Bears would be wise to revisit approach to media

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During a weekly PFT appearance with Mully & Hanley on 670 The Score in Chicago, a question came up regarding the extent to which Peter King’s reporting from inside the 49ers’ draft room creates the impression that the Bears were fleeced in the trade that allowed Chicago to move from No. 3 to No. 2, where they selected quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. And here’s the easiest answer possible to this problem of perception for the not-so-monstrous Monsters of the Midway: The Bears need to start behaving like the bad team they’ve become and embrace opportunities for positive media treatment.

The 49ers get it. At 2-14 and with constant “traffic problems” at Levi’s Stadium, they decided to open the draft room to King, which resulted in a lengthy article that creates the impression that the new football operation in Santa Clara gets it. (Obviously, this requires a certain degree of confidence that an objective reporter will emerge from the experience believing that the new football operation in Santa Clara gets it.)

The positive impression for the 49ers contains a negative impression for the Bears, and with the Bears continuing to remain reluctant to make themselves available to national press, there’s no competing piece from inside the Chicago draft room demonstrating why they did what they did in a manner that will prompt Bears fans to do anything other than boo.

That’s the real message for the Bears. When recovering from the worst 16-game season in franchise history, a more open and accommodating approach to the media will help get the word out in a way far more effective than “EXCLUSIVE!” interviews with the team-owned website. Likewise, cooperating with folks who rely on periodic access in doing their own jobs will potentially persuade them to give the team the benefit of the doubt when tempted to dish out a hot take that makes the team seem to be an even hotter mess.

If/when the Bears are making the playoffs every year and getting to the Super Bowl periodically, they can afford to be coy. For now, they need to revisit their standoffish approach to outsiders, and they need to come up with a strategy aimed at massaging the media to their advantage.

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  1. This is hogwash, the Bears need to do a lot of things but accommodating the media doesn’t even crack the Top 100.

    The media has one job and it has nothing to do with objective reporting, a rarity these days. Their job is to sell newspapers, web site clicks or eyeballs and ears. There is little upside to what the 49ers did and the Bears are wise to avoid that if at all possible.

  2. .
    King’s piece was a disgrace to sports journalism. It felt like I was reading gay porn. According to King, the Patriots have the wrong guy at the helm. Belichick is simply not in the same league as former color commentator, John (the real Lombardi) Lynch, who King named executive of the millennium just because he took a call from the Bears.

    For the record, I liked the Trubiski deal. Chicago knew who they wanted and fearlessly went and got him. Almost every team that goes deep into the playoffs has a top flight QB. The cost to acquire any quality QB prospect is exorbitant The Patriots once gave up a sixth rounder to Al Davis to move up one spot in the second round(and draft Gronk).

    King claims that the 49ers had the best offseason, yet the Patriots record speaks for itself. Their draft :

    1. WR Brandin Cooks
    2. EDGE Kony Ealy
    3a. EDGE Derek Rivers
    3b. OT Antonio Garcia
    4a. DE Deatrich Wise
    4b. TE Dwayne Allen
    5a. RB Mike Gillislee
    5b. TE James O’Shaughnessy
    6. OT Conor McDermott
    6b. TE Mike Williams

    Now, add in free agents Stephon Gilmore, Rex Burkhead and Lawrence Guy and try to defend King’s position that John Lynch is the league’s premier GM.

  3. Yeah, if the bears don’t embrace the media they will never be successful. They need to look around, I mean it’s not like Trump got elected after shunning the media at large. Wait.

  4. Lynch loves to talk and brag about what his is doing. Shanahan loves football and doesn’t like the spotlight. Peter King was embedded with the 49ers and Mike Silver, yeah Mike Silver with the Browns. What a waste. Teams should treat the media like BB does. Worry about improving your team not being buddies with the enemy.

  5. From both a fan and public relations perspective, I’m not sure you could have scripted a worse stretch of days than the Bears have just executed. For a team that was struggling mightily for fan support by the end of last season there’s not a lot for fans to hang their hats on going into this year. If this team is not showing significant improvement early (by which I mean 3rd game of preseason) it could get really ugly for Pace & Co.

  6. BB allowed a film crew in for a short time when NE was making a trade. What was funny, it looked like they were working in a condemned building. There were tables but hardly anyone around and the white boards were clean except for four numbers which I assume were the numerical values of the picks involved.

  7. Teams should worry about improving. I’m sure they are aware that there will be bad press no matter what they do. That’s part of the media game.

  8. In other words, if they keep not giving much to the media, you guys will just make up crap about the Bears and keep slinging it against the wall until something sticks.

    And if nothing sticks someone at bspn will act like their lies and fabrications are the truth and run with it until the Bears shoot it down.

  9. The Bears would be more wise to improve communication first within their own organization starting from the GM to the coach to the players, especially the QB.

  10. So basically what you’re getting across is the media acts like a bunch of high schoolers. Don’t give them enough attention and they’ll start spreading rumors to make you look bad. Nice!

  11. Giving Peter King unfettered access to your draft in exchange for a puff piece about how the organization ‘gets it’ would be a violation of journalistic ethics if anyone even remotely considered King a journalist. It’s basically payola. Kings gets an scripted ‘insiders’ look at a war room and the 49’ers get to look like a top shelf organization. Yuck.

  12. The G.M. and the Head Coach cannot even communicate.
    The President & CEO is just a clueless bean counter who botches everything he touches including a really bad stadium deal.
    The owners are just spoiled, isolated buffoons that are scared to death of their 94 year old mother and the whole bunch did nothing to own this team other than survive child birth.
    The worst thing that ever happened to the Bears was winning the battle for Chicago and the Cardinals leaving town because they have become complacent and aloof.

    They don’t need to embrace the media.
    They need to embrace $2.5 billion they are valued at, get the hell out of the way and let real football people run the team again.

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