23 of 32 first-round picks in 2014 draft had fifth-year options picked up


In general, if a first-round draft pick has his fifth-year option picked up, that means the team that drafted him feels good about the pick. If not, not.

By that standard, 23 of the 32 first-round picks were good picks, and nine were not. As today’s deadline to pick up fifth-year options passed, 23 players had their options picked up.

Six players had their options declined: No. 2 overall pick Rams tackle Greg Robinson, No. 4 overall pick Bills receiver Sammy Watkins, No. 14 overall pick Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller, No. 18 overall pick Jets safety Calvin Pryor, No. 26 overall pick Eagles defensive end Marcus Smith and No. 32 overall pick Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

The worst three first-round picks would have to be the three who have no option to pick up because they’ve already been released: No. 8 overall pick Browns cornerback Justin Gilbert, No. 22 overall pick Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and No. 29 overall pick Patriots defensive tackle Dominique Easley. Easley is now with the Rams, while Gilbert and Manziel are out of the NFL. No team had a worse 2014 draft than the Browns.