespective of the f-bomb, what I saw was an out of control, highly emotional display. I’m glad my team didn’t draft him. I would struggle spend 10 minutes in a room with his uncontrolled screaming. Can you honestly imagine Takk listening to his coach?

  6. Tasteless Takk. You can pretend you were trying to honor your grandmother but instead you made it all about you.

    Tasteless. The only people you fooled where the fools. This was all about you and nothing about your grandmother.

  7. uglydingo says:
    May 1, 2017 9:46 AM
    what I saw was an out of control, highly emotional display. I’m glad my team didn’t draft him.

    I was saying the same thing, “thank god we didn’t draft this clown.”

    He seems to have the mental capacity of an 8 year old kid that will likely be out of the league in a few years.

  8. That sort of leniency will only encourage Irsay to have one of his trademark manssiere wardrobe malfunctions.

  9. @alonestartexan says – “He seems to have the mental capacity of an 8 year old kid”.

    Wow! If that were true McKinley’s mental capacity would still be higher than yours. Except, of course, you can judge someone’s mental capacity after observing 30 seconds of their being on TV.

  10. This guy can’t put a simple grade school sentence together. UCLA has got to be horrified at this one. How do these guys get into college anyway? His rant is concerning Falcon owner and staff. Trade ’em now before he goes off the rails.

  11. I have to give props to McKinley for doing what few would be man enough to do: bringing a framed picture of his beloved grandma to prime time. Good for him.

  12. what I saw was an out of control, highly emotional display. I’m glad my team didn’t draft him.

    A highly emotional display from a FOOTBALL PLAYER??? A sport in which you turn yourself into a human projectile and literally bash your brain against your skull to amuse the fans? EMOTION!!?!

    Careful clutching those pearls, you might crush them.

  13. @factschecker thinks McKinley is “tasteless”. Perhaps factschecker will illuminate use as to his impeccable sense of taste. Does he write a manners column? Teach at a cotillion? Perhaps he’s a wine connoisseur?

  14. Forget the cursing tirade, he’s had 3 concussions in college, that’s what
    should be the big concern going into his pro career. No room
    for anymore there. Could be a very short career.

  15. 2017 NFL Draft winners – Power Rankings

    5. 49ers fleecing the Bears for #2 pic
    4. Philly fans booing Goodell relentlessly
    3. Pic of Grandma chosen in 1st round
    2. Drew Pearson pick announcement
    1. Indy zoo

  16. Oh noes, he said a word that probably 80 or 90% of the people in this country say multiple times every day.

  17. If I drafted this kid I would be more concerned that his mental state is such that he achieved his goal by simply getting drafted. He has a lot of work ahead of him. Getting drafted was only step one. Someone needs to get in his head and quick.

  18. He should have been suspended a game. Now he;s going to try something stupid again because he got away with it.

    It wasn’t so much the emotional response, the issue was that after being warned, he pretty much said he would do what he wanted regardless. Completely disrespectful.

  19. Falcons regretted the pick before he got to the podium. They watched the antics and seriously considered trying the whole “no, there’s been a mistake – I was on the phone and someone in the room yelled ” – take a risk you ninny” and thats what happened – we never meant to take this player – honest”

  20. God, you people must be miserable. You have found a way to criticize a person for being emotional after getting word he will be making millions of dollars and fulfilling a lifelong dream. Probably because you cant fathom someone actually wanting you that much. Or maybe you just cant picture the proper familial relationship between a person and their grandparent. Either way you guys are being petulant little children. WHA WHA WHA he showed emotion.

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