Giants expect “significant jump” from starting tackles

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Coming out of last season, there was a pretty wide consensus that offensive tackle was an area that the Giants could stand to upgrade.

Free agency and the draft have passed, however, and left tackle Ereck Flowers and right tackle Bobby Hart remain in the top spots on the depth chart. Some people would see that as a problem, but General Manager Jerry Reese thinks the team can make progress without any outside additions.

During an appearance with Mike Francesa on WFAN, Reese said that the team believes that the 23-year-old Flowers and 22-year-old Hart will take strides thanks to their on the job training that will leave them ahead of others the same age.

“It’s almost kind of developmental, some ups and downs as young players but we expect these guys to make a significant jump this season, because they’ve been in the league already,” Reese said. “Those guys could have been in this draft class.”

The Giants did take Adam Bisnowaty in the sixth round and Reese compared him to longtime Giants starter David Diehl. The G.M. also said they will add former USC left tackle Chad Wheeler as an undrafted free agent. Wheeler had an altercation with police in college that led to a psychiatric evaluation and likely helped keep him from getting drafted.

One of those players could wind up as the top choice eventually, but the status quo is in effect on the Giants offensive line for the time being.

12 responses to “Giants expect “significant jump” from starting tackles

  1. Big mistake by Reese…again.
    Eli has shown that he can take an average TE or WR and make them shine IF he has the time.
    They are stacked at the receiver positions but it won’t do any good if he doesn’t have time.
    Thanks Reese

  2. I’d be pretty PO’d if I were a Giants fan

    What’s the #1 priority if you want to contend for a Super Bowl?

    Protecting Eli Manning better than last year.

    So what did they do in the offseason? Nothing.

    Honestly I’m not sure I fault them for passing on the top LTs in this draft – but to just “expect” Flowers to make a “jump”? That’s crazy.

    Sign Clady & sign Blount for short yardage/TD situations and this team might have a chance.

    Going as is – or hoping to find someone off the scrap heap of other team cuts in late August (which is good for depth but not a starting LT) – and we’re talking another squandered year while Eli is getting older and more beat up

  3. I expect Johnny Shortstop, our .198 hitter, to become a .300 hitter this year, because he’s young and he’s played in the league two years (where he hit .198)… you push the magic button and Hart and Flowers all of a sudden can block, not hold, and not false start…hmmm….makes sense to me Jerry.

  4. Hahaha good luck with that Giants….the real issue is flowers isn’t qualified to be a LT and Hart is a guard

  5. What good is a top receiving core if Eli is running for his life the whole game. The league knows the giants can’t run the ball so the Giants won’t be difficult to defend. Didn’t Reese say the same thing about Flowers last off-season?

  6. Clady and Blount probably cost too much but I’m glad someone isn’t just enamored with the talent we from the draft like most. You also see the talent makes no difference if Eli Manning is flat on his back.

  7. Seems like everyone forgets about DJ Fluker. He’s no godsend, but he’ll compete at RT. Hart’s development isn’t the only possible upgrade there.

  8. Hart is sub-replacement level. Barely NFL caliber.

    Flowers – Pugh – Richburg – Jerry – Fluker 2017 Starting 5

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