Hue Jackson thought Patrick Mahomes had highest upside of quarterbacks

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For all the pre-draft chatter surrounding the Browns and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, he might not even have been their favorite quarterback.

Or at least the one coach Hue Jackson preferred.

According to the NFL Network’s embedded Michael Silver, it was Patrick Mahomes whom Jackson thought had the highest upside of the group. But he went two spots ahead of them, when the Chiefs made a bold move up.

In discussing the Browns’ situation leading up to the 12th pick (which was traded to the Texans for a package including next year’s first-rounder), Silver noted that Deshaun Watson was the highest-rated quarterback on the board at that point, but not the one player Jackson wanted if they had stayed.

If they hadn’t moved down, Jackson was lobbying for Ohio State safety Malik Hooker in that spot.

“To me, he has a chance to be another Ed Reed,” Jackson said. “When I coached in Baltimore, I saw firsthand what kind of impact a great safety can have.”

Of course, they took another potential impact safety, turning Houston’s 25th overall pick in Jabrill Peppers, and waiting until the second round to take quarterback DeShone Kizer, who will have a chance to compete for the starting job this year.

And he’ll do it with the knowledge that his coach preferred someone else, which is always a great way to start a relationship.

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  1. Yeah but that someone else was already off the draft board so it doesn’t matter.

  2. “And he’ll do it with the knowledge that his coach preferred someone else, which is always a great way to start a relationship.”

    The only player in the NFL Draft every year who shouldn’t realize this is the case is the first overall pick. That’s where the term “best available” comes from. You were the best guy out of who wasn’t picked already.

  3. .
    The Kansas City – Buffalo trade was widely reported before the draft. Both the Chargers at #7 and Cincinnati at #9 were amenable to moving back. So, apparently the moneyball experts were calling the shots.

  4. I thought Mahomes was the best player in the draft, and I think Hooker could be a pro bowl safety. I don’t think Kizer has a future in the NFL, and I wasn’t sold on Peppers. The Browns keep accumulating extra picks and turning those picks into bad players. I’m anticipating a battle between front office and coach.

  5. I wouldn’t worry. If Kizer is one-fifth the player he thinks he is, no one will remember the coach liking other guys more.

  6. I think he is wise to say it. It takes the pressure off Kizer, and possibly places a very large chip on his shoulder.

    Not a fan but I think the Browns might finally be on the right track. I would be excited, if I were a fan.

  7. Knowing how Jackson likes to coach and what they did with their offensive line, he’ll take the pressure off of whoever is QB. Kessler didn’t play badly last year. The defense was horrrible, and the offensive line was attrocious obviously as it got so many QBs hurt. However, Jackson will run the ball, run the ball, and then run the ball some more to the point where the QB will be just asked to hit a few plays and be efficient. This is where not getting Cook is going to be disappointing for them because it would have been a good spot to platoon with Crowell since he’s better than Johnson. Also, Hooker is going to be a difference maker, so they may regret passing on him; however, I note everyone says Peppers is too small. He’s about the same size as Ed Reed. He just obviously doesn’t have those ball skills, but if you coach him right, he could have a Mathieu type of impact.

  8. bernieknowsfootball says:
    May 2, 2017 9:37 AM
    Do you think Jackson will get a job in the NFL after Cleveland ?


    Will and Should are two different things.

  9. Kizer had to know he wasn’t any team’s first choice. If anything he should feel good the Browns wanted him in the 2nd, as they’ve shown a willingness to trade down if they aren’t in love with a player. There are going to be 30 or more guys starting at some point this year who weren’t regarded as the best prospect or most desired free agent in their class.

  10. And he’ll do it with the knowledge that his coach preferred someone else, which is always a great way to start a relationship.
    Kizer knew he wasn’t any teams 1st choice after the 32nd pick. I seriously doubt he has any issue with it.
    Any player that gets drafted, should be grateful that they were drafted, period.

  11. Barnett in Philly will start with the knowledge that the Eagles preferred Myles Garrett. As will Taco in Dallas, as will Takk in ATL. Stupidest point ever.

  12. yes players should he greatful for where u get drafted as a player but look at Aaron rodgers he pi**es and moans about how he “dropped” in the first round he can’t get over it

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